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Psychopaths Get Bored

by 4revgreen

This is a song I wrote for an upcoming Sherlock: A study in pink musical i am working on with some friends! We're still in the first stages but I have made a demo instrumental for this song. Which I would love feedback on!! There's also me singing an earlier version of the lyrics very badly here. We also need auditions so please PM me if you're interested!



SALLY: He’s gone.

JOHN: Sherlock Holmes?

SALLY: He just took off - he does that.

JOHN: Is he coming back?

SALLY: Didn’t look like it.

JOHN: Why would he do that?

SALLY: Let me tell you:



he, he likes it

he gets off on it

you wanna know why?

psychopaths get bored

he’ll be bored of you soon

he’ll move onto somebody new

But don’t got feeling blue-

It’s what we’ve all been through

one day just showing up

it wont be enough

we’ll be standing here

at a crime scene

And sherlock holmes

Will have put the body there!


Why would he do that?

why would you say that?

he doesn’t seem the type

he doesn’t seem insane

just strange

And me, I’m no one

I’m no one special

I’ve only just met him


You’re not his friend

He doesn’t have any of them

So, who are you, John?

And don’t you know, the game is on?

If you want to stay sane

You don’t play this game

‘Cause he’s a psychopath

And they get bored

one day just showing up

it won't be enough

we’ll be standing here

at a crime scene

And sherlock holmes

Will have put the body there!

Would you like some advice?

Stay away from that guy

The weirder the crime

The more you’ll need an alibi


i didn’t ask for this

all i wanted was a place to live

Do you know where I am?

I need to call a cab (for my leg)


you should stay away from him

(should i stay away from him?)

he’s got a game to win

(i’ve got a game to win)

you’re in brixton

(I’m in brixton?)


SALLY: Try the main road, you can get a cab there.

JOHN: Thank you, and Sherlock- He’s- He’s not… He can’t… He’s…

JOHN sighs before walking away, looking defeated and heartbroken as he leaves the stage.

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Sun Jan 31, 2021 3:28 am
Plume wrote a review...

Hi! Plume here, with a review!

I really enjoyed the series Sherlock (I first watched it last year after much insistence from my friends) and I think your song has done it justice.

First off, it's super impressive that you've written a song. I've dabbled in songwriting before, and it does not come naturally to me. You make it sound and look so effortless. Your lyrics are really great, and contain just enough of a slant rhyme that when it's sung creates this really nice rhythm. Anyways. I really think you did a great job and the lyrics are just ~stunning~. I don't really have much criticism there.

One thing I did wonder about was the actual sound of it. I know you said the demo was from an earlier version, so I'm not sure if anything has changed, but to me, it seems a little slow. Especially John's part. It drags a bit in my opinion. I really love your instrumental, but I picture this song to be more of a foreboding warning. You achieve that in the earlier bits with Sally when you channel the "whooo stay away haunted house" vibes (sorry if that makes no sense, I'm a little tired) but I feel like John's more confused during this scene and you could speed up or vary his part a little. It would also provide more contrast in your song, and could even symbolically show how John doesn't know Sherlock like everyone else on the crime scene does. That's pretty much my only critique for that. (I absolutely adore the instrumental, so you're all good there.)

Also, I'd love to audition for the show (I'm a theater kid deprived of any productions) but since I'm American and also a minor I feel like I'm not the casting type. I wish you best of luck for it, though! I'm sure it'll be amazing.

Overall: phenomenal job! You should be proud, and I'm very excited to see what else you have for this project!

4revgreen says...

thank you so much!! and ;please please audition!!! pm me for info but we need everyone we can get

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Sat Jan 30, 2021 3:45 pm
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5wildflowers says...

You're so talented whaaat lol and I could follow the lyrics sometimes. Keep me posted on this

4revgreen says...

wow thank you so much it means a lot!

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Fri Jan 29, 2021 12:46 pm
Zenith says...

Reading this makes me want to rewatch Sherlock all over again. The lyrics were spot on. If you write any more songs for your musical, do share here. They are a lot of fun to read. All the best with your musical! :)

4revgreen says...

thank you so much! I will be sure to share them, and sherlock is well worth the rewatch XD

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Fri Jan 29, 2021 3:32 am
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NateAtNight says...

You just blew my mind. Especially with the music demo. I was imagining this on Broadway while listening to it. :D

4revgreen says...

Wow thank you so much! That means so much to me!

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Thu Jan 28, 2021 4:51 pm
MomoMajesty wrote a review...

Oh. My. GOSH. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. It's so funny!!!! I wish I could like this a million times!!

There were a few grammatical things I wanted to point out, so here you go!!

And sherlock holmes

That should be Sherlock Holmes here.

i didn’t ask for this

all i wanted was a place to live

That should be I here. This happens again in the work, so if you want me to point that out, PM me!

you’re in brixton

(I’m in brixton?)

That should be Brixton here.

That's it! Have a great day/night, and keep writing!!

4revgreen says...

thank you! i totally forgot to check all the grammar as i was writing it oops-

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