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Book Review-This is Where the World Ends

by pineapple321

“Like I said, the world isn’t fair, and sometimes we have to help it along.”

This Is Where The World Ends by Amy Zhang follows the story of Janie Vivian and Micah Carter. They have been friends since they were young. While Micah is timid and quiet, Janie is outgoing and bright. They compliment each other. Then, Micah ends up in the hospital with no memory of the night before and no memory of what happened to Janie.

The book leaves you thinking and with too many tissues in the wastebasket. The story is so realistic and shows the pain and pleasures of the teenage years and getting older. There was a powerful lesson of the impact negative words can have on a person and deciding who is good to have in your life and who is not-so-good.

The characters were so beautifully crafted. Janie was almost the definition of putting a mask up when you are getting torn apart inside. Micah was the typical, lonely high school boy, oblivious to the obvious. I enjoyed how it was told in two perspectives; what happened after, Micah, and what happened before, Janie. I, as the reader, could see Micah desperately trying to figure out what happened and Janie's horrible predicament. It kept me asking questions and on my toes!

When I picked up this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Was it something I was going to like, or was it going to put me to sleep? This Is Where The World Ends did not disappoint. We Were Liars fans would definitely enjoy reading this. Because it consists of tricky topics such as rape, it would be more for readers 14+.

If you are looking for a mystery yet tear-jerker, This Is Where The World Ends is the book for you!

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Sun Sep 05, 2021 9:46 pm
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Plume wrote a review...

Happy RevMo! Plume here, with a review! I noticed your work has been in the Green Room for a bit.

I've never read This Is Where the World Ends before, but I might have to now! It sounds very interesting, and I loved the way you described it. This review was very organized, and you focused on some very key things that make a book compelling to the reader.

One thing I enjoyed was your second to last paragraph. I think your comparisons to the book We Were Liars was an excellent technique, as I have read that book and thoroughly enjoyed it. (I was actually kind of already thinking that it sounded a lot like that, what with the memory issues.) I also liked how you described your own personal experience with the book. It showed a bit of honesty on your part, and also was a nice technique to show how unbiased you were at the start, furthering your point about how great the book was. Nice work!!

One thing I did wonder about was whether this was a book review or a book recommendation. I feel like it mainly skimmed the overviews of a book, keeping in mind that the reader probably hadn't read it and didn't want to spoil it for the readers. If it were a true review, I think it would also be interesting to see whether any criticism about the book could be added. I felt like you were more trying to get the reader to read the book rather than giving your opinion on it.


They compliment each other.

I'm pretty sure you meant to say "complement" here, as in they offset each other or complete each other.

I enjoyed how it was told in two perspectives; what happened after, Micah, and what happened before, Janie.

I think the punctuation here is a little off. Personally, I think that semicolon should be a colon, and rather than separating the names from the rest of the sentence with commas, parentheses might be better.

Overall: nice work! I think this was a very well structured and well written piece, and after reading it, I might have to go and buy this book! Thanks for the recommendation, and I hope to read more of your writing in the future! Until next time!


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Thu Aug 26, 2021 6:12 pm
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MailicedeNamedy wrote a review...

Hi pineapple321,

Mailice here with a short review! :D

This will certainly be a shorter and more extended review, as it will be a review of a review. :D I have to be honest, I haven't read the book, so I'm more referring here to the fact that you've given the information necessary for a non-reader to understand what exactly it's about and how you feel about the book.

You make a good start by showing who the main characters are. You also give the name and title of the author and the book, which I think is an excellent introduction. This gives you three valuable pieces of information that give the reader a first impression. Maybe he knows the title or author?

While Micah is timid and quiet, Janie is outgoing and bright. They compliment each other.

Apart from the fact that your first sentence rhymes, :D I think you need to expand the next sentence a bit. Where do they compliment each other? For what? Since the next sentence continues with a strong "climax", I think it's a very imprecise transition.

Your second paragraph is very good. I like the structure and also how the story goes into an open ending, which is very important for a review so that you don't spoil the reader. Here you've shown a bit of what age Janie and Micah are and also given some unspecified context to the plot and what all happens in it without giving any of it away directly.

I also like your third paragraph because not only do you give some new information, but you also expand on it with your own thoughts where you can tell if you liked something or not. Your conclusion towards the end was a bit too short. I can see a bit of why you liked it and why you would recommend it, but I'm missing a bit more of that "Oomph!", why this book and not the one next to it in the bookshop. What makes this book more worth reading than the one next to it? I think if you added that, you would have done a good review.

I liked your review. It was well structured and laid out and contained important information. Since I don't know how big the book is, I think the provision of so little text is appropriate; but if the story were longer, like 500 pages +, you could certainly pick out one point that you particularly liked and explain why.

Have fun writing!


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