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The Division

by Centurion

I watched as the news relay the story, as I have been for the past five days. Every detail was scrutinized and remembered. The eyewitnesses, the special reports and most notably the President's speech about the situation and other politicians doing something similar. The news changed though. The stories got different, the tone changed as well about what was going on. And the tone was getting quite noticeably darker. 

The more I watched it, the more I looked down at my cellphone. Because for as long the news reported, I had been waiting for a call, from them. They outlined specifically when I first became one of them the exact parameters in which I would be activated. And so far, all of the outlined had been met. I was like a lazy couch potato for time being. Wrapped in a blanket and only taking action for food and water and the bathroom, not for anything else. And whenever I moved, I took my phone with me. Because I wanted to answer the call immediately, so I could have my chance to do what they had promised me.

Five days. That is how long it took the world to collapse, or, rather the parts that were touched by the virus. It spread fast and without mercy across the United States directly after Black Friday. It spread faster than any other disease yet known and only took one day to be labeled a pandemic. Thankfully, I was't infected because I don't go shopping on Black Friday, nor do I have much of a social life that would have caused me to contract the virus. And, as a result, I am held up in my apartment waiting for the call. So, I watched the news all day and night. And when they showed updates, I listened for all the minutiae. The news displayed President Waller's speech, showing him downplay the whole thing like it was a damn joke. But after a few more hours of seeing what was going on around the country, it was becoming increasingly obvious that a load of crapt.

I woke up slowly. My eyes fluttered open and when they were focused, I realized that I was still on my couch. I sat up and moved the blanket away. For once, I felt rested since I had begun to binge watch the national news. 

"The news!"

I said to myself as I looked up at my TV. My eyes widened as I looked on. In big, bold letters was a headline that shocked me to my core.


I shook my head as I recoiled from the words. It was getting bad, very bad. My brain began to race at what was going on as it tried to place the pieces together as more information flooded the screen. I was so distracted that I almost jumped when my cellphone rung. Five days had gone by, and not a word, now, they call, and I answered. I picked up the phone, which would not show me the withheld number that was calling, I knew it was them. I slid the green icon and answered it.


I said.

"You're being activated, get your gear and prepare for deployment."

The voice on the other line said.It was them. After all this time, all they tell me is to get ready... I wanted to know more.

"Where am I going?"

I bravely asked. For a moment, there was silence on the other end, but then the voice came back on the line.

"Look at the news."

I froze. The person on the other end knew what I was watching, were they watching me? I looked around, then realized how useless a normal room scan was. But then again, they could just guess that all the news channels were showing the same thing... about New York. I gathered my composure and will to talk again.

"Got it, I'll be ready soon."

I hung up and rushed to my room. My closet door was open, so I could have quicker access to it. Laying inside on the floor was my go bag and other tactical equipment, all ready for me. I grabbed it and threw it on the week old made bed and went over to the safe on the other side of the room. A quick combination and I was in. My M14 DMR and Colt 1911 tactical were inside. I grabbed the two weapons and knew that the ammo was already in the magazines in my go-bag. After visually checking my gear, I took the quickest shower ever and threw on my gear. After years of military experience and training at the highest tier level, my gear was on in record time. And when I was done, I headed to my door.

Before I opened it, I stood there for a moment and contemplated what I was about to do. My life was going to change forever, but that didn't matter to me, not much did at the moment. All that stood between me and the sick world, was the door. And when I opened it, I was officially part of the Division. 

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Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:24 pm
Raincoat086 says...

Wow. Just wanted to say Bravo, Centurion. That was very good, I like it. I'm a big fan of Tom Clancy, so the fact this up is cool. I got to mention there's a couple typos here and there, and the voice in which the main character speaks isn't so generic. Maybe going he was military somewhere before going to the safe? But anyway, this is a good story, and I'm pretty excited you posted it. Thanks for this piece.

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Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:42 pm
sugarbear wrote a review...

Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I find a disease like this in our modern day life a bit of a terrifying thought, and I think those are the kind of situations that make great stories. My interest is peeked because I want to know who this guy is, and what exactly the phone call means, and what he is going to do next. You have raised a lot of questions here!

I didn't notice any big problems with grammar, though you might want to reread and polish it a bit. It is a good start, and I think you make it very realistic as to something that might happen in today's world. Nice job!

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Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:51 pm
yizhongt wrote a review...

Hey there, yizhongt here to leave a review.

You have an interesting story here on your hands. I'm curious to see what happens next and as to what this disease is and what does it do. There are a few changes that I think could be made to make it even better .

I watched as the news relay the story, as I have been for the past five days.

It should not be relay the story, it should be relayed the story.

They outlined specifically when I first became one of them the exact parameters in which I would be activated. And so far, all of the outlined had been met.

I think it would be better if you changed this sentence a bit. Had to re-read in twice. Perhaps something along the lines of:

They outlined the exact parameters in which I would be activated when I first became one of them. And so far, all the parameters have been met.

Its just a suggestion. Feel free to use that sentence if you want.

Like I said earlier on you have a good story here. And I would like to know more about the main character though. Who is he? What's his name?

Anyways, keep on writing. Will be looking out for the next one. Cheers !!

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