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Juliet Rosè Henderson’s origin: The Playground

by vampricone6783

*This is the origin story of a character from my “The Playground” stories. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*

In the 1900s, there lived the notorious rich Henderson family.

There was a Mrs.Michelle Eleanor Henderson and her husband, Mr.Jackson Thomas Henderson.

The couple had two daughters. The older one was Cecilia Myers Henderson, aged twenty-four and the younger one was Juliet Rosè Henderson, aged twenty-two.

Only Juliet’s story will be told for now.

Being the youngest daughter in a rich family didn’t do her any good. Cecilia was always treating like she was a child and correcting her on “being a lady.”

Her parents didn’t help at all, they wanted to marry her off to some guy she didn’t even the name of. Just that he was a way to get more money.

Now, there was a circus not too far from where the Henderson family lived. It was known as:

“The amazing and wondrous circus of delight!”

Perhaps she’d go there to escape her family…


It was at 12:30 A.M. when she escaped her prison known to all as “The Henderson Manor” by pretending that she was going shopping. They believed her, not thinking that she’d ever have the audacity to go anywhere but clothes shops.

No one would pay attention to her, anyway. Not if she wasn’t decked in jewelry and heavy makeup, which was the Henderson women way of life.

She was able to get in the circus undetected and unnoticed. She paid the money and sat in the bleachers, not bothering for small talk with anyone, waiting for the show to start.

And then…when the lights went on and the music was turned up, for the first time in forever, she felt…


Free of expectations, demands, and life. Free of her bothersome family. Free of the judging public eye.

Even if it were to be the briefest of moments, Juliet felt free.


Oh, it was wonderful! There were animals, clowns, ballerinas, so much joy at the circus, which she didn’t find at her dull home.

But it all ended and she realized that she would have to return home once again.

With a deepening dread in her heart, she proceeded towards the exit, running as fast as her boots would take her, far from that magical place, to her dark and foreboding dungeon. The sky was getting black and evil, the sign of night.

Tears began to slip from her eyes.

Oh, how she wished she could relive that moment of joy, over and over, never going back to that wretched building.

She kept on running with tears in her eyes, not looking where she was going and-

“Ah! “

She had just tripped from a rock, embarrassing herself in public. She could hear the women giggle at her, the men chuckle.

“Such a disgrace for a Henderson!”

“She always was!”

“No poise.”

Juliet wiped the tears from her eyes. She could get up and just ignore them.

But what if she was unable to stop crying and they’d notice it? Whatever would she do once her family found out about her whereabouts? What-

“Take my hand.”

Juliet looked up.

Standing before her, with his handout outstretched, was one of the clowns from the circus.

Why was he helping her? Why did he care about her?

There was no time to ask. She was grateful for the help.

She took his hand and he helped her up.

The people said nothing as he walked with her. Perhaps they lost their interest?

“You’re Juliet Henderson, aren’t you?”

She nodded.

“What are you doing out-“

“I need to get out. Out of my family, out of this…this life.”

“You need to escape.”

She nodded once again. How he knew, she couldn’t tell, but she liked talking to him.

“You can call me Christopher.” He said.

“Your real name?”



“Don’t ask.”

They had reached a clearing in the woods, closer to the Henderson manor and Juliet knew she had to go home. The manor was somewhere in the woods, secluded from the public eye.

So, she left Christopher, promising to see his show again sometime soon and ran home.


When Juliet opened the door to the manor, she was greeted by her livid mother.

“Why were you out so late and by yourself?”

“We thought that you were going shopping.”

“A Henderson lady can’t be seen in places like those.”


“OUT! Go, pack your things and leave!”

“As if right now, you’re no longer a Henderson.”

Juliet pretended like she cared, but in reality, she was glad that her mother was kicking her out.

Now, she didn’t have to live with them anymore.

Anything was better than The Manor.

Even death.


Ever since she was kicked her out, Juliet had been living behind the circus show tent. She wore the few clothes that she packed and would occasionally put on makeup she brought with her, too.

Christopher, when he wasn’t performing, stole food and liquor for her.

They still spoke with each other, those two. Every single night, they spoke and shared their secrets, their desires, their hopes, their fears, their dreams. With each passing day and night, she grew closer and closer to each other, a bond more pure than she ever had in her life blossoming with Christopher.

One night, as Juliet shivered in the cold, with the few blankets that she had on her, another show ended, the crowd all gone, Christopher had knelt before her and asked:

“Juliet Rosè Henderson-“

“Don’t say that name.”


“That’s the one.”

“Well, you won’t be a Henderson much longer, if you wish to marry me-“

“What kind of a question is that?!” Juliet asked, hiding a smile. 

He was about to leave, when she burst out:

“Of course I’ll marry you!”

And so she ran into his arms, elation in her heart and stars, real, shining stars, in her eyes.

Oh, how she wished that moment would last forever!


They had the circus all to themselves. Juliet wore her sister’s old bridal dress, gone completely black from mold, perfect for her.

She remembered how she laughed at Cecilia’s face when she said that she was getting married. She, the goose of the family, had someone who truly cared about her.

And now, she was to wed him.

It wasn’t perfect, considering that it was only them in the circus and they were sharing vows under the entrance. They weren’t even in a church with loved ones.

Christopher couldn’t change out of his makeup and Juliet’s own makeup was cheap, as she did not wish to wear the makeup brought with her.

But it was beautiful.

Juliet had stood in front of him and took his hands-

Giggles. Childlike giggles.

That…that was impossible. It was 12:30 A.M. . The circus was closed at this time.

But they were there, nonetheless.

The children were there. The children that visited often, they were there.

And soon followed spitballs directed at them.

They didn’t have time for this ridiculousness, for misbehaving brats.

Juliet let go of Christopher’s hands and turned around, about to scold the lot of them, when, suddenly, it happened.

A young boy, aged ten, aimed a rubber ball on a slingshot towards’s Juliet’s carefully painted face, but the ball accidentally hit the letters that advertised the circus name at the front gates.

Juliet looked up, dreading what was to come. The letters were so weak. The gate barely held them up.

The letters fell…

The children ran, frightened…

And had crushed the couple.

A shame no one cared for the decaying lovers.

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Wed Jun 14, 2023 11:56 pm
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NadyaStatham wrote a review...

Hey there,

I'm here to leave you a review!
A review for another Shakespeare tale...


First of all, I think you did a great job making the characters lively and describing the background. I love the plot twist at the end. It just came as a bang in my face, but I liked it. Your title is nice and it was the name "Juliet" that made me think "this is going to be another amazing origin by Vampricone! Great job!

I do suggest maybe adding some more descriptions and feel to the story. I really want to know more about her visual appeal and her personality. I am not critisizing you, please get me right. I feel like all your girl characters are going to look like each other if you do not add a unique personality for each of them. Maybe work on that a little bit and give some more clear clarifications for your characters motives.

I don't know if you quite understand me, but I mean something like this.

Being the youngest daughter in a rich family didn’t do her any good. Cecilia was always treating like she was a child and correcting her on “being a lady.”

Being the youngest daughter in a rich family didn't do her any good. She didn't have the perfect sleek black hair, like her mother and her sister did, poofy lips like Cecilia who always put on shimmery lipgloss and apart from her mother she didn't have thin waist. Cecilia always was the "perfect" one and daughter.

Juliet had light brown hair which she got from her great grand mother from her mothers side. But her mother refused to agree to that and said that her family has had sleek black hair for generations, "Don't read me the book, Juliet!" she would always say.

Her brown eyes made her spotty face lighten up and she had a thin smile which she'd only used once in her life time, when she was born.

PS: Don't mind my spelling and grammar


Overall, I really like your plotline and your names too. Christopher is one of my favourite names. You did a great job once again

Have a nice day or night!

Amazingly yours,

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Mon Apr 17, 2023 2:54 pm
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Roxanne wrote a review...

Hello there @vampricone6783,

Plot Twist!
This story is a real tearjerker. I am not going to lie, it is really sad. It looks like a Disney princess movie with an unhappy ending.
But the fact that the emotion comes through so strongly means that you did a great job writing this unique "Disney" story.

My heart goes out to Juliet Henderson, I mean, just Juliet. She went through a lot of horrible things, and the fact that she felt trapped in her own house would be the worst. It was pretty sad when Juliet was kicked out of the manor by her family. But after seeing the bright side of that action, meaning that she got the opportunity to spend more time with Christopher, it gave more light to the story. And to be honest, it looked like she was actually going to get her perfect happy ending.
Little did I know that wasn't going to happen...
When Juliet ran away from the circus with tears in her eyes, it took me back to the Disney movie, Cinderella. It was nice to see a different twist, like she didn't run all the way to the manor without meeting Christopher.
You didn't describe her appearance and personality all at once, but gradually revealed parts of it throughout the story, which is a great thing.
As for Christopher, he seems like an easy-going person who cares about Juliet more than anything. He's very sweet and, like Juliet, an amazing character.

Their story really had me hooked. Even though the story has an unhappy ending, it is very sweet, unique, and fascinating. I'm glad I got to read it.

Keep up the good work!



vampricone6783 says...

Thank you for reading! I%u2019m glad you liked it. :)

This isn%u2019t a Disney story, but I love Disney and it%u2019s nice to see someone compare my story to that of a dark Disney fairytale.

Roxanne says...

It was my pleasure.

All the best!

There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.
— Bram Stoker