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    Re: The Cold One (Part 2)

    This is a very intriguing story! There should have been a bit more punctuation, but apart from that I thought it was well written :) I will definitely be keeping ...

    Jan 8, 2010

  • Novel / Chapter » General, General
    Re: The Black Wolf (Chapt. 1 / Part 2)

    This is really good! And there's nothing wrong with the dialougue: It fits the story perfectly :) It's very gripping and you should definitely post more! Great work :) ~ ...

    Jan 3, 2010

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, General
    Re: A Vampire's Tears ~ Chapter 1

    Woo! Go AVT! :lol: I agree with Laura, this is definitely your best work. Post more, pronto! :lol: :) x Mikayla x

    Jan 2, 2010

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, General
    Re: First Blush: Prologue

    I liked this piece :) You should definitely write more! I'm intrigued as to what happened to Lucian... Keep up the good work! :) xx

    Jan 2, 2010

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, General
    Re: The Water Elves ~ Chapter 1

    Really Good! :D But I do agree tht AVT is better :lol: No Offence :) In a nutshell - Good Work! (Y) xxxxx

    Dec 31, 2009

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