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E - Everyone


by Rosewood

Wandering walk with shoulders hunched,

a person's passion locked away in mind alone.

Brown eyes with a fearless gaze,

every chance deserves not to be blown.


But who can I blame when you've lost your charm?

Bad days and good have blended together,

Spite is fueled like flame,

and, of course, you change like the weather.


Am I still the one you're indebted to?

Countless calls and sacred texts of many,

have they lost their appeal for you?

I know they have for me -  of all and any.


We're no strangers, even now, I know.

Could it be that your fickleness and morals,

broke us apart piece by piece?

Or was it just me who pitched a fit?


I still wish that you were the boy I once knew.

That, you too, remember him.

I'd give much to call him and say,

that the prospect of 'us' was never grim.

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Fri Jan 21, 2022 5:13 pm
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Anma wrote a review...

Hi Rosewood!

Anma here for a review! X3

The boy who lost himself, the one who you used to know. What a heart breaking but beautiful piece of work. You have such skill with your words. Never forget that emotions speak with your words. Take advantage of that and your work will be unstoppable dear! You showed a deep connection with the boy in the poem. You built up this character from nothing to something. The only thing i have for you is to keep on writing! This is a wonderful piece in its self. I would never change anything of it. But if you ever have time see what you can do with this piece. Re write it! Explore your imagination!

Love your friend
Anma <3

Rosewood says...

Thank you so much!!

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Fri Jan 21, 2022 4:22 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Sometimes when you really get to know each other,you end up not wanting to be with the other person.You feel like your love has grown apart.Like it has gone stale.I loved reading this descriptive and detailed poem.This was nice and short to read.I enjoyed this.We’ve all felt this way at one point in our lives.I hope you have a lovely and wonderful day and night.

Rosewood says...

Thank you!!

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