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  • Udorn eack...

    Spearmint *gasp* Round cake...
    4 hours ago

  • More suspicious activity... "Spearmint" defending potatoes.


    Spearmint whaaaaa clearly i have always been a fan of potatoes >.> i think you should suspect celery instead <.<
    5 hours ago

  • Okay, something else weird... I clicked on the hashtag for #stupidevilpotato . But look at the first result. Nobody even uses that hashtag in the first status. Something really weird is happening...


    Snoink Okay, so I admit that I was admittedly stumped by this. Stupid evil potato? What? But then I thought about it and it just HIT me.

    A potato is... a ROOT vegetable.

    Evil --> There is a common phrase "the root of all evil."


    5 hours ago

    Spearmint :O
    4 hours ago

  • Okay, I'm trying not to sound crazy but... first Spearmint disappears and claims that she isn't kidnapped by vegetables. Then... she likes this???? Look at this screenshot! Is she trying to send us a message???


    alliyah UmmmmMmmmmmMm this is VERY VERY sus. Mint is obvi trying to get our attention that they are still in trouble.
    8 hours ago

    Snoink Right??? The paranoia title even has a lime mentioned! Like, I realize that limes are not vegetables. They are a type of citrus, which I suppose means they're a type of fruit. But they're often paired with vegetables to give them some zing. And they are very green.

    Could this mean that maybe it's not just vegetables but also fruits as well???

    7 hours ago

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  • alliyah I fully approve of this message. Well said Snoink. Enough with classified's schemes of mayhem!
    23 hours ago

  • I took some time to compile what we know and what we don't know this evening about some recent classified activities.

    YWS is worth protecting from the chaotic forces of classified

    We have strong allies: @Big Brother, @TheEgg, The Golden Goose, and our resident rodent expert... Rigo the Hamster (@Kaia).

    Something is happening
    - Many users have cited the sound of gooses honking in the distance and other such signs.

    Spearmint may have been taken by vegetables in some capacity, and may currently be missing because of such kidnapping taking place. This would not be the first time classified has kidnapped YWSers. Previously they have even threatened to kidnap Big Brother!

    > UFOs could be involved?
    > There could be some connection to cake-days or cakes involved?

    > The reason for all the recent avatar changes
    > How cakes factor into this all
    > What mysterious codes herbalhour and other classified operatives have been spreading and what exactly they mean for YWS.


    > Classified is scheming to take away everyone's cake days somehow?
    > Classified may be scheming to replace "cake days" with "vegetable days"?
    > Evil Potato (who previously stole @starlitmind's potato) could be back on YWS causing mayhem and maybe even leading classified and the vegetables against the site?
    > Perhaps duolingo the owl is feuding against the other birds of YWS? Like the egg and the golden goose and a larger bird conflict will be revealed?
    > Duolingo may be trying to take over YWS for their own purposes?

    What do you think? Please leave your thoughts, clues, and theories below. Also as a reminder this is a classified-hashtag free zone. No classified input in these discussions please. Just team unclassified. Thank you. #unclassified


    AilahEvelynMae I have heard constant honking and owl noises. It seems that Duo has gained access to my account and may have started a secret #Duofied society T-T I have seen a lot is suspicious activity going on lately… I will post the rest of my findings tomorrow…
    23 hours ago

    DreamyAlice I definitely suspect Evil Potato to be leading all the mayhem!
    16 hours ago

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  • sets down suspiciously normal looking cakes

    AilahEvelynMae What flavour are these cakes, herb? Look me in the eyes and tell the truth <.<
    Feb 24, 2024

    herbalhour definitely not chocolate and mint no... ahaha... ahahhahaha
    Feb 24, 2024

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  • This is not a coincidence:

    @Spearmint said:

    gonna be traveling for a week! so if i’m not as active, that’s why, not cuz i got kidnapped by angry vegetables or something xD

    Mint was begging us for help. All the signs are there. I have proof:

    @herbalhour said:
    hey do you guys want some cookies round cakes

    Where has mint been? Travelling? No. You know what else is round? Mint leaves. Mint has been turned into a round cake.

    @alliyah said:
    Feel like this is most certainly a code.

    Because it is a code. Herbs phrase is 9 words long. What is nine letters long? SPEARMINT.

    Mint is missing because she is a cake. <3

    herbalhour unrounduscakius this is false. #classified information, i might add
    Feb 24, 2024

    alliyah @herbalhour - please do not post the classified hashtag in this club, or other classified propaganda. On the people tab it's okay, but this club is a classified hashtag free zone. :) Thank you for understanding!

    Ellie you are DEFINITELY on to something here. Especially with the numbers - but do you think maybe rather than the clue revealing that Spearmint is cake; maybe this all has something to do with Spearmint's recent cake day? I know there was a lot of chatter about it on the people tab and it seems related...

    Feb 24, 2024

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  • hey do you guys want some cookies round cakes

    alliyah What is the meaning of this?

    Feel like this is most certainly a code.

    Feb 24, 2024

    herbalhour nuh uh i'm giving you some round cakes cookies
    Feb 24, 2024

  • I have seen some mysterious codes around the site... has anyone else noticed these lately?

  • RazorSharpPencil wrote:Ufo hotspots in north america/ united states


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    alliyah Good for us to be aware of during these difficult times.
    Feb 23, 2024

  • alliyah The weasels are at it again. >:[
    Feb 23, 2024

  • I'm not saying that Spearmint was kidnapped by evil vegetables, but am just compiling some of the evidence... Has anyone else seen any strange happenings around YWS lately? Be sure to catalogue anything that could be classified conspiracy activity here so we can put a stop to any schemes to overthrow the site.

    alliyah wrote:
    @Spearmint wrote:gonna be traveling for a week! so if i’m not as active, that’s why, not cuz i got kidnapped by angry vegetables or something xD

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    - @Spearmint is everything okay??? #unclassified #soundssuspicious the return of #evilpotato ???

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    fatherfig shhhh this is #classified information
    Feb 19, 2024

  • Sometimes good prevails and dreams come true. Congratulations to @TheEgg on your latest accomplishment. #TrustTheEgg

    Featured Member: TheEgg April 1 - April 30

    alliyah such a good day in yws history
    Mar 31, 2023

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