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The Human way cont.

by Ayeesha


Easy to blame, hard to claim

 Everyone wants to blame someone. We never want to take responsibility for our actions, except those that come with benefits. We have the perfect alibi and we're always in defense mode.

 It is the human way to try to avoid faults. No one wants to be scrutinized for their deeds. We deny our wrongs and cause the innocent to suffer. We make the the deals and the innocent pay the price. As long as we're acquitted, we don't care who gets convicted, so far it's not our brothers, sisters or friends. We only care that the people we love and ourselves are safe.

  When we admit to our mistakes, we not only do that for clear conscience but for the safety of others. Going scot-free after stealing, only encourages more theft.

 Our conscience should be our guide. It's ok to make mistakes but denying them and watching others suffer for it, makes it a crime. A mistake can be pardoned, but not a crime.

 Owning up to our mistakes prevents the innocent from undeserved punishment.


Our inner demons

 Jealousy, hate, anger, these are a part of being human. But not everyone is ready to accept this. We disguise these inner demons and give them pretty names, but these names don't make them in the least pretty. They are as ugly as can ever be. They are "demons...our inner demons".

 These demons in us, wait for the right time to surface, and when they do...they do, to destroy. It is the human way to hide them instead of tame them. Caging a lion doesn't stop it from being the lion that it is. It's being is caged within those four corners, waiting to be set free.

 We confide our demons in our hearts, thinking we're suppressing them. But, little do we know, that they are not being suppressed in the least. The time we know...is when they've succeeded in destroying everything.

 We nurture them in every moment we refuse to be happy for others. We breed them with every unjustifiable anger we feel towards others. We don't realize when they grow to become demons that rule our minds... clouding our reasoning.

 It is human to have such feelings, but it is monstrous to nurture them.

 Is that spite in you, worth wrecking your ages-old relationships? Would you really risk everything you cherish so much, for some minutes of jealousy?

 Why harbor these demons?


Forgetting to act

 We humans love dreaming. We dream of so many things. Everyone has dreams. Our dreams are also very beautiful. But one thing we all forget to do...is act. 

 Acting is as important as dreaming. A beautiful dream requires tedious effort to materialize. Life is bed of roses. Roses with thorns. The roses are easily perceptible. Their thorns are there, but people fail to acknowledge them. The same applies to dreaming. If you dream and fail to realize the significance of acting on that dream, you could end up with nothing but 'hurt'.

 Sitting on your hands and waiting for some miracle to fall from the heavens will mark your death. Death without any name to leave behind. 

 It is fun to see yourself in a car, but the real deal is working towards that vision. The moment you have that vision, transform it into a passion...a fierce passion. No matter what happens, do not let the fore of your passion go out.   

 This is the right way. The way to achieve. 


The essence of your presence 

 One of the common reasons for failed relationships...be it between parents and their children, friends and even couples is 'absence'.

 Sometimes, all it takes to make it all right is simply just 'you'. Believing that gifts or even text messages are enough to keep it going is simply wrong 

 Your presence plays a significant role in your life. Be it to your daughter's birthday, that of your spouse or even your best friend makes the day a lot more special. Even if you attend without any present wrapped up, you're good enough a present yourself.

 Being there for certain occasions of a loved one makes them feel loved. It speaks more of your love than any gift in the world.


Our swords

 Our tongues are our greatest strengths. It is so powerful that it can make a giant seem so invisible. It can make a sane man doubt his sanity. It can also destroy longtime friendship.

 This sword is possessed by humans but the way people wield it differs. Some people use this sword to wreck havoc. They use this sword to destroy people's self-esteem.

 They use this tongue to belittle and ridicule their fellow homosapiens and reduce them to nothing.

It is cliche to want to be the best with words. Want to know what to say, to who and to what. Be the best at sarcasm and make the crowd accolade you for your "brain". But have you ever stopped to think how that made that person must have felt?

 You pointed out the fact that the person stinks? Why? Did you ever ask yourself why? You feel it's nothing. An innocuous battle of wits, right?...Well wrong. Your so-called battle of wits pierced someone's soul and left a permanent hole in his heart. You might forget what happened and move on, like it was nothing, but it wasn't the same for who you hurt.

 Action speaks better than words. But the effects of words last longer than action. The tongue is the sharpest sword that leaves the deepest hole in one's heart. 

 Be wary of how you wield your sword, to avoid losing the sense of humanity.


Truth from lies

"Yuck!"; natural reaction after tasting lime...right? It must have tasted really sour, you want to get away from it. But you know what tastes even worse...The truth!

 You know the saying: " The truth is bitter". It's as cliche as nursery rhymes, but there really is a lot of truth in it. And 'the truth' of humans is...that they hate 'the truth'. Isn't that another 'truth'?

 Humans have been gifted with the power to know right from wrong. Despite this, we still do wrong, why? It's because being good takes a lot of enjoyment from us, plus, nicie pants are boring. This human mentality. The truth gallops back and forth before our eyes, yet, we act like we don't see it.

 The truth hurt a little sometimes...maybe a lot. But it's the truth. How things are, the way they were, and the way they have always been.

  Let's ensure that honesty defines humanity.


"Old is gold"

Those flops are looking quite old. You've had them for ages now. No tear... nothing. But there's something with them. You can't quite place it. You feel like you know what it is. It's that...that...yeah! "They're old!"

 You rush out of the house, to any store close by. To get 'new shoes'.

 "To hell with the likes of him". "Who needs him anyways?". "I'm bored of him now". "He's old news".

 That piece of junk piled up in the attic. You never cared to look through it. That old thing, isn't it?

 The painting you come across everytime you walk along the street. In that trash pile. That old crap.

 Well, you ever heard of "old is gold"? If not, then there you have it, my fellow humans. Goooold! But is it just me who sees this? Gold. G-old.

 You see, good things never shade themselves underneath the sun. They always disguise themselves as old, dirty, boring stuff.

 That old friend of yours since prep. days that now seems outdated. There's a new guy and he's way cooler. Moreover, that so called friend of yours has started acting weird lately, he's giving you 'attitude'. You fill your head with some lame excuse, just so you can call it quits... justifiably.

 Those cute flops that have gone through hell with you, must really have something golden about them. Something unique. That's why they're still there.

 Go to that attic, look through those old stuff, and search for something valuable. Nothing is useless. Everything has it's own value 

That painting might be some lost work from some famous artist. It's value might be over millions. Do. Not. Ever. Underestimate. Anything.

 "Old is gold".


The right approach to jealousy


 When you feel so much envy for that person whom everyone feels is the most special in the world, and they make you feel like a nobody, like you don't matter.

 When you feel like making him trip and fall flat on his face; to become the mockery of the school. Or you feel like painting "her pretty face" with ash, just so everyone just stops singing her praises. Take a deep breath and shrug off all those negativities coming into your head.

 Instead of acting like some jealous wife, girlfriend, friend, or whatever you are. Why don't you up your game a little? I mean... instead of plotting others downfall, why don't you give yourself a little touch-up? Grab your greatest weapon; 'your confidence', and put on a little shade of that, and you'll see a massive crowd hovering around you.

 "He thinks he's a smartie pant, right? Well, he's not met the real me yet"; tell yourself that. Remind yourself that you can do better than that person of you want to . Take your A-game up-a-notch and ace that test. Claim the title of the smartest girl in class for yourself.

 This is how to approach the feeling of jealousy. Instead of snitching and plotting someone else's downfall, make yourself the cherry on top.

 Jealousy breeds hate, anger and many other negative feelings. So snap out of that dark zone and get into the light!


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Sat Oct 28, 2023 11:35 pm
OrabellaAvenue wrote a review...

Hiya! This is Orabella, here with a quick review.

I'm so sorry it took me so long to review this. I didn't realize you made more until recently.

But boy was it worth the wait! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this (because I'm terrible at describing things).

Everything you've written is so relatable, and the way you describe each thing is amazing. I can perfectly understand the ideas you're trying to convey (which is hard to do).

These are really interesting topics too. How'd you think of them? And how are you so wise? It's like you understand a ton of humanity's problems and know how to solve/deal with them.

Thank you so much for sharing. If there's anything specific you want me to review, I might be able to do so. (Whether it's a specific aspect in this or another work.) I should warn that I don't have much time, but I can try to squeeze it in.

I really enjoyed this so much. ^^ Keep writing!

Ayeesha says...

Did I ever mention that you are an extremely sweet person and I'm a fan of your personality. Thank you so much for the review. I really appreciate it. You just put a smile on my face.

OrabellaAvenue says...

Awww!!! Thank you!! I'm so glad I could put a smile on your face. (Somehow) Please let me know if you need anything. :D

Ayeesha says...

I will

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Points: 94
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Mon Oct 23, 2023 10:30 pm
lateseptember wrote a review...

Hey there! I don't really have much expertise when it comes to writing, but I still want to give you a little review.

I like your choice of words and your use of short sentences to make your points come across.

You have great explanations for what you try to convey and it shows that you thought deeply about these topics.

Some chapters felt a bit shorter and more rushed than others. E.g. chapter 7 "The Essence of Your Presence" lacked a bit of depth in my opinion. Maybe you could go more in detail on how this "absence" of a person feels like.

When it comes to chapters, the order in which they come can be quite important. Maybe it was intentional that the chapters on jealousy weren't placed after each other, but if not, you could give it a thought.

While reading I found a few grammar mistakes. No matter how often you proofread a text, it most likely will have some mistakes left, staying unnoticed. Therefore, using an online tool to check for mistakes can definitely be helpful.

On another note, I really liked that you chose to make it some kind of a guide to do and feel better in life. Your text will give everyone reading an aspect they can improve on.

Hopefully, my review is a bit useful for you.
Have a nice day/night!

Ayeesha says...

Thanks for the review. It is muchly appreciated

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5 Reviews

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Fri Oct 20, 2023 10:35 pm
Ayeesha says...

I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.
— Walt Disney