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  • The prime control chapter 13 is out. Please read and feel free to give a review.

  • The Prime Control Chapter 12 is out, get ready for both comedy and sadness

  • Prime Control Chapter 11 is out. Please read and, if you want, leave a review

  • Chapter 10 of the prime control is out, feel free to read. Please leave a review if you like it.

  • The Prime Control Chapter 9 is out, be sure to read

  • I forgot to say it monday but chapter eight of the prime control is out

  • Bro I had to spend 400 points to upload it, but chapter 7 of the prime control is out

    RavenAkuma Wow, that's a lot of points!
    May 6, 2024

    keeperofgaming Yeah, there's a rare glitch where you have to publish something twice to publish it
    May 6, 2024

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  • I've decided that for point concerns, I'll be posting entire chapters of the Prime control on mondays.

    Also all of 6 is out. feel free to read

  • Chapter 5 of the Prime Control is fully out. Be sure to read!

  • Should I start posting the full chapters of the Prime Control here or would that be too long?

    RavenAkuma I personally like the current length, but I also don't mind long chapters at all. I say do whatever makes it easier on you, lol
    Apr 24, 2024

    keeperofgaming I was thinking point wise since I've not had a lot of chances to do a lot of reviewing.

    But thanks

    Apr 24, 2024

  • The 4th chapter of The Prime Control is fully out now, be sure to read!

    It gets spooky.

  • Made the Councilors

    Btw, behind the humanish Roman is what he normally looks like


  • Brent, Grace, and Amy everybody. Finally got ai to draw them.


    keeperofgaming Should I try to make images of the council?
    Apr 17, 2024

    RavenAkuma Those are cool! I feel like the council would be tricky, but if you can pull it off, they'd probably be cool ~
    Apr 17, 2024

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  • Bro, I got my first rating on Royal Road for Rose Hood. It was a 0.5...

    I can't tell if it was a misclick, someone being a jerk, or if the story is just genuinely bad.

    I'm somewhat leaning towards the first

    RavenAkuma Royal Road can be critical, and it does have some trolls. I wouldn't take it to heart for sure <3
    Apr 16, 2024

    keeperofgaming Yeah, though I kind of wish I didn't get hit with my first story, btw did you check out Rose Hood 25?
    Apr 16, 2024

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  • I'm half convinced that Big Brother just grabs a random piece of mine whenever he can't find a fifth spotlight thing. He's like, "Crap, I can't find anything, oh look, Keeper posted something, yoink."

    Because there is no way nine things I've written made it.

Oh, I'm sorry. My friends are in the popcorn and I have to save them.
— Tori Hansen, Power Rangers Ninja Storm