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  • Sharing one of my favorite recipes that I've been cooking lately ~ ordered this one from Hello Fresh just to mix things up and liked it so much that I've cooked it several times myself since. Anyone else had success with any meal prep services? I had never tried any until recently, because I was a little leery about the ingredients being shipped / what sort of quality they'd be - but have been very pleased trying Hello Fresh once in a while here and there to learn new recipes.

    Anyways, here's the recipe for Thai Chili Coconut Smashed Pork Patties from Hello Fresh - > here

    Some tips:
    * If you're not a pork eater, I'm fairly sure this would also taste really good with ground chicken - may need to adjust cooking time slightly, but would still be delicious.
    * Finding "sweet Thai chili sauce" is a little iffy in my town - but lo and behold there is a PF Changs & Panda Express brand version at walmart that works just fine - > used about a tablespoon and a half.
    * Online recipe doesn't give measurements for coconut milk - > I use 1/4 cup for rice, and 1/4 cup - 1/2 cup for the sauce.
    * Coconut rice is so delicious if you eat rice a lot; it's a fun way to mix it up a little without all that much extra effort involved.

  • Guess who's back - back again!

    It's LSCB, that's who! With two new posts!

    Cookbook or Diary Entry? 6/13 Reflection

    Meal Planning | Part I

  • Now that NaPo is over, I want to get back to posting in here. Anything you want to see?

  • Hi darlings,
    My life has been a mess and thus we have been eating out a lot more than I'd like. Trying to re-center back into good habits after a month of going off the deep end and really not taking care of our bodies. Do you ever get in those funks too?

    What would you like to see from me? Ways to get out of cooking ruts/funks? Lunch recipes? Dinner?

    Let me know <3

    LadySpark grocery hauls?
    Apr 9, 2023

  • The World's Easiest & Yummiest Fruit Dip:
    - 1 Container of Cool Whip
    - 1 Package of Vanilla Pudding


    Serve with strawberries for best results, but any fruit is delicious with this dip!

  • Spark's Meals of the Week:

    - Lemon Chicken & Potato Soup (Crockpot) w/ Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix
    - Pork Tenderloin (Crock Pot), Roasted Veggies, Mac n Cheese
    - The Redhawk with Mac n Cheese it's a big recipe so it lasts across 2 dinners) & roasted veggies
    - Breakfast for Dinner: Ham & Cheese Monte Cristo's with Hashbrowns & whatever fruit we have
    - Crispy Tofu with Stirfry Rice or Noodles (depends on that night's vibes) with veggies
    - Lemon Butter Salmon (frozen trader joe's) w/ Basmati Rice & Roasted Veggies
    - also have some tortellini, anytizers, smiley face fries and frozen veggie mixes for easier dinners

    - Brown Rice (cooked, drained, cooled), radishes, avocado, baby cucumbers & shredded smoked salmon (local grocery store) or hard boiled egg, avocado ranch dressing, croutons
    - Buffalo Chicken anytizers on a Caesar salad mix sans dressing, replace it with trader joe's vegan Caesar salad & extra croutons

    - Blueberry Muffins, Chocolate Chip Muffins
    - Chobani Smoothies
    - Archer Farms Meat Sticks (Turkey/Pineapple)
    - Baby Carrots, Ranch, Pretzel Thins (sometimes colby jack cheese)
    - oh, also Si wants me to get him stuff to make yummy yogurt parfaits

    Weekend Baking Plans—
    - Red Wine & Dark Cherry Cheesecake Bars (100 Cookies)
    - Honey Madelines (also 100 Cookies)
    - Oatmeal Cream Pie Cookies (again, 100 cookies)

    Anything you want to see recipes for? Let me know below!

  • I decided to start super simple with the easiest recipe in my repertoire. The Redhawk is a pulled chicken sandwich that just needs a few hours in the crockpot to delight even the most picky of people. To take it to the next level, serve with macncheese (recipe to come!) and roasted carrots!

    Enjoy! xoxo

  • Welcome to LadySpark's Cookbook! Come in, settle down, and enjoy! While you're here, check out our welcome post and our first entry, here!

    I can't wait to build a community with you!

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