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DOML: Drama In The Summertime

by Amarii

"Kassi, I have someone for you to meet. Kass, this is Sean."


Kassi, Amari and Daniella were meeting Daniella's friends Sean and his brother Shadow at Blackstar Movie Theater. But Kassi had no idea why she was there...After all, she was still with Amari's best friend Matthew, whom she didn’t approve of anyway but it wasn’t about her, it was about Kassi finding true love.


Kassi, nice to meet you. Daniella told me a lot about you." He replied giving a dazling smile.

"Um if you new love birds are done..." Amari and Shadow simultaneously, looked at each other, blushed, then looked away.

"Right! Lets go!!!" Daniella exclaimed cheerfully.


After buying their tickets and snacks, they went in to see Transformers 3.

Kassi sat by Sean, while Amari and Daniella were on each side of Shadow. When the movie started, no one even WATCHED IT! Amari was texting Terrence, her boyfriend. Shadow was asking Daniella questions so softly that even Amari couldng hear. And Kassi was laughing at Seans lame jokes.

The Movie Ended

After they walked out, a popcorn dropped, candy spills out boxes, and a spitake.

Terrence was making out with Trailer Trash Tiffany.

"M-M-Mari, c-c-c-calm deep breath-"

"He said...he had to work late today."


"Daniella, I need to borrow your hair tie." She gave it to her, and she put her hair into a high ponytail.

"Now Mari, do we really need to-"

"Hold These!!" She gave Kassi her earrings, big as bracelets, and stepped out of her heels. (Black and silver 6 inch wedges, just saying) and it started.

"Want to lie and think I won't find out?!?!?!" Terrence turned in horror, knowing exactly that it was his loud ex girlfriend.

"You will see how much of a bitch I can be!! OK?!" She picked him up be his collar, and snuffed him right in the nose. Then she did it a second time. He stood up, stumbling a bit and look down at her with a bloody face.

"Got clocked Hoe!!! Don’t let yo blood get on me! It better absorb in yo nose and not on my new top! Ready for more!?!?" Then she delivered a swift kick to his "precious jewels" forcing him to hunch over, holding his crotch. She then pushed him so he cracked his head on the wall. You could hear something break.

"NO!!" Tiffany yelled scared out of her wits because of the look Amari gave her. SHe looked like she was possessed by the Devil Queen. She stood up and dusted herself off.

"Shut up trailor trash! You gone get your next after him...or would you liek it now????" She strolled towards her slowly, Tiffany backing up. Amari raised her hand, ready to slap the mess out of that girl, but Daniella and Shadow grabbed her before she could do anything else.

"Let me the hell go! Dumb broad needs her fake ass kicked real good, let me break her fake nose too!!" Tears were streaming down her face before she dropped to her knees and cried. Daniella got on the floor too and hugged her tightly.

"Its okay, I got you Amari, its alright."

"Ill go find Sean and Kass." He left to look for them.

When he found them, they were making out in a dark room.

"Time to leave guys." he laughed as they separated, completely embarrassed.

When they got back, Amari had herself collected because of Daniella and everything was back to normal.

"Lets Go Eat Pizza!" Daniella shouted, holding Amari's hand. And they walked out.

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Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:19 pm
Jagger says...

Haha, the whole time I was thinking, KICK HER ASS BITCH!

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