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  • momonster
    Nov 2, 2023

    hope you're well <3

  • starbean
    May 5, 2023

    (its hannah i changed my username multiple times…)
    AAAHHH we miss you!!! hope you are doing okay <33333

  • looseleaf
    May 1, 2023

    Happy birthday, daughter. I hope it's as awesome as you.

  • momonster
    May 1, 2023

    happy birthday! i hope you're doing well; miss seeing you around! <3

  • winterwolf0100
    May 1, 2023

    Happy birthdayyy!! Hope you have an amazing day!

  • Dossereana
    Apr 30, 2023

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it's awesome! :)

  • tips on how to write college essays? im failing my two college classes because i dont know how to write papers.

    fatherfig Grammarly and the power of pretending to be so invested in eraser shavings you may spontaneously burst into tears
    Oct 25, 2022

    alliyah Is there something you are specifically having problems with?

    Don't know if this will help you - but here's some quick tips:

    Spoiler! :

    Do an essay by reverse outlining if you are stuck.
    Write your outline and then fill in the spots as you feel inspired / gather information to support your argument.
    Typically an essay's format will be:
    Introduction Paragraph
    - Introduces Material / Subject of Essay
    - Makes the Main Argument of the Essay in a CLEAR Sentence
    - Explains where the essay is going
    Body Paragraphs
    - These support the Main Argument in an order that "makes sense" (that might mean they're introduced chronologically or by theme)
    - These typically include support from the subject you are investigating -> ie. if it's a book, they will include quotes, if it is an argumentative essay it will include evidence from research articles, or may include anecdotal evidence.
    - You give a summary of how your body paragraphs prove the Main Argument. You give sum up where the essay has been.

    Further Tips
    > In my college experience usually citations of evidence / quotes were a big grading point -> use whatever citation method your teacher has told you to use (ie. APA? Chicago?) and be careful you follow that method exactly -> if you feel unfamiliar, chances are your school's library has a resource person who is willing to look over citations. This can be a great resource, and chances are this little detail is counting towards your grade.

    > If you get a terrible grade on a paper do talk to the teacher - teacher's like to see effort! (My sister teaches a composition course at the college level, so I know this) Go in not with the mind to argue your grade - but with the purpose of trying to figure out what you need to do to improve. You can even say, "Hey this course, and my learning is really important to me, would you be willing to let me re-write paper A for a chance to improve my grade" <- they may work with you! Teachers want to see you pass & improve and you'll know what you can do better next time.

    > Done is better than Good - in college initially my main problem was perfectionism - I'd procrastinate because I'd be overwhelmed with writing the perfect paper and then have a late paper, and get points off for lateness when if I'd turned in a ~non-perfect~ paper on time, probably would have gotten an A. Turn your work on in time, and don't set out to write perfection, just try to complete the assignment and then if you have time you can work on polishing and improvement. Done is better than Good.

    Oct 25, 2022

  • heyyy how are we doingggg

    its 1 am on a school night please send help

    Euphory sending help and lots of wellwishes <3 im doing okay, much better than last week, so !!! hbu?
    Oct 21, 2022

    LadyMysterio I'm good. *hands you a cup of coffee for help*
    Oct 21, 2022

  • luxeterna
    Oct 10, 2022


    luxeterna HI
    Oct 10, 2022

    luxeterna I CAN'T SPELL
    Oct 10, 2022

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  • i logged on but idk what to even say lol

    Euphory <3
    Oct 7, 2022

    winterwolf0100 Hello! :]
    Oct 7, 2022

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  • LadyBug cry
    Spoiler! :
    take notes, focus a lot on grades and extra curricular, it's your last year before you start applying to uni if you decide you want to, so make sure it's good and you enjoy your last free(ish) moments. i'd also say make a list of things you want to do while you still can

    Sep 7, 2022

  • long time no see. been thinking about y’all lately. thank you for being amazing friends <3

    fatherfig No u
    Jul 19, 2022

    Arcticus Hey lulon
    Jul 20, 2022

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  • happy happy happy birthday lillianna! i hope it's amazing and spectacular. you deserve the best birthday ever.

    lillianna thank you <3
    May 2, 2022

  • Happy Birthday to You!

    lillianna thank u!!
    May 2, 2022

  • happy birthday!! <33

    lillianna aw ty!!!
    May 2, 2022

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