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purity (defilement)

by spunkyspacekitty

(your) lipstick smudges (my waterbottle)
(your) lacey dress enwraps (my skin)
(your) prejudices spew forth (my words)

are the lines too blurred?

(your essence) corrupts its (my) environment
(your preferences) morph into (my) absolutes
(your emotions) break (my) resolutions

is reformity a necessity?

pernicious reverberations weave themselves
into mind blistering echoes.
they linger in dark crevices
unveiled by a cataclysmic intimacy

Is blood too thick of a bond?

(your) envenomed cloud smothers (my) ears
pricks (my) thoughts
obscures the bitter seed
(you) planted in a deep fracture
the roots (trapping) caressing my body,
the leaves (marring) enlightening my vision,
satiated by (my) dripping (altercations) appreciation

does purity require rebirth?

Is this a review?



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