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The Human Way

by Ayeesha



 Everyone hides from their true selves at least once in a lifetime. We try to hide from what we are, because we are afraid of our reality. We try hard every second of every minute of our lives to live the perfect 'illusion'.We present to the world the "ideal version"of ourselves.

 Whenever we see that "someone", we act all perfect. We give that cute smile and hide 'our own smile. We cry that perfect way and forget it isn't crying anymore. We sit and talk in that perfect way and forget it isn't really our way.

 We are all too busy living in a perfect illusion that we totally lose the true meaning of "living". We are hell bent on pleasing people who are ironically displeased with themselves because of us. We betray our being to the extent that we don't even have ourselves to run to when our masks fall off.

 We thread on paths that are not ours and we forget who we truly are. But the question we fail to ask ourselves is "Is it truly worth it?"...losing our truth in the pursuit of lies?

 Some of us go as far as changing our names just to fit in. Don't we realize that our name is our identity? Once tampered with, we become a different person entirely.

 We forget that our imperfections are our unique perfections, our "buts" make us stand out, because there is no one like you. There's only "you" and that 'you' is a perfection.



    Chapter 2 ?




"Excessity isn't a necessity"

"More! More!! More!!!"; Our universal anthem. Everyone recites this anthem. We know how it goes. I want this...and then, that. We know how this all ends right?... "It never ends!" I'm sure you figured that out already. It's what we do. Infact, it's the human culture, it's passed to generations.

 'Oliver twist' is the word that describes us best. Our desires are insatiable. Before finishing a loaf, we dream of the many more to come.

 'Excess' isn't necessary, but this, we can never comprehend. We want so much more that we forget how it tasted to be adequate. We fly so high that we fall so hard. When our undying desires aren't fulfilled, our world comes crumbling down.

 We accumulate so much than we could ever need, that we leave the needy with so much as nothing. In the quest to become something greater than a master, we create a million slaves.

 We build countless industries and neglect it's countless waste. In the quest to feed on exquisite delicacies, we create vulnerable species.

 We tend to forget that "for every action is an equal but opposite reaction" and this reaction could affect the lives of others out there.

 We should understand when to stop wanting, for excessity isn't a necessity.


The future isn't that spacious

" I'll become successful in the future", "I'll do something great in the future". "Don't worry, I'll do it tomorrow". We are experts at this. Experts at pushing everything to the future. We believe there's always a tomorrow, but is there?

 The 'present' is a 'present'...the gift of 'now'. We waste our present with the hope for the future.

 The truth of the future is that... it's a mystery. No one knows what it holds. So how wise is it to rely solely on something that you know nothing of?

 We do this, because it's the easiest thing to do. It's easy to postpone work and every other thing that we don't want to do. 

 Wise is one, who understands the power of a second. The power of a second is so great that it can turn a person's life around. Once you lose it, you can never get it back. And yet, we lose days of our lives waiting for the future. Do you wish to wait for a future you don't have, or make the most of the present you have at this moment?

 What are the great things you can achieve with your 'now'? What impact can you make with that present we call the "present".

 The day we humans begin to utilize our present, our future will be brighter. Because our future the future we push everything is not that spacious. It is a reflection of our present.


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Tue Oct 24, 2023 8:07 pm
GrHinds09 wrote a review...

This is super interesting and really speaks to the human nature. We hid our true selves to make sure we fit into this preconception of perfection even though we lose ourselves in the process. We keep wanting and craving for more even though our needs are met. We push off all our goals as something for the future instead of taking our first steps towards them now. It's easier to just save it for later even though there isn't always a tomorrow. We take time for granted even though it's beyond precious. I liked this part,
"" I'll become successful in the future", "I'll do something great in the future". "Don't worry, I'll do it tomorrow". We are experts at this. Experts at pushing everything to the future. We believe there's always a tomorrow, but is there?

The 'present' is a 'present'...the gift of 'now'. We waste our present with the hope for the future."

I hope you have a wonderful and insightful day!

Ayeesha says...

Thanks%u263A%uFE0F. I really appreciate it

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Thu Oct 19, 2023 10:46 pm
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OrabellaAvenue wrote a review...

Hiya! This is Orabella, here with a short review!

First of all, welcome to YWS! I hope you like it here. ^^ (If you need anything, you can always contact me, and tons of other users would be thrilled to help.)

I haven't read anything like this in a while. I'm not sure exactly what to call it. It's not a poem, it's not a story. It's more like... a message. A message about mistakes humans make. But it's not like you're criticizing us; it's more like you're pointing out things they can improve, or things we all share.

Chapter 1 has a perfect title. I love it so much. "Our Perfect Illusions." Not only does it contain words that are in the chapter, which makes it seem like the best summary, but it also is just interesting. Chapter 1 almost perfectly describes me right now, and it's such an amazing description.

Chapter 2 sounds exactly like materialism. The title for this one is also really good. I don't know if that's an actual saying because I haven't seen it before, but it perfectly fits this chapter. I also like the very beginning. It's a nice way to start it, and I think it's really clever to start with the dialogue.

Finally, Chapter 3 is about the ever approaching future and how we leave so much to our future selves. It explains what people do and what we think; how we procrastinate. And I love how you weave in the word "present" as well. It draws back to what people think when they hear future, present, or past.

Everything you've written here is so engaging and interesting, and the way you worded it makes it even better.

I realized that my sentences were kinda choppy and didn't make much sense, and I'm so sorry about that. Please know that I enjoyed reading this immensely, and I think it's such an interesting topic!

Thank you for sharing, and never forget to keep writing!

Ayeesha says...

Thank you so much. This is actually my first work. It's incomplete though. But if you have any advice that can help me improve my work, please do tell.

OrabellaAvenue says...

Yeah of course! Honestly, there's not much that can be improved (that I can see). I'm not very good at giving advice, but if I think of anything, I'll definitely tell you. ^^

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