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In Defence Of The Establishment Of An Independent State

by Basilisk

There have been numerous occasions where being the "dominion" state of another nation isn't enough, and the establishment of a separate independent state is more important than to be the misfit cousin of the more economically developed nation. Take the establishment of the Irish Free State as a result of the determination of Eamon de Valera and Michael Collins to overthrow imperialist British rule in Ireland. As someone who (rather unfortunately) resides from Britain, I am vehemently opposed to the idea of not allowing a country to break free from an imaginary empire which- at the time- was falling apart, as a result of the First World War. The British Empire gained strength through colonialism of poorer, periphery nations, which isn't exactly "jolly" by any stretch of the imagination. I find the practice of invasion and imperialism rather tedious, and is nothing more than flag waving nationalist nonsense.

Other examples of the establishment of the struggle to gain a free state- one which has yet to be solved on a satisfactory level- would be the conflict involving the illegitimate offspring to Western powers, Israel, and the Palestinians (Arabs who used to live in the area but are now oppressed and forced to live in Gaza and the West Bank). It is really no wonder that such measures have been taken to gain control of Palestine again, which includes terrorism. This isn't to congratulate the use of terrorism, but when you are living in an area of deprivation, where you cannot run for government because you are an Arab, then you can bet that one's empathy levels will rise. I refuse to name this state Israel because of the controversy surrounding its establishment. Nonetheless I should be welcoming to Israel in theory, as this involves a free independent state, but is it really? I am of the opinion that Israel is little more than a Western backed port for Americanisation over the Middle East.

Ironically, all of this applies to the very country I live in, Britain. Maybe not in terms of terrorism or the use of armed violence, but definitely the lack of opportunities the majority of the people have, myself included. There are incredibly intelligent people- a rare feat for the human race, an easily led mutation- who cannot be what they are working hard to be because of their parents qualifications and their background. There are also empty headed materials who live on spoon-fed wealth and inheritance despite never lifting a single finger in their lives. The injustice is visible every time you see the bourgeois debate in the House of Commons (an ironic name given all of them are white and lack empathy for the common man) and the House of Lords, a predominantly conservative and pro-Unionist band of "no" men. Not a single Arab, Jew, black (both Jamaican and African), Mexican, Spaniard nor one of Indian or Oriental origin. You hardly get any women inside the Houses, and given the bulk of the problem involves social inequality, this isn't doing anyone any favours. Indeed, all of the men in the Houses are heterosexual and proud of it. The only achievement that has been allowed is the gay marriage bill, but even then it was passed narrowly. The narrow victory may be a victory nonetheless, but we still have old-fashioned bigots changing policies and fiddling around with education like a child performing open heart surgery. This is similar in America, where only 14 or 15 of the 50 states recognise gay marriage as legitimate, mainly because it goes against religious beliefs, which is a clear sign of intolerance to people of sexuality.

I am a bigot too. I am bigoted to the ignorant and the wealthy. I think they need to be crushed.

The Scottish are attempting to break free from the Union (which I cannot blame, even if it seems unlikely at the moment). I imagine Wales will be lead by example and do the same. Then England will start to see itself for exactly what it is: a tiny island scared to death when their brinkmanship policies, illustrated wonderfully by numerous manipulations of the Palestinians in the early 20th Century, go pear-shaped.

You cannot blame a nation for wanting to break free, or at least a nation which wants to eliminate its class system and overthrow its mock-democratic government. Can you really blame the Bolsheviks for overthrowing the Provisional Government? Can you really blame Sinn Fein for engaging in guerrilla war with Britain? Can you really blame the Palestinians for Black September? Can you really blame the Egyptians for the Suez War? No. You can't. No rational mind can object to these methods of overthrowing because constitutional revolution cannot really be achieved.

Freedom from imperialism is the greatest justification and argument for independence. No one wants to be conquered by anyone. Armed resistance is only necessary if the outcome will be long term improvement. I believe I have found an answer to these problems:

1) A gradual escalation from youth-based Parliament to studying politics at University.

2) Becoming an MP for a local party.

3) Attempt to make this party more well known BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

4) Get voted in.

5) Dominate.

This will work. Trust me.

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Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:54 am
PrehistoricEchoes wrote a review...

Political philosophy. Always one of the hardest things to write for. Well, let's take a look.

First of all, you present a very decent argument for why states should be allowed to break away from a poorly-operating parent government. But I get the feeling (and this may just be me) that you're saying that a state should be able to break away simply for not agreeing with the way a country is run. This presents a heavy problem, as a lot of people in my little corner of the US don't always get along with what the Federal Government is doing. This is especially true, since they currently only make laws that work for the benefit of the East and West coasts and tell everyone in between that isn't Chicago to shut up. Does this mean that we should secede from the nation? Probably not. I'd suggest considering other sides of the argument as well to help promote your own. Doing this is one of the best ways to win people to your side, because it doesn't make them feel like they're being patronized or talked down to for believing what they believe in.

Another thing I find is that you stereotype a bit in this essay. For instance, "14 or 15 of the 50 states recognise gay marriage as legitimate, mainly because it goes against religious beliefs, which is a clear sign of intolerance to people of sexuality". I do know a lot of people who go against this for said religious beliefs. I also know a lot of people who go against this because of other, what to a secular world would be more 'legitimate' reasons (some of whom are gay themselves), such as its effects on children. This is a problem I have with a lot of people who bring up issues like this, because they immediately say it's just "religious bigotism" and leave it at that without considering any other issues. Again, other side of the argument sans widely accepted stereotype.

I do like the style of the essay, though. It's well-written, and again provides a decent point for its arguments. I actually found myself agreeing with a good chunk of it! My main suggestions are to tone down some of the article's harshness, and also to try and look at the other side of the argument and offering well-worded, non-patronizing rebuttals in order to help better support your own.

Best of luck with further writing? You plan on doing newspaper editorials, by chance?

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Wed Jan 29, 2014 7:54 pm
Renard wrote a review...


You have presented a very clear argument here, and your work screams deeply of thoughtful, intellectual processes. I am very impressed by the way you have structured and composed your argument. As with the numbered points at the end of the work.

Also, I find the way you have interspersed the work with your own personal views to be very intriguing: 'I am a bigot too. I am bigoted to the ignorant and the wealthy. I think they need to be crushed.'

This is a very different and mature style, unlike anything I have seen on the site so far.
I think great things can be expected from you.

Keep up the good work. :)

One thing that America is objectively exceptional at is overreacting whenever anyone accuses them of not being exceptional.
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