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The Devourer -- Horror Poem

by JellyfishMaxk

Little preface - I wrote a trilogy of horror poems, and this is the first. It was for a writing class, and each of them are different styles of poem. The Devourer is personification! Try and see if you can guess what it's about before the end of the poem!

Calm and pleasant, he lures you in,
He is unassuming, quiet and dark.
The more you get to know him, the safer you feel,
He could never be dangerous, for you are prepared.
You know more about him than anyone else.
But slowly, surely, his anger swells, and you realize he has been tricking you.
He is ravenous, and all consuming.
As he grows impatient, you realize there is nothing you can do to protect yourself.
He is vengeful, and you do not know what you have done to warrant his wrath.
He bites the tips of your fingers, and slowly beings consuming the rest of you.
The more desperate you become, the hungrier he gets.
With every passing minute, you are driven further into his arms,
And finally, Winter devours you.

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Wed Feb 15, 2023 11:12 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

When I first read this poem, I thought that it was about a demon. It is, except that the demon is Winter. Now that I think about it, it makes sense. Winter snow just blankets everything, it feels like all of life is being is devoured. That and the cold gives off disconnected vibes. When the holidays and celebrations are over, what else is left but biting cold?

I wish you a lovely day/night.

JellyfishMaxk says...

OOOO I like the last line of your review, I was actually kind of inspired by the period of time around January and February, yk where there's nothing else to do other than be cold. I hope you have an amazing day/night as well, and thank you so much!

vampricone6783 says...

You%u2019re welcome!

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Wed Feb 15, 2023 8:09 pm
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RavenNaal wrote a review...

The personification of Winter was very well handled in this poem! It was a very enjoyable read and really kept interest. Starting off with the thought of luring in and appearing as something that means no harm, then leading to the true face of winter was very smooth and chilling. I liked the comparison of winter being an all consuming entity with a wrathful spirit. At first I thought this poem was a personification of gluttony because of the talk of consuming and ravenous, but I’m delightfully surprised for it to be a personification of winter! The only issue I have is a few of the lines don’t flow as good as the rest do. For instance consuming, to then the rest of you. As well as you have done, then warrant his wrath. I would suggest breaking it up into two lines instead of one long one. Of course take what you find useful and continue writing. It was a really good poem and you did a great job personifying winter!

JellyfishMaxk says...

Thank you for your suggestions and honesty! I'll definitely keep them in mind!

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Wed Feb 15, 2023 6:40 pm
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4revgreen wrote a review...

Your poem offers a powerful and evocative portrayal of the gradual and inevitable arrival of winter; the harsh and unforgiving season that consumes everything in its path. The poem is structured around a gradual shift in tone and mood, from a calm and pleasant beginning to a dark and ominous conclusion. As I read it, I thought you were describing some horrible monster and was surprised to read the last line! It was a nice twist and makes a lot of sense.

The use of personification in your poem is very effective in creating a sense of foreboding. Winter is depicted as an unassuming and quiet presence that slowly reveals its true nature as a destructive and insatiable force. The descriptions of Winter as "ravenous" and "all-consuming" give the impression of an unstoppable and overwhelming force that gradually wears down the narrator's resistance. I really love this aspect of the poem as you really brought the concept of Winter alive, albeit in a terrifying way!

The metaphor of Winter as this consuming force is also reflected in the physical imagery of the poem. The biting of the fingers and the gradual consumption of the narrator's body create a sense of physical pain and suffering that mirrors the emotional turmoil of the poem.

Overall, I love this poem! It is a haunting and evocative portrayal of the arrival of winter, and the inevitable and destructive force it brings. It captures the emotional and physical impact of the season, and the powerlessness of those who are caught in its grip.

JellyfishMaxk says...

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was quite fun for me to write!

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Wed Feb 15, 2023 2:38 am
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Ari11 wrote a review...

Hello! Ari here.
I wasn't expecting Winter to be the creature being described, but it all makes sense looking back on it. I love how you mentioned that he starts with the tips of your fingers, like frostbite. I also found the part where 'you' believes they are prepared for the winter, and do not fear it. I imagine this to be symbolizing someone going out into the cold in a coat, thinking they have nothing to worry about. Eventually, they get cocky or the effects of hypothermia set in(you know, how you get cold to the point you feel hot) and they unbutton their coat or something to let the cold air in. And then winter strikes, and they are lost to its icy embrace.
Obviously, this is purely interpretation, but I thought it was well written and thus, this review. Great job! I look forward to reading the rest of your trilogy!

JellyfishMaxk says...

Thank you so much for reading!! I quite like your interpretation, and in writing this poem I was hoping to acknowledge/bring awareness to the dangers of winter.

As a writer, I'm more interested in what people tell themselves happened rather than what actually happened.
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