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by EmoBear

Los cuervos gritan tu nombre
Cuando yo camino en la oscuridad.
En el silencio yo puedo oír tu voz,
Siempre quiero oír tu voz.

Los árboles tiemblan como yo;
Las hojas caen y flotan
Como yo cuando estoy contigo.
Yo podría caer y flotar siempre.

Mis sentimientos se fueron contigo
Como la nieve se derrite
Sin previo aviso.
Todo siempre sucedió sin previo aviso.

Recuerdo que me dijiste
“Para siempre,
Para siempre eres mía.”
Pero siempre no soy tuya.

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Sun Jan 26, 2020 5:35 am
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tgham99 wrote a review...

Hi there! Jumping in for a review here. I was super excited to see a poem written in Spanish so I figured I would leave some feedback because it was indeed beautifully written!

I like, specifically, the last stanza -- the idea of unrequited love (or any feeling that is not reciprocated, honestly) is a heartbreaking yet tragically beautiful realization to come to, which is why the last stanza stood out to me so much.

"Pero siempre no soy tuya."

I like that you chose such a powerful sentence to end the poem -- with just a few words, you tied in the idea of unreciprocated love.

The rest of the poem is equally as poignant, and I like that you use imagery, particularly in "Los arboles tiemblan como yo"; imagery and metaphors/similes are always an effective way to convey feelings and that works very well in this particular poem.

I actually don't have any suggestions for this poem aside from maybe providing an English translation underneath the original or maybe publishing a second version in English. However, I can see why this may be problematic (the Spanish original is just so much more powerful), so great job regardless -- I loved this poem!


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Thu Nov 28, 2019 11:24 pm
LZPianoGirl wrote a review...

My review is at the end. Just for anyone who doesn't speak Spanish, but doesn't want to translate this:

"The crows shout your name
When I walk in the dark.
In the silence I can hear your voice,
I always want to hear your voice.

The trees tremble like me;
The leaves fall and float
Like me when I am with you.
I could always fall and float.

My feelings went with you
How the snow melts
Without prior notice.
Everything always happened without warning.

I remember you told me
Forever you are mine. ”
But I am not always yours."

This poem is rather beautiful. The wording and detail you put in this is wonderful.

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