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25 Charming Christmas tales

by vampricone6783

*Every day on December (Until the 26th, that is) I will update this work with a Christmas story. These stories are from other stories of mine. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*

Tale One-Diana learns of the Chriselles

Diana would have enjoyed Christmas slightly better if it didn’t mean being stuck in traffic while it snowed relentlessly in the streets of Manhattan. She was doing it for her sister, Larissa. Larissa wanted her to go and get a gift for her. She didn’t want Diana to actually give it to her, of course. That would require seeing each other. She wanted it mailed. Larissa had things to do with her family, which didn’t include Diana at all, and she wouldn’t want to “spoil her fun”.

Fun? Fun? What fun was it to just watch Christmas movies and listen to a paranormal podcast alone? Larissa was the type of person who didn’t come unless something happened. That something was the reason to “come over”.

Why did something have to happen in order for them to spend time together? Wh-

“They say that they’re still here, in the very streets of Manhattan.”

The clean, smooth voice of the man in that paranormal podcast Diana liked listening to, the one called…(What was it called? Haunt something, for sure…Haunts of New York! That’s what it was called.) spoke above the constant honking of car horns. In all honesty, she felt as if he were sitting next to her.

Diana turned the radio up louder.

“The Chriselle family, from riches to rags. During the 1860s, the Chriselle family, which consisted of Sandy Chriselle, Rebecca Chriselle, and their children, Jack and Susan Chriselle, were one of the riches families alive. They owned a mansion which was taller than Saint Paul’s church. That mansion is now a pile of rubble in front of 146th apartment.”

146th apartment? That was her address!

“What once housed family love now houses the desperate homeless. The Chriselles were robbed of all their riches. Rebecca left off to marry another man. The Chriselles died on a snowy street, on a night of Christmas. Some of the homeless have reported seeing a man, a teen boy, and a little girl slightly disappearing in the night. Are they the Chriselles? The ghosts of a long buried Christmas past? We may never know.

But Diana would know. Diana would go to that very pile of rubble tonight and on all other nights, too.

She’d find them.

Tale Two-Christmas of tragedy

Diana could still remember the night Gregory went to the Chriselle’s house with her. Gregory, her husband. Gregory, her lover.


It was the night of Christmas Eve. They had brought their ghost investigating kit with them. When they went to the Chriselle house (Which wasn’t completely a pile of rubble like the guy in the ghost podcast said. There was rubble in places, but still a skeleton of the house remained.), Gregory was so excited to help her find them. She thought that the two of them could help the ghosts find peace. That the ghosts could find happiness.

There were homeless people there too. They didn’t pay attention to them at all. They were too lost in their own heads.

Diana had seen Sandy Chriselle, the father of the Chriselle children. She approached him, introducing herself as the woman who wanted to help them. She showed him Gregory, too and..

…Sandy’s eyes went pale white..like an animal…he snarled..his lips curled..teeth were shown..he scratched Gregory..to death…not just scratch..beat him…he was bleeding and bleeding..all Diana did was watch and scream…the snow kept on falling…

There were no more homeless people there. Diana never set foot in the Chriselle mansion.

She could still see Sandy’s white, crazed eyes in her nightmares.

Tale Three-Cheerless Christmas

Susie watched all the other people run away. She watched Daddy kill that man. She watched the woman scream.

It was on Christmas Eve, too. She wanted to be with her family. She didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

But Daddy killed that man and her older brother Jack scared away the others.

Now it was just them.

Susie didn’t like the other people being around, but she wished that there was a nicer way to make them leave.

Maybe this Christmas would have some cheer…

Tale Four-Not really gone

Christmas wasn’t the same without Gregory. He made things brighter. He smiled and laughed, he brought cheer, he-


Diana turned towards the voice.

His voice.

Gregory’s voice.

He was standing next to the Christmas tree. There were bloodstains on him from his death, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was surrounded by a heavenly light and he had two angelic soft, white wings gently touching the ground.

“Don’t cry. It’s Christmas.”

She wiped the tears from her eyes. She didn’t even notice that she was crying.

“Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be-“

“Dead? Yes, I am. But I was your husband and I care for you. Please, go out there and enjoy yourself. Your happiness makes me happy.”

“But you’re not here with me-“

“I’ll always be with you.”


“Always. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Diana walked up to Gregory to give him a hug, but he was gone.

She felt calmer than before. Like everything was going to be okay.

The snow fell softly on the ground.

Tale Five-Years of romance

Sandy stared out the window, watching the snow fall gently on the ground. It was just him and his children in their skeleton of a house. The living left.

He remembered how he met Rebecca on a snowy Christmas Eve, how they married on Christmas Day, had children on Christmas Eve, and when they all died on yet another Christmas Eve.

Christmas had always been apart of the Chriselle family. It was what bonded Sandy and Rebecca so.

And it was when they spent their last moments on this Earth.

And it is now that Sandy stares out the window, watching the snow fall, the snow build on the ground, while he hid in the darkness.

A ghost. A shadow.

That was what he was now.

What they all were.

Tale Six-Alone in the end

Sandy had such a wonderful time with his wife Rebecca. Until his death, of course.

Until he died at thirty-eight. By then she was already with a guy who was a year much younger than him. Rebecca was only one year older than Sandy.

Sandy now had no one but his children.

And their skeleton of a house.

And those Christmases that played over and over and over and over again…

*The above stories are from my “Merry Xmas” stories.*

Tale Seven-The least one could do

Sure, stealing was bad, but William was a ghost, so no one would notice. The only thing he was stealing were Christmas lights carelessly left lying on the front yard of some suburban home.

He managed to get the other ghosts to help him decorate the circus. Everyone except Gabriel. The surprise was exclusively for Gabriel.

His Mom had found the music box that used to play at the circus, but the Richardson girls wanted to wind it up, so she let them do it. William couldn’t blame them. After all, they broke theirs years ago. They wouldn’t stop complaining and crying about it.

He was getting sidetracked again. He had to focus on decorating one of the tents with Christmas lights.

Hopefully Gabriel would like it. Ever since they all died, he seemed..distant. Sad.

William wanted to fix that.

Gabriel always appreciated nice and pretty things. He would like this.

William missed seeing Gabriel’s eyes twinkle…

*The above story  is from a story I wrote called “Gabriel’s special Christmas!”*

Tale Eight-Charles sees Claire again

Was it really wrong of him, to care for Abigail the way he did? Sure, she wasn’t Claire, but she reminded Charles of her..


No. It couldn’t be. His sister was long dead.

But then again, so was he.


He turned around.

There she was.

His little sister, Claire. Now as a bleeding angel. She was standing in the very same circus tent he was standing in. She was in the very same carnival he was cursed to stay in forever.


“I’ve tried so hard to find you, Charles. Oh, I really did. Something always held me back, but now I’m here. I’m here for Christmas.”

And then Claire started crying, tears streaming down her face. Charles opened his arms and she ran into his embrace.

They were whole.

They were one.

Snow rained softly on the ground.

*The above story is from a story I haven’t yet published on this site called “Circus of horrors”.*

Tale Nine-Auburn’s Christmas

Auburn hugged Jayden. Right now, it was just them and their parents in the white void known as Heaven.

She had some idea that it was Christmas Day. Some foggy memory.

Maybe today, Auburn and her family would celebrate Christmas. They wouldn’t dwell on memories’ past and instead smile that they were all together.

At least she had Jayden in her arms..

*The above story is from my “Eloise” stories.*

Tale Ten-Mallory’s Christmas gift

Loraine smiled at the twinkling Christmas tree. Jeremy was sleeping peacefully on her lap. Tonight was Christmas Eve. There would be magic in the air and-

-Something poked her arm.

She knew for certain that it wasn’t Jeremy, because he was sound asleep and didn’t move an inch.

Loraine turned to the gaunt little girl in pink bunny pajamas sitting next to her.

She wasn’t afraid. The ghosts in her house were friendly.

“Yes, Mallory?” Loraine asked.

“I’ve always wanted an ornament with my name on it..but I never got one.”


“You know Santa, right? You’re friends with him, aren’t you?”

“Of course I know him.”

“Well, it’s a little late, but can you please tell him that I want an ornament with my name on it as a Christmas gift.”

“Sure.” Loraine smiled.

Mallory jumped off the couch and twirled herself to Loraine’s room.

Meanwhile, Loraine gently pushed Jeremy off her lap and got to work on the gift.


It was now Christmas Day. Jeremy had gone home just now (his parents would be furious) and Loraine was fidgeting with the tinsel. She painted the wooden ball a glittery green and wrote with red glitter paint “Mallory Alissa Jackson”. The tinsel ribbon was what it would be hung with.

Hopefully Mallory would like it. It took her all night to make.

“Loraine?” Mallory asked.

She beamed at her and said:

“I told Santa what you wanted.”

She took out the glimmering ornament. Mallory’s eyes went wide and she snatched it with hardly contained excitement.

“Oh thank you, thank you!” Mallory exclaimed, holding the ornament close.

“Want to hang it up on the tree?”

“Oh yes! Yes!”

Loraine’s parents would be confused when they saw the ornament on the tree, but Loraine had already told them throughout her life that their house was haunted. They would just have to accept it now.

It was so nice to see Mallory be happy…

*The above story is from my “The clown and the little girl” stories. Loraine and Jeremy are sixteen years old. They are boyfriend and girlfriend. Mallory is five years old.*

Tale Eleven-The Christmas dress

Mallory smiled at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a pretty red Christmas dress to school today. Everyone would love her dress! She’d be just like a Princess!

Her long, black, curly hair spilled past her shoulders.

She was beautiful.


Mallory sat in front of class that day. She wanted everyone to see how pretty she was-

“Ewww! What is that?”

Mallory froze. She didn’t want to turn around and face the voice, but she did. She couldn’t help herself.

Sitting behind her was Angelica, her bully. She was pointing her finger at Mallory.

Everyone else laughed. Mallory was certain that the teacher was holding back laughter.

She looked down at her very thin arms and legs. She was like a skeleton or a monster.

Mallory blinked back tears to stop herself from crying.

Why did she ever think that she was beautiful?

She wanted to go home now…

*The above story takes place when Mallory is alive. She is four years old. She is very gaunt in appearance.*

Tale Twelve-Carmen’s Christmas

Carmen opened the door to her house, excited to show her parents her drawing-

Mommy and Daddy were putting up Christmas decorations. Her little sister, Maria, was playing with an ornament.

Carmen frowned. Something wasn’t right about this.

She tugged on Mommy’s skirt.

Mommy placed the lights that she was decorating the walls with on the couch and turned around to face Carmen.

“Yes, sweetie?” She asked.

“Why are you putting up Christmas decorations? Isn’t it about the cross? Didn’t you say that Daddy was a vampire and that he can’t be around the-“

“Sweetheart, Christmas is a pagan holiday, not a christ-“

“What does pagan mean?”

“A religion that is about enjoying life and protecting the Earth.”

“Oh. That sounds nice.”

“It is nice. Now go and do your homework and we’ll watch a movie later.”


Carmen raced up the stairs to her room. She wanted to get her homework done in time so she could watch a movie and be around all the pretty Christmas decorations!

*The above story is from a series of mine called “The adventures of Poppy McLain”. I hadn’t yet posted all of the stories in the series (There are ten of them. I only posted four so far), but in the future, Poppy and Derek (the parents) have children named Carmen and Maria. Carmen is eight years old and Maria is four years old. Poppy is a siren and Derek is a vampire, so their children are also supernatural. For more context, Carmen just left school and wants to her parents a picture she made in art class.

Tale Thirteen-The mistletoe

Abigail knew that they loved each other! They tried to keep it a secret from her, but she knew! She always knew!

Charles and Andrew loved each other!

Abigail would have smiled deviously if she had a mouth, but that was not the case. So, she imagined her mischievous grin as she played with the mistletoe in her pocket. She found it lying on the ground and thought that it’d make a lovely mistletoe.

Now that it was Christmas, she was going to make them kiss under the mistletoe, whether they liked it or not!

She tiptoed to where they were standing and very gently, flew above them, dangling the mistletoe-

“Abigail. What are you doing?” Charles asked, but she only grinned wider and-

Wow, she was so high! She was going to-

Abigail screamed, plummeting to the ground, but right before she hit the dirt, Charles caught her.

“Next time, be more careful.”

“And we’d appreciate if you minded your own business.” Andrew added.

“But I-“ Abigail was cut off. She could still speak and scream, despite her lack of a mouth.

“It’s all right.” Charles reassured.

Abigail shrugged sheepishly. Was she embarrassed? Yes.

But at least she was okay.

And there was still time for them to kiss under the mistletoe…

*The above story is also from my “Circus of horrors” stories. Charles and Andrew are teenagers. Abigail is a six year old girl Charles babysat. All three of them are dead. They died at a circus, which they now haunt.*

*Now, below is a horror story I was going to submit back in October to a contest, but I chose not to. I edited the story to be Christmas themed. It’s a spooky Christmas tale. If you like this story, I’ll keep it. However if you find that it doesn’t fit, I’ll delete the fourteenth Christmas tale and write a new one.*

Tale Fourteen-Secrets will be told

I still remember the summer of 2006 like it was yesterday.

I stood in line, holding the hand of my daughter, Katelyn. The sign on the gates of the ride said: “No children permitted on this ride”, but Katelyn is eleven years old. She’s not that young. She’s been on even more dangerous rides than this and she had been wanting to go on the Soul-Stealer coaster ever since it first opened, which was three years ago. Besides, it is Funpalooza Land. What could possibly go wrong?

It was our turn to go on the ride. I was so relieved. We’ve been waiting on the line for hours and I was starting to get impaitent. We sat ourselves down on one of the carts, Katelyn practically shaking with excitement. I had to tell her to calm down eight times before she finally relaxed.

There was a guy going around checking to make sure everyone was safely secured. He approached us and checked our lap bar restraints. They seemed tight enough. His eyes fell on Katelyn and his lips quirked up in a smile. I thought I saw a flash of sharp teeth. Maybe I did, now that I think about it. Katelyn looks away, uncomfortable. I’m was about to ask him what his problem is, when he asked me, still smiling:

“Are you sure you want this pretty young thing on this ride?”

That single comment, in the way that it was said, almost set me off. There was no way I’d let him talk about her like that. I was about to say something, but the Soul-Stealer coaster pushed on.

I wanted to get off. I felt like I was going to puke my organs out. I felt like I was about to die. Katelyn didn’t seem too fazed, though. In fact, she was laughing. I thought that she forgot about what that guy said. Well then, if she was happy, then I was happy too. I was doing this for her.

We went through a couple more loops, the biggest grin on Katelyn’s face, me clutching my lap bar restraints tightly, when, suddenly, the ride stopped. We were on the top of what looked like a very long drop. An emotionless, robotic woman’s voice on the loudspeakers said:” It appears we are having technical difficulties. Please wait until the issue is resolved.”

I thought that Katelyn was pissed. She had been waiting forever for this moment and when the Soul-Stealer coaster stopped, I thought that she would bite her lips angrily. She does it whenever she’s mad. It’s to stop herself from acting up. I tried telling her to stop, that it wasn’t good for her, but she didn’t reply. I thought that she was doing it right at the moment. I turned to face her, prepared to be met with one of her legendary death glares, but what I saw was far worse than any death glare she could ever give me.

She wasn’t glaring at me. She wasn’t even biting her lips. Instead, her eyes were wide with fear.

“Dad, I think I’m going to fall.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, sweetie. You secured yourself. You have nothing to worry ab-”

Katelyn shot up to the sky, like a rocket. Just up into the air. I couldn’t do anything. I was trapped. Trapped in that godforsaken co-

The ride continued, as if it never stopped at all. I just want this to end. I wanted it all to end. I wanted to get off.


After what seemed like many miserable centuries, the coaster stopped. It finally stopped. I stepped off the cart in a daze. My legs felt like jelly. I thought that I was going to fall, but I don’t. Instead, I managed to hobble over to a nearby bench.

I didn’t know what happened to her. Well, I did know, somewhere deep in my conscience, but I couldn’t think then. She just shot up into the air, just shot up, like the only thing keeping her in the seat was a flimsy-

Someone tapped my shoulder. I jumped. The touch felt so cold, like the person who tapped me hadn’t felt warmth in years.

I turned around.

It was Katelyn. Her eyes were glassy, her skin looked pale, and her fingers were long, dirty claws, but it was Katelyn.

I couldn’t contain my joy. I thought that I lost her forever. I was about to ask questions, but she tapped my shoulder again. I didn’t speak. I could see it in her eyes that she wanted to say something, so I let her talk.

“We..must..go..HOME!” She rasped. Her voice sounded scratchy, like she hadn’t spoken in years. She staggered to the other side, until she was standing in front of me.


She just stood there, staring at me. She didn’t respond. She didn’t blink. She didn’t twitch. A single tear slid down her left eye.

I got up and took her hand.

I could feel her claws digging into my skin. I didn’t let go. I couldn’t let her down. Not like this. Not when she really needed me.

I only wished that she would say something, anything.


Memories won’t help me now, though. I have to act. I have to unearth the long-buried truth. It’s Christmas now. Doesn’t she deserve to know?

I drive through the blizzard, Katelyn still not speaking. I didn’t want this to happen. I didn’t think that this would happen, but seeing her right now, with that horrible look in her eyes told me that this did happen.

My wife Josie wants me to go Christmas shopping with Katelyn. Anything to get her mind off the incident that happened summer break.

The only way to fix this is to tell her.

“Katelyn, sweetheart. We’re not people.”

She just looks at me, not a single word escaping her pale lips.


Can I even say it?

“We’re demons. We need something shocking, in this case, that rollercoaster, in order to bring it out.”

She still doesn’t speak. The silence is so overwhelming. I don’t want to continue, but I have to.

“The rollercoaster’s intentions are to steal the souls of children, I realize that now. You’re just like me. If we can find your soul, you won’t have to eat anybody.”

“What?” Katelyn rasps. It’s the first time she’s spoken since summer break. I’m glad to hear her voice again.

“That’s our diet. Humans. But if we find your soul, you don’t have to worry about that.”

I park the car in the mall parking lot. Then, I unbuckle my seatbelt and get outside. The snow is falling down quite nicely.

Katelyn steps out of the car. Her eyes have a glow to them, like she’s witnessing something beautiful.

Or maybe it’s just the Christmas lights.


Katelyn looks a little better after our Christmas shopping, but she still is kind of pale. I hope that a nice mug of hot chocolate will fix it. Maybe it will. Maybe-

The car bumps over something.

My grip on the steering wheel slackens. I feel just like how I did on the Soul Stealer coaster, when the ride suddenly stopped-

I step out of the car to see what I hit. Hopefully, it’s just a rod-

It is a rodent. It’s the thing that strapped us on the ride. It’s the creature that spoke about my daughter in such an inappropriate manner.

It’s dead!

Katelyn opens the car door. No doubt she’s scared of what happened.

But when she sees it lying dead on the road, her lips curl up into a smile.

“He’s dead.” She said.

“Yes.” I say, grinning.

Katelyn’s soul is back. I can sense it. I can see that it’s back! She looks like herself again!

It’s gone now, but the ride is still around. The ride will have to go away.

For now, we rejoice in the sight before us.

Tale Fifteen-Frosted windows

My parents are decorating the house for Christmas. I don’t feel like joining them, so right now, I’m staring out the window, watching the snow fall on the ground.

My window is all frosted, like the cookies at the local bakery. I know that if I put my hand to it, nothing will happen. I’m not magical. It won’t move or anything. But still, I place my hand on the window and imagine that the snow will shift and move and-

Well, I’ll be damned.

The snow is making shapes. It’s making hearts and rainbows and such.

I look down at my hands. They’re completely black, with hints of glitter. My nails are pointed claws. It’s like getting frostbite, except in a prettier and fancier way, if that makes sense.

“Madeleine? Why aren’t you helping us out?” My Dad asks. He just walked into my room.

I turn around to face him.

“I was just looking out the window and then I put my hand on it and this happened.”

I show Dad my hand. He inspects it and then smiles. For the first time, I notice that his teeth are too white to be healthy.

“My dear, you’re just like me.”


“You’re a Christmas demon.”


*The above story is just a story I thought up while writing. I’ll add more lore, don’t worry.*

Tale Sixteen-At the doctor’s office

Talia stared at the clean, white walls of the doctor’s office. She’d be called in soon, for a checkup.

The walls are covered in simple paper Christmas decorations. Talia had to admit, it really was wonderful.

She bit her tongue. Blood dripped down.

Talia glanced at the mirror tacked on the wall. Suddenly, she felt like smiling.

Her teeth were that of a monster’s.


How interesting…

*The sixteenth tale was thought up of the same way the fifteenth tale was thought up of.*

Tale Seventeen-Christmas angel

Kyla admired herself in the mirror. She was wearing an iridescent white dress, which swished and swayed as she moved. Her long, black hair had snowflake white ribbons tying it in a braided low ponytail.

She was going to be the main angel of her school play. Her angel wings were sitting prettily on her bed, waiting to be worn.

Kyla strapped the wings on. They were oh so graceful! Like a swan’s! Really, the couture was quite fancy.

Suddenly, something peculiar happened. Her very wings began flapping Kyla off the ground! Just like real wings!

“Kyla! Get in the car! You don’t want to be late!” Her Mom called from downstairs.

She landed back on the ground, as if she never flew at all.

But Kyla still remembered how she was raised to the sky…

*I just thought up of the tale above.*

Tale Eighteen-Dance in the starlight

Chris danced outside, in the snow, in the starlight.

His parents let him go outside for a little bit, so now, he wanted to spend his Christmas Eve in the winter landscape.

For a moment, he thought he saw a pale, ghostly girl girl smiling at him, but then she disappeared.

It must have been his imagination…

*For now on, all of these stories will have been just thought up of.*

Tale Nineteen-Looking out

Rina grinned at the twinkling stars outside her window. The gentle snow falling on the ground complemented the magic of the moment.

The stars were so close she could have touched them.

And maybe be lost in their glorious splendor forevermore.

She couldn’t sleep. She could only stare at the stars and the snow, and think of how the scent of cookies would warm her up the next morning…

Tale Twenty-A good day

Liz opened her eyes to the bright morning sun.

Today would be a good day, she could sense it.

The scent of crisp snow wafted in her nose and she knew, just then, that today would be magical!

The scent of snow was always a good sign on these winter mornings.

Tale Twenty-One-Starting soon

Isabel smiled as she walked down the stairs to the living room, where the presents were waiting for her.

Christmas would be very starting very soon! It only officially started when everybody woke up.

She ran her eldritch snow white claw against the railing.

Isabel had a sense that this would be the best Christmas ever…

Tale Twenty-Two-Isabella’s Christmas

Isabella stared out her bedroom window, watching the snow fall on the ground. Her new family loved her and cared about her.

But was she too harsh on her mother? Her mother, who created a fake husband for herself and a fake sister for Isabella.

Should she have let her live?

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a teen girl standing next to her wall mirror. The girl was a ghost with fading, edging lines.

This was the ghost of her mother, Cassandra. The last time she was ever innocent, now persevered in that state of innocence.

“Maybe in another life, we could have been friends.” Isabella said, for she really did pity the young girl who was lost in such anger and hate.

Cassandra sat next to her on the bed.

Both watched the snowflakes fall.

*The above story is actually from my story “The story of Phantom Yandere” and another story called “Cassandra is tired of being bullied”.*

Tale Twenty-Three-Rose and Victoria have a snowball fight

Victoria stood outside the front porch of her house, with Rose. When she and her parents first moved in a year ago, she feared this place. She didn’t want to live in a haunted house with raging and raving ghosts.

Now, she loved it. In fact, Rose herself was the very first ghost she encountered. Rose was a ten year old girl with her mouth stitched shut. She possessed a porcelain doll who wore a silk green dress, just like the one she was wearing, but the doll’s dress was slightly lighter.

The doll was destroyed by The Exorcist Victoria called after Rose was possessing it and attacking her.

Rose became more friendly after the ordeal, but she still seemed to be a tad annoyed with Victoria’s presence.

Her parents were asleep. They had no idea she was outside with Rose, enjoying the Christmas Eve snow.

And just then, Rose did something she never did before.

She played in the snow. Like a child. Like a little girl. She hardly ever did anything a little girl would do.

Victoria smiled as Rose was rolling about snowballs in her hand. Rose raised her arm, a fistful of snow, and threw it right on her.

Right on Victoria.

So that was how she wanted to play?

Alright then.

Victoria walked up to the snow, made a ball, and threw it at Rose.

Rose threw one back at her.

The snowball fight began.

*The above story is from my story “The doll”.*

Tale Twenty-Four-Fleur and Clara watch Christmas movies

Clara and Fleur smiled as they watched Christmas movies on Mommy’s tablet. She let them watch the movies together.

It was nice to know that someone enjoyed being with Clara, even if that person was a ghost.

The kids at school didn’t believe her when she told them about the ghosts. Her friends didn’t believe her. Not even her big sister, Alexandria, listened!

But Mommy and Daddy listened. Mommy and Daddy cared.

And so did her best friend, Fleur.

Together, they would watch movies on the living room couch.

Just the two of them.

*The characters above are from a story I haven’t yet posted, called “Twisted Girl”.*

Tale Twenty-Five-Susie’s Christmas

Susie smiled as she danced in her room. Daddy let her and Jack go back down to Earth, to their old house, for Christmas. There was only a little bit of it left, but it still made her day.

There may have been no presents, but at least she was in her room, with all of her pretty dolls and fancy music boxes.

Everything was in its right place. No one touched it.

Everything was okay.

*The above story is from my “Merry Xmas” stories.*

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AkuRashomon wrote a review...

Hello @vampricone6783! This is Ina speaking.

I really like your fantasy and supernatural writings like this one. They give the feeling you feel when you're at the edge of your seat. I think these tales should be read when it's not night and when you're about to sleep. I really loved the third tale, it just made me satisfied of what my eyes has read. My least favorite was the second, it was long and too much detail, sometimes it's not needed. The first tale planted images in my head. Over all, you are a good writer when it comes to this genre. Keep on writing! I also love your Gatcha Club works even if I'm interested, keep it up as well.

Stay safe and cozy. Merry Christmas!

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The first tale, had me hooked! Lots of descriptions, and lots of drama, and I loved the way you made it feel like I was in the characters head.

Tale two I felt a little lost, I couldn't understand if this was before the first tale or after, and I felt like it lacked detail, I understand that they're just short stories but some more detail would go a long way.

Tale three, yet again, I loved! I loved how it showed a point of view on what happened in tale 2, but more detail would have satisfied my reading palette.

Overall these are really good tales, and you best believe I will be coming back to read the rest :)

vampricone6783 says...

The second tale takes place after the first tale.

Thank you for reading.

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