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welcome to my page!!!

hello hello! how are you today? i’m lillianna, but also known as harper. i have been on yws since 2019! i love all the arts and participate in all of them. i'm back on yws to try to write more. i'm currently loving the rise and fall of a midwest princess and e.l.f. makeup! thanks for stopping, and have a lovely day!!!

previously known as harperlouise06 and lulon

most recent work: i am numb

i also do review requests:
lulon is now doing more reviews!

i was featured memember december 31st 2020-january 14th 2021! Featured Member Dec 31 - Jan 14: lillianna


working, making music, listening to music, sometimes art, taking care of my puppy, cleaning, shopping, fashion, makeup and cosmetology, the color pink, hockey, taylor swift, chappell roan, greta van fleet, ABBA, olivia rodrigo, fleetwood mac, and worship music


the official yws mermaid

The words you speak become the house you live in.
— Hafiz