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    Anyway, uh went to my cousins in upstate new york. had fun, met a cute girl who also plays soccer (did not get her number though because my mom made a point of taking away me and my sisters phones before we got there) also because uh her new york, me uh ohio, 5 and half hours between us....does not work at all. Anyway, YES YES I KNOW COMMENTERS ON THIS POST.Yes my mom informed the family of Biden stepping out of the race and Kamala Harris (you go girl!) running in his place. like 80 mil donated to her campaign overnight. Man, just when you thought the election could not get crazier, it gets crazier.

  • So we are like close to leaving soon.

    What I have done to get ready

    -charged nintendo switch and packed every single game

    -packed toothpaste, zit cream, mouthwash, and toothbrush

    -pillow for car ride


    - book: Operation Mincemeat (really interesting non fiction.look it up, it's about how the british planted false documents on a corpse during ww2)

    - charged phone

    -invisalign case


    -packed 4 days worth of clothes

    I think I got it all

    Quillfeather Operation mincemeat is crazzzy I remember learning about it a few years ago
    Jul 19, 2024

  • My parents wont let me start learning to drive yet because I in their mind can not pay attention. Guys. I can pay attention if I am behind the wheel of a moving vehicle and one little mistake can cause me to die or get hurt. It's called stress induced hyper focus.

    Quillfeather Do you have your permit?
    Jul 19, 2024

    Razor nope. like I said my parents are pretty nopity nope with me driving right now
    13 hours ago

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  • Language/Action Movie Violence (surprisingly no rated r stuff in this trailer) (Also x-23!)
    phpBB [media]

  • I leave in the afternoon for new york

    chrysanthemumcentury !! where in ny? nyc? cny? upstate? west?
    Jul 19, 2024

    Razor upstate. am back now. 5 hour drive
    13 hours ago

  • dude the budget for this must have been insane. the french did not mess around with this one.
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  • dude universal should release a movie on april fools day but this should be the intro instead of the actual one. Observe.
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  • Gonna be inactive probably friday and def saturday and sunday. I'm going to new york (not nyc, just somewhere in the state)

  • IT'S PRIIIIIIIIME DAAaAAAy (or prime days? It does last two days soooo....)

  • yeah he is a goner for sure.
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hmmm. you know, the quote generator deserves some garlic bread
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