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Spirit Halloween animatronics-Stories and Poems

by vampricone6783

*This is fanfiction for Spirit Halloween animatronics. Most of these animatronics are either old or discontinued. Some will be stories and some will be poems. Some are what I thought up for the animatronics, others are poems and stories based on what was already written for them. If you see a * that means it’s based on the actual story that was written for them by Spirit Halloween. If you don’t, then I have a thought a story up for it myself. Spirit Halloween is a pop-up Halloween store for those who don’t know. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. I’ll be updating this every day. Enjoy everyone! (You can Google these animatronics if you want more information on them). (The names of these stories and poems are the names of the animatronics I’m writing about).


There was once a little six year old girl named Polly, who loved going to the circus with her friends, Kate and Jay.

She loved going so much that she wanted to join the circus!

But her parents only laughed and told her that she was cute.

She didn’t like being called cute! She was serious about this!

So one night, when her parents were sleeping, Polly snuck out her window and went next door, to her friend Kate’s house. Then, Kate went to the house next to hers and got Jay.

“So what are we going to do?” Kate asked Polly.

“We’re going to the circus, of course!” Polly exclaimed.

“Cool!” Kate and Jay excitedly yelled.

Polly knew exactly what she was doing, she’s been to the circus many times.

She knew to look both ways when crossing the street, she knew to hide if people she and her friends knew saw them and she knew where the circus was.

When they finally got there, they found that...no one was there...

“Huh. That’s strange.” Polly said.

She turned around to face her friends, but they were gone.

“HELLO!” A voice boomed.

Polly looked up.

A tall, wrinkly ringmaster stared back at her.

Why was he wrinkly? Usually he looked like a regular person.


Out of nowhere, he produced a cage that was the same size as her.

Then, he scooped her up and locked her inside the cage.

“Hey! What are you doing?!”



Polly just didn’t know what to do. The ringmaster had his hold on her and she had never been in a situation like this.

He carried her outside, where there were rides, balloons, food stands..

And her friends screaming in pain.

Kate was locked in a cage like hers, being carried by a clown and Jay was being pulled by two other clowns in some kind of sick tug-of-war.

“You know, me and the boys drank a funny drink last night..made us feel..a little murderous..”

The ringmaster took out a tall green bottle.

“I could just..give this to you. Then you’d be like us.”

He waved the bottle in front of her face.

“Or I could feed you to the lions-“

“Lions?! You have lions?!”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Please…don’t kill me.”

“I won’t kill you if you just drink this thing.”

Could she really do it? Could she really drink it?

It was her only way to freedom.

So, she said yes and he set the cage on the ground. Then, he gave her the drink.

Polly chugged down the whole bottle…it tasted like cotton candy…

Then, she felt herself getting stronger and the next thing she knew, she broke the cage.

“Ooh…you’re a strong one!”

Polly didn’t care, she had to escape.

She ran away, far away, back home and then took out the kitchen knife and grabbed a pumpkin.

Maybe if she just carved the pumpkin, she could think of a way to save her friends. Maybe it would clear her head.

She changed out of her bows and wore white bead hair bands instead. They seemed to suit her more.

“Hey little girl, what are you doing-“

She waved the knife threateningly at the woman who saw her. She ran away.

Nobody would stop her. If they did, she’d carve their faces off.

All she needed to do was carve the pumpkin…think of a way to save her friends…

…She made mistakes with the knife and hurt herself in the process.

Polly was covered in blood and desperate to do something…but what?

What could she do?

*People often joked that the child in the “Rotten Ringmaster” animatronic was the lunging pumpkin carver, because they looked similar. So I decided to make them the same person. And the actual Ringmaster animatronic threatens the child animatronic to throw her in a pit of lions. Thoughts?


“You look quite scrumptious!”

“What?” Kate asked, terrified. The clown just wouldn’t go of her.

“You can call me Cagey, dearie. But I’m calling you dinner.”


But he opened the cage and swallowed her in one gulp.

Jay saw this unfold.

*Kate is the little girl from the “Cagey the clown” animatronic and Jay is the girl from the “Tug-of-war clowns”  animatronics. The three girls don’t actually have names. I gave them names.


Jay couldn’t do anything but scream as the two big clowns had pulled off her arms, breaking her in half, until she was no more.

Just pieces and parts.


Ten year old Veronica was always the favorite child in her family. Her mother always chose her over her younger cousin, Angeline.

Her Mom never woke up, she was always asleep in her room.

But when she did wake up, her eyes would go white and she would kill a few family members. Only by accident, never on purpose. It only affected relatives (Blood or by Marriage).

The first time she got mad, she killed Angeline’s parents, which caused Angeline to live with their grandparents.

Their grandpa died from old age, nothing else.

The second time she got mad, she killed their Grandma.

The third time she got mad, she killed her Dad.

Now, Mom didn’t want to get mad anymore, so she made Veronica make a special drink which would put her to sleep, so she wouldn’t hurt anyone else.

And it was clear that she didn’t like Angeline one bit.

The eight year old had a special ability where she could communicate with ghosts, which annoyed her Mom greatly. She made sure Veronica never spoke to Angeline.

Veronica felt bad for Angeline, but there was nothing she could do. She had to listen to Mom. Mom was always right.

Mom also didn’t like Uncle Charlie.

Uncle Charlie dressed like a clown and always had a bucket of candy with him. Whenever he visited, Veronica and Angeline kept away from him.

But this time, when Uncle Charlie was paying a visit, they decided that they would speak to him.

He just seemed so lonely…


Veronica stared at the Grandfather clock in the living room, waiting for it to be 3:00 P.M. , when he would come over.

Angeline shuffled into the room, holding her toy bear and sitting next to Veronica.

“Does Uncle Charlie like ghosts?” Angeline asked.

“I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. But don’t wake up Mommy.”

“I won’t! I’m not loud at all-“

“Shhhh.” Veronica put a finger to her lips and Angeline nodded.

She couldn’t risk having anyone get too excited, especially with her Mom upstairs.

Just then, the door creaked open and-

“Hello, girls!”

“Shhhh!” Veronica put a finger to her mouth, wanting Uncle Charlie to be quiet.

He just grinned and pulled out lollipops.

“Do you girls like candy?”

Angeline pulled tighter on Veronica’s dress, hiding her face behind her.

“Are you sure about this?” She asked.

“It’s going to be fine, Angeline.”

But Veronica didn’t know. She always obeyed Mom.

And now she was going against her rules. For the first time, she was being disobedient.

Uncle Charlie just laughed and waved the lollipops at them.

“Come on girlies, these lollipops aren’t going to eat themselves.”

Veronica couldn’t wait any longer. She had to just take them.

So, she tried to grab both of them, one for her and one for Angeline, but he grabbed her hand and brandished a knife in front of her face.

Both girls screamed, but only Angeline floated from the ground, eyes white, screaming louder.

“A-A-Angeline, what are you doing?” Veronica asked. Uncle Charlie only tightened his grip on her, about to leave, but then-


Veronica looked up.

Floating with Angeline was her Mommy.

Both of them held each other’s hands and-

And screamed.

For some reason, it didn’t hurt Veronica’s ears. But it caused Uncle Charlie to drop her and run away.

“What-What happened?” Veronica asked.

“Angeline is just like me. We both can connect to the paranormal world.” Her Mom replied.

“Maybe we aren’t so different after all.”

Angeline and her Mom fell to the floor, eyes no longer glowing white.

Her little cousin ran over and gave Veronica a tight hug.

*Uncle Charlie, Angeline, and Mommy’s favorite (Veronica) are separate animatronics, but I made them related to each other. Mommy’s favorite doesn’t actually have a name. You can Google them if you would like to know more about the animatronics. The actual Mommy’s favorite animatronic says “Shhh” and the actual Angeline animatronic can see ghosts.


There was once a clown girl by the name of “Harriet Hustle.” She often played with other children with a knife in her mouth. She never spoke, she just carried that knife.

Strange things happened with the children who played with her. They never came back. All just…disappeared.

But Harriet was as happy as ever. It was clear with her laughs.

*Not sure if she actually hurts kids, but the animatronic supposedly hangs around with a knife, being all menacing.


Somewhere in a dark carnival, a clown named Henry Hustle played with decks of cards.

He never left. But no one ever saw his players.

His daughter seemed just as happy as he was…

*Harriet Hustle is the actual daughter of Henry Hustle. I didn’t make that up. It’s true.


There’s a clown that always twitches

He doesn’t have a name

He’s the “Twitching clown”

And it all came from a dame

She gave him a compliment

He couldn’t stop twitching from the excitement

He scares the little children

But his heart is full of joy

From that one human

Who didn’t treat him like a toy


A clown wacks the kiddos

A big ol’ mallet is his best weapon

He never stops smiling

Always laughing at their despair

Long ago, he felt that pain

Now it’s time for others to feel the same


A girl of fourteen named Cordetta

She didn’t feel so well, you know

Panic attacks, cold sweats

The aching fear that someone was behind her

Skin began to crack and come pale

Her cries of help dismissed

Mouth open in eternal scream

Feet hanging, suspended in a dream

“Floating ghost girl” is her name now

Demons have creeped into her soul

Sucked the light from her

Now she’s a pale shell of what she once was

A lost cause

A forgotten ghost


Seven year old Kiki lived with her Mom and her pet dog, Shelly.

She didn’t have any friends, but that was alright. Her Mom and Shelly were her friends.

Even though she didn’t talk to anyone at her school or neighborhood, she still had one enemy.

A tall, black and white clown who lived underneath her bed.

Her Mom never believed Kiki when she told her about the scary monster, so every night, she would check under her bed, to see if it was there.

When her Dad was alive, he used to hide underneath her bed and pull on her ankles. Kiki would scream, her Mom would come running upstairs, she would see her Dad and then yell at him for scaring Kiki.

He said he did it because he wanted to scare Kiki into wanting to go to sleep quickly. If he pulled on her ankles, she would move her feet to the bed and go to sleep. He knew very well that she didn’t like to go to bed.

That’s what he said, at least.

He would apologize to her, but then he would do it again. It would be the same cycle, over and over and over again.

But he was really fun! He played games with her and he let her have dessert for Dinner if she was good. He said that he loved her.

She just had to go to bed before he pulled on her ankles.

Last year, when they were all at a State fair, her Dad was on the Ferris wheel while Kiki and her Mom were getting corn dogs.

The Ferris Wheel stopped. Her Dad was at the top of it.

Suddenly, the top carts (Not the side ones or the bottom ones) of the Ferris Wheel all fell off. Her Dad was in one of them, sooo…he died.

They didn’t go back to that State Fair after that experience.

After her Dad’s death, she was haunted by a clown who lived under the bed seemingly with the same intentions as her Dad, but with murder in his eyes.


It was nighttime now and Kiki was standing in front of her bed.

She took a deep breath. Maybe the clown only showed up because she kept obsessing over him and letting him bother her. Maybe she just needed to go to bed, without looking underneath, like her Mom said and he wouldn’t be there.

She could do this. She could totally do this.

She crawled into her bed and-

Nothing happened!

She breathed a sigh of relief. What was she worrying about? There was nothing there.


She was starting to get thirsty for milk, so she crawled out of bed to walk to the kitchen and then-


She felt two long, sharp and cold claws grip on her ankles.

Then, those sharp claws pulled her underneath the bed.

Staring at her was the very clown who frightened her every night.

She was about to crawl away, but the clown grabbed her.

“W-W-W-What are you going t-t-t-to d-d-d-do?” She stuttered, sweat beading down her forehead.

The clown placed a clawed finger to his lips.

“You have to trust me.”


“I’m your Dad-“

“No you’re not! You’re lying!”

“I don’t know why I am a clown, but listen to me:You have to let me kill you.”

“What? Why?”

“So we can be together forever. I’ll get your Mom and Shelly too. We’ll all be together again.”

“Prove that you are my Dad!”

“I grabbed your ankles, didn’t I? That’s only something your Dad would do. I know that you have a dog named Shelly. I know you like Princesses. I know that you don’t have friends. I know that-“

“Okay, I understand. You’re my Dad. I..I guess I’ll let you do it.”

“Really? Splendid! Now, I’m going to hold you upside down and take you to a circus ,which is where I’m stuck at for some reason. You’re going to scream and I will juggle you. You will fall to the ground and die. Your ghost will hang around and stay with me. I will protect you.”

“You’ll protect me?” Kiki asked, completely forgetting everything else he just said. It would be nice to be with her Dad again, even if he was a monster. He said he would protect her, after all.

“Yes, I will. You’re my daughter.”


The clown grinned and grabbed on her ankle.

Then, there was darkness.


She was hanging by the clown’s claw, in a circus.

Kiki remembered why they were there but still screamed as he threw her into the air.

Hopefully it wouldn’t hurt.


Hugz the clown just wants to give you a tight squeeze.

Looking down? He can make you feel at ease!

Be careful, though.

He’ll never let you out of his grip.

He’ll lower you to his jaws.

And chew your pretty lil’ face up.

That’s alright, he wants a friend!

A friend who’ll never see the light of day again.


A crying bride

Holds her groom’s head

She had dreams to be wed

Known as “Evelyn Leech”

The beauty of town

An outgoing girl

Going against the crowd

Her groom? Not so much.

He was a more nervous type

You should have seen him getting ready for his big day

All fear and no joy

Poor Evelyn

All she ever wanted was someone to love

No matter, she fixed it

Stay back or she’ll fix you too

That Evelyn Leech

So much more than a pretty face

*While Evelyn’s story doesn’t say that she murdered her groom, it implies that she did. So that is why I used * for the poem. I also used the * because in the story, the groom was nervous to marry her, while Evelyn dreamed of the "perfect wedding.”


The roaming Rosie red

She spins and waits for you

A lonely doll

Just wants a playmate

Hold her in your arms

And never let go

Best friend forever

Your roaming Rosie red


There was once a little girl with braided hair called “Molly”, who always liked to sing on her swing.

Molly was always friendly and outgoing, loving to hang out with kids.

ESPECIALLY with this girl named Annie.

Annie even let Molly play with her doll. Those girls loved to be with each other.

Until one day, when Annie tied Molly’s hands to her swing-set and left her to die.

Legend has it Molly looks for victims to take her place..


There are two pale girls

Their names are “Ally” and “Annie”

One is never seen without the other

They’re always seen

But never spoken to

Careful when you get up to them

They may be the last people you’ll ever see

*The double trouble animatronics are actually named Ally and Annie.*


Once, there was a little girl named Annie who had a lovely little porcelain doll.

She shared her doll with her best friend, Molly.

Annie and Molly loved to swing on Molly’s swing-set and play with Annie’s doll.

But Molly loved her swing-set more than Annie. She played on it more than she played with Annie.

Annie had to do something and fast!

She had an idea…


Right now, Annie and Molly were at Molly’s backyard, Annie holding her doll.

“I’m going to swing the highest!” Molly giggled.

She sat on the swing and asked:

“Annie, could you push me?”

Annie nodded.

She removed her doll’s head from the body and took out ropes hidden from within.

“What…what are you doing?” Molly asked nervously. Her hands were still holding onto the swing ropes.

Annie didn’t say anything. She walked up to Molly and…

…tied her hands to the swing ropes!

She ran away, giggling, holding her doll, not paying attention to the car that was on the road.


Annie lay dead on the road. Strangely, her doll wasn’t completely in shatters.


Annie woke up feeling strange, like she was stiff. She was sitting on a high shelf in some boutique.

“This one!” A girl squealed, pointing to her. She was with parents.

Did…Did she possess her doll?

*Annie is the small girl who kills Molly. I decided to make them connected. Their stories aren’t actually connected. I just did that.


Why was there always a demon behind her?

Clawing up her back

Spreading vicious lies

Wanting to attack

Sweet little Ophelia

Didn’t want this to be

But ever since birth

A demon has followed her

Unable to cry for help

She silently suffers

Each piece of sanity

Slipping away

Sweet little Ophelia

Doesn’t have much time left


There was once a young girl named Maggie Howard James, who had a little doll named Annie and a ghost friend named Cordetta.

No one ever believed her when she mentioned Cordetta or said her doll talked.

But that was okay. They were her friends and that was all that mattered.

Maggie was very kind and sweet. She never understood why sickness existed. It was horrible! No one deserved to suffer!

When she grew up, she would help people!

Right now, she needed to help Cordetta, who was always crying.



Twenty-five years old and Maggie didn’t own Annie anymore. Her parents told her to leave the doll in the house, for it was “old and for little girls.”

She didn’t hear Cordetta’s weeps anymore.

She was all alone, standing on the sidewalk, in a red and black dress, waiting for her date to pick her up.

Maggie had met him yesterday, at a family party. The man was named Easton and he was the friend of her cousin.

She still hadn’t seen him.

“Hello, dear.”

She recognized that voice. Easton.


“Say hello to the car!”


She felt his hands push her into the street, her face hitting the hard, concrete ground.

The car’s wheels crushed her body and life itself crumbled before her.



Maggie hangs above all, her name forgotten. Her dress serves as a cloak and her skeletal face glares at all. She’s only a grim reaper, guarding the souls, warning any who crossed her path.

She used to fear that which brought suffering to others, but now, she was the one bringing death to all.

Humans must be careful..

*Maggie is the same girl who got the Annie doll AND she communicates with Cordetta.*


Tristesse Autumn Maxwell was a good friend of Evelyn Louise Leech. They were such good friends that they decided to get married on the same day.

It seemed as if they shared tragedies, too, because Evelyn’s groom lost his head and Tristesse’s groom…well, she woke up and found his entire head in the toilet. He appeared to be viciously slashed with a knife.

But who would do such a thing? Who would hurt her groom?

It didn’t matter. Her lover had walked into the doors of death.

Tristesse would cry and cry and cry, her tears hidden behind a black umbrella.

“Hello, dear friend.”

She recognized that voice. It was Evelyn!

“Oh Evelyn, I’m so glad you’re here! Come, mourn with me.” Tristesse sniffled.

“Look at me.” Evelyn said.

She had to bend down to look at her. Evelyn was only five feet tall, while she was six feet.

Evelyn kicked her in the crotch and brought Tristesse close to her face when she was on the ground.

“Evelyn! What has gotten into you?!” She asked worriedly.

She only smiled and slashed Tristesse’s face with a knife.

“Oh my dear friend, if only you knew.”

With that, Evelyn left Tristesse to die, with her husband.

And now, if you even step close to the grieving woman, she’ll scare you away.

Best to leave her alone with the grave.

*The heights of the women are the heights of the actual animatronics. Also, I made the characters connected with each other. Canonically, they don’t know each other. I gave Mourning Gory a name. Mourning Gory doesn’t actually have a name.*


If you ever want to get those kids in line

If you need to teach ‘em a lesson

If they aren’t taking you seriously

Most definitely call the clown

He’ll make sure they never make a sound again

They’ll never bother you again

They’ll be good kids

Good, law-abiding kids

Maybe they won’t even be living

What if they’re dead?

Eh, who knows?

As long as you don’t hear those annoying kids anymore, you’re good!

*The clowning around animatronic story is that there is an evil clown “babysitting” young children. That’s what this poem is based on.*


Twin sisters Ally and Annie giggled with each other, tossing their mother’s head around.

“This is fun, right?”

“Yes, it is!”

“Annie, why do the neighbors say those funny things?”

“Probably because we killed mother!”

They broke out in laughter at the thought.

She always treated them like they were ticking bombs, waiting to cause trouble.

It turned out she was right!

Why, it was so much fun, playing around with their mother’s head!

Often, their neighbors would look at them and scorn that they would go to Hell.

But they’re still here, aren’t they?

“This never gets old!”


Oblivious to the world, the girls continued their morbid game of catch.

A loud noise. Rumbling. From the Earth.

“What’s th-“

Green smoke. Slimy, skeletal claws.

Inhuman laughter.

A mass which transformed to a smiling, decaying and ridiculous..


“I’ve been waiting for you morsels.”

“Who-What are you?”

“Your worst nightmare.”

His striped arms stretched towards them, but they just jumped away and held onto each other for dear life, like they always have.

“Ohh..too bad..I’ll have to get you next time…hehe.”

*The Underworld clown animatronic was said to be the leader of the underworld in the Spirit Halloween lore. The Double Trouble animatronics actually killed their mother and sometimes played with her head. Basically in the Double Trouble story they were creepy twins everyone feared. I’d thought it’d be fitting for the underworld clown to catch them. :)*


Deep in the depths of Hell, the ghost of Emily was paying her debts.

There’s a heavy price to pay when you leave your family to deal with the plague.

She wandered the pits, searching for nothing.

And then, she saw him.

The leader of Hell.

The underworld clown.

He was kinda hot, even though he made her suffer through much deserved torment.

Maybe she would flirt with him, since she had nothing else to do.

Emily flew towards him and declared:

“I will have you! My new love, be mine! FOREVER!”

The clown turned to glance at her.


“You think I’m beautiful?”

Emily nodded.

“You know, you’re not too bad looking yourself.”

With his long arms, he pulled her to the even deeper pits of Hell, where he would..get to know her more..

*The Hauntress’ animatronic’s real name IS Emily and her ACTUAL STORY is that she lived during the plague and she was a vain woman who left her family so that she wouldn’t catch the plague and “ruin her beauty”. I think that after she died, she became The Hauntress. As for the Underworld clown and Emily liking each other romantically, that is not canon. I added the ship in for fun. This was more of a “fun” story I wrote and not a “scary” story.*


The evil clown waits

Cackling insanely

Watching the tiny children run

Wanting to bite off their little heads


Oh boy, he lost count!

So many children…so many tasty children.


Cuddles the clown

It’s just like his name!

He wants to give you a cuddle!

And so do his little friends!

Come closer, give him a big ol’ hug

One that you’ll never break free from…

*There are little clown heads attached to the animatronic and they are his friends.*


A young girl eight years of age skipped happily to herself.

Her name was Rosemary and she felt she was walking on air!

Today is Monday and there was no school!

So she decided to skip outside.

Then, she saw him. The clown in the big yellow coat.

“Hello, little girl. Want to see something?” He asked.


“Come closer. I won’t bite.”

She tiptoed closer.

“Why are you walking on your tippy-toes?”

“I don’t know!”

Rosemary giggled. He sure was a funny guy!

He smiled when she approached him.

“What’s your name, little one?”

“I’m Rosemary! Who are you?”

“I’m Mr.Salty.”

He pulled open his coat and-

“And this here is my friend Willy!”

Another clown popped up from his coat and tried to snatch her!



(The actual animatronic is just called “Mr.Salty”, but he has a little clown attached to him named “Willy”, so I named the story “Mr.Salty & Willy”.)


Rosemary shrieked and backed away, but the small clown , “Willy” ,snatched her and then-

-Then he bit her!

“Hey, that wasn’t very niceeee.”

Huh. A nice bowl of brains wouldn’t be too bad.

Wait, brains? She wasn’t a zombie or anything, why was she craving brains?


(I made the Rosemary animatronic and Mr.Salty animatronic connected)


There’s a young girl.

She doesn’t have a name.

She doesn’t like the people.

She laughs to herself.

Her only name is “Broken Girl.”


Come on, one candy.

One candy for you.

One candy from the clown.

Take it, little one.

Just take it!

He’s waiting for food!

I’m sorry, I meant to say

He’s waiting for you.


All he wanted was to make them smile!

Nothing worked

There was only one thing to do

One thing alone

If he had to hang himself in a body bag

Then so be it

But what was he doing?

Somebody help him!

He’s losing his mind

The flashing lights and people

He’s falling to the tragedy all clowns fall to

A path to insanity

(*If I remember correctly, the bloody bag of jokes animatronic’s name is Joe the jokester and he was a stand up comedian. Well, in one desperate attempt to get attention after his career went downwards, he went inside a body bag and had it hanging upside down. He went insane and evil. So that’s what the poem is based on*.)


How did Lizzy get lost?

Only time will tell

Her hair is a mess

Her face is no better

She cries out for someone to play with her

Anyone, just anyone

Won’t someone play?

She needs someone

She’s so alone


Come close

A present is waiting for you

A Jester named Chester

He wants to play!

He’s real friendly and sweet

Come on, one spin

One spin for the ol’ Chester-the-Jester in a box!

Give it a try!

You certainly won’t die!


Honk honk!

Here he comes!

Honky the clown

He’s gonna kick you away!

His laugh never stops!

Come on over’

Listen to him play!

He’s here to stay


“Did you hear about the clown in our neighborhood?”

“Yes, I did! Mr.Happy is his name, right?”

“Yeah! Do you want to say hi to him?”


Two girls, Lizzy and Rosie, were skipping home, talking about the clown that hung around their neighborhood.

His name was Mr.Happy and he always had a piece of candy with him.

Whenever the girls saw him, they tried to take the candy he was offering, but their parents always said “Don’t take candy from strangers, they could kidnap you blah blah blah.”

They were just jealous!

Whenever Lizzy and Rosie were outside, they would keep an eye out for Mr.Happy.

Like now.

“Do you think we’ll see him today?”

“I hope so!”

Skipping home, keeping a lookout for the clown with the candy and then-

“Hello, my lovelies.”

A blue haired clown. A polka dot suit. A rotten smile. (From the candy, obviously.)


“Oooh can we have some candy?”

“Of course.” He said, holding out a lollipop to Lizzy.

Lizzy stuck her hand out, eager to snatch the little treat, but Rosie saw something flash in his eyes.

Something scary. Something horrible.

She grabbed Lizzy’s hand, stopping

“No. Our parents are right. He’s mean.”


“No. Let’s go home.”


They turned towards home-

“Don’t you want a little taste?”

He waved the lollipop around. He had an extra one in his pocket.

“Come on, just one taste.”

Lizzy just couldn’t resist-


She grabbed the candy-

In one swoop, Mr.Happy snatched Lizzy and stuffed her in-in a cage?!

“What? Are you-“

He took Rosie up in his arms and stuffed her in a cage, too.


She was thrown away, still in her cage.

Mr.Happy grinned at Lizzy.

“Now that your friend is gone, I can make you the next sweet treat..”

*I made the Lost Lizzy and Roaming Rosie dolls possessed by little girls. The little girls in this story are the same girls who possess the dolls. Also, I made Lizzy the little girl in the cage that went with the Mr.Happy animatronic. (When it was sold anyway. I doubt that it’s still sold today).*


Join the dance!

The never ending dance!

Dance your heart away!

With the dancing clown!

He sings! He dances! (Of course)

But he also kills

Only if you don’t dance

So dance!

The never ending dance!

Dance your heart away!

Because you’re here to stay!

*(This animatronic was (because it’s not sold anymore) actually called “dancing clown” and was completely different than Stephen King’s “Pennywise the dancing clown”. No kidding.)*


The clown looms above all

One victim

Two victims

Pick em’ up

Eat em’ up

Anything is possible

Just take those kiddos

What? No one will know.

Take em’ all

Eat em’ all

They’re too good to not eat, anyway


Crouch down

Grab your victims

All who wronged you

Show em’ the true monster

Show em’ who you are

Really show em’ 


You heard of a Jack-in-the-box

But have you heard of Jacked-up Jill?

She’s ready to have fun

Just let her play

It’s okay

You’ll be fine

It’s all good

She promises..


The Harlequin doll is gorgeous

But she’s a little crazy

That’s okay

We’re all like this

Give her a hug

She’s so much fun

Someone you will never forget

The harlequin doll


Don’t step closer

She’ll scream and thrash

She’s called demonic for a reason

Stay far away

Very far

From Demonic Dahlia

*What was your favorite story/poem in here?*

Is this a review?



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Sun Jan 29, 2023 7:12 pm
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SpunkyMonkey wrote a review...

Hey! Good morning/afternoon/evening !

Let's begin, shall we?

First, I was a bit confused with the stylistic choice of having the ringmaster's dialogue be bold. Doing this pulls one's eyes away from the rest of the story and focuses the most on his dialogue. If this is what you intended, great! If not, consider changing that up a bit.

She changed out of her bows and wore white bead hair bands instead. They seemed to suit her more.

If she is trying to save her friends and is truly running because she is frightened, why would she care about her personal appearance?

I was also somewhat confused on the overall plot of this story. It seemed a bit random. And it didn't seem too realistic that the girl would be only six years old. and the ending was very confusing. It did not have any sort of resolution, and the fact that Polly was covered in blood made little sense. Did she carve someone's face? cut herself? what exactly happened?

This seems to be a reoccurring thing...most of the stories don't make much sense and the end on a weird note. You should perhaps look into focusing more on the individual stories rather than creating a mass quantity of stories all at once. Also, if you post each of the stories separately, people are more likely to actually read all of them and give you critiques on them.

I enjoyed the poems more than I did the stories. With poems, it's easier to be vague and still tell a story, as you can hint at things and use more imagery. Overall, you should definitely think about posting these stories and poems separately, so it would be easier for people to read all of them.

Have a great day!

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Sun Jan 29, 2023 6:38 pm
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IcyFlame wrote a review...

Hey there vampricone, happy Review Day!

I'm going to be giving a more general review for this particular post because it's so long that I don't think I can go through all of it!

I think in the first one I was most surprised by how young Polly was. I don't know many six year old's, but I doubt they would manage to sneak out the house let alone find their way to their friend's houses and then to the circus. Doesn't she get lost?

I had to google the animatronics, but I think basing stories/poems off them is a cool idea!

I also wanted to suggest perhaps a different way of sharing these. If you're not looking for detailed reviews and mainly looking for likes or small comments you could think about starting a thread in the forums where you could post super short stories or poems like the ones you have here. It would keep them all in one place, and it might also make them less overwhelming for people to come by and leave a comment because you could have a separate post for each short story. Feel free to ignore this suggestion, but I think it might work well for you.

I overall liked the short stories more than the poems, but I think the poems must be much harder to write when talking about specific characters. If you do more poems I'd like to see you incorporate some more spooky imagery because I think that would work well and it would take the poems from feeling more fun to maybe fitting with your theme a bit better.

That's it from me - hope this was helpful!


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