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by Aleta

A vessel is a hollow container used to store liquid. Each infant, child, adult, young and old, is a vessel. As we grow, year to year, things we prefer to be defined as our making, or personality, gather at the bottom of the vessel. Liquid accumulates in the bowl. Sometimes we remove parts of our vessel we do not like, or we allow it to fester and wrap its tendrils around our hollow bodies like moss.

If we were to have all the same items and traits, for each and every vessel, each human would be and act the same. Scoff you may at the phrase we are all the same, but it is truth. Pour everything out of your vessel and you'd have nothing. Nothing except a wooden vessel. If you were to look into a mirror, you'd nod and say, that's me, but in a mirror you are only skin and flesh. If all vessels were left empty, you would just be another one. Another set of eyes, another pretty face. 

Who are you? Make sure you do not call yourself what others have defined you to be. 

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Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:17 pm
Aaraju wrote a review...

Hi Aleta! I will be reviewing your article, today.

The first sentence "A vessel is a hollow container used to store liquid." turns you off automatically. So, try to write the first sentence in a more aesthetic way or you could have just not written that line.
It's a really great concept that you compared us as vessels and explained it beautifully.

"Who are you? Make sure you do not call yourself what others have defined you to be. "
I really liked this line because It just ends your writing with a bang.
Overall, I think the concept of your piece is pretty good and you have written it beautifully as well.
Thank you for sharing it with us and keep on writing. Good luck !

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Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:47 pm
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RoseTulipLily wrote a review...

Greetings! Let's get right into the review!

So, I am uncertain if there is much I can say about this. It's decently written and manages to be thought provoking as well as simple at the same time, so that really does speak very loudly to your skills as a writer. I especially enjoyed the final message and piece of advice you gave to the reader at the end. I really do not have any critiques to offer because I could not find anything wrong with it.

Keep writing! ;)

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Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:42 pm
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ConnorSharpie wrote a review...

Hey Aleta!

Don't call this lame! This is great writing. Often, when I have any cool passing philosophical thought, it's hard trying to put it into writing and have it seem as significant as it did in my head. This was short, sweet, and left the reader wanting to reflect on themselves as a person and what they may have in their vessel right now.

Keep up the work, I have nothing to really criticize here. :)

Have a great day!

Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.
— Samuel Butler