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Natural and Supernatural

by nijjhar

Hi Brethren,

Natural versus Supernatural

Today, 17 January, 13, I went to Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church Seminar at Brook’s University and there a Professor defined natural and supernatural. I thought I explain it in detail here as I was not given the chance to ask a question.

Natural is ordinary of Nature that could be seen with two naked natural eyes and the person acts according to his natural animal instincts. Whilst the Supernatural is Extra Ordinary of Spirit that you cannot explain through natural sciences or material laws but you have to Perceive with your third eye of logical reasoning that there is a Higher Power than nature that controls it. For example, Jesus quelled the storm or the Promised Land becomes barren when the sons of Abraham born of Isaac become unfaithful to Abraham as Exodus was explained by Jesus in the Parable of the Prodigal son. Father is Abraham, Elder son is Ishmael born of the slave woman Hagar and the younger one is Isaac born of the natural lawful wife Sarah. Therefore, Christianity is for the twice-born of spirit capable of logical reasoning and not for the once-born of Nature, who can read letters in the Universities but they cannot reason home or get their spiritual ears full of hardened wax in the manner of Jerusalem theologians. Once-born Natural man needs training into behaving like a responsible son of Man and this training in moral laws is given by their Rabbis, Pharisees, etc. and John, the Baptist of Levi tribe was the Ideal Rabbi called Prophet Elijah or the Angel of Israel.

Natural man studies natural laws that obey the material laws that are based upon natural instincts. Tit-for-tat law is based upon the natural instinct basis whereas the spiritual man being sensible twice-born of spirit understands the spiritual Principles that do not obey the moral laws but they work by the grace of our Father.

The grace is best understood through an example. At Pentecost, each Apostle spoke in one language but the listeners from different countries heard it in their own native language. Natural laws cannot explain this spiritual supernatural phenomenon and so the natural man would not believe such stories unless they could be proved to him scientifically. Other examples are Virgin Birth of Jesus, healing the sick, waking up of Lazarus, etc. So, our Father and Christ Jesus, Who represented our Father, worked through Grace and not by any moral laws. Moral laws being applied to our physical body that represents Adam in water, so unless you are son of Man or sensible enough to know your tribal father in Adam, you do not have the sense to know our Spiritual Father and become the Son of Most High Father God. This is called, unless you are born of water, Adam and of Spirit by grace, you cannot know the Royal Kingdom of our Father God.

Further, Jesus trained the 12 inner circle Labourers for the spiritual work of our Father and they were taken into the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus was Planted by our Father for us to emulate whilst the 70 outer circle Labourers were trained for John, the Baptist to be paving the way for the 12 inner Circle Labourers doing purely spiritual duties through grace. As Jesus could not work for our Father without John, the Baptist paving the way, so the 12 inner circle Labourers, the Apostles, could not work without the 70 outer circle Labourers of John, the Baptist paving the way for them. That is why these 70 outer circle Labourers were sent in pairs to heal the physically sick people as the Rabbis used to do and not the Inner Circle 12 Labourers were sent. Thus, after the death of John, the Baptist, the Inner Circle Labourers DID NOT BAPTISE anyone in water but the outer circle Labourers trained to control or discipline the once-born natural persons did. Further, John, the Baptist baptised only the sensible Jewish Chosen People of Isaac in water in the name of Abraham and He never baptised a Gentile or a woman. That is why Jesus had all the 12 Labourers men and no woman whilst the women having the same soul as men also became the Preachers of Gospel. Women cannot teach the Moral Laws of Moses in the name of Adam as they do not carry the seed of Adam, water but the blood of our Father, the egg. In other words, women are counterpart of God in the procreation and that is why no female bird or animal is sacrificed in the name of Yahweh but male species.

Now, Messianic Jews corrupted the New Testament as well and in line with the Arid spirited sacked Temple Priests - Matt.12.v43-45, they changed the Baptism of John in the name of God, Holy Spirit and Son whilst John clearly stated that I am baptising you in water and the One coming after me, Who is much Mightier than me, will Baptise you in Holy Spirit. As the Inner Circle Apostles, Royal Priests were of Supernatural status as Christ Jesus Himself was the anointed Royal High Priest of our Father, so they were superior to the 70 outer Circle Labourers, the Moral Teachers who were teaching the moral laws of Moses in honour of Adam and healing people of physical sicknesses. They went in pairs whilst the Apostles were Solitary in Spirit capable of entering or leaving the Narrow Gate to the Vineyard of our Father led by their Shepherd Christ Jesus. Vineyard is the Fold where the Sheep are grazed and Christ Jesus is the only Shepherd. We are shown or know this Narrow Gate by the grace of our Father. So, only the solitary in spirit are shown but it is up to them to enter or turn away from it. This is stressed in the Parable of Ten Virgins in which many are called and a very Few are chosen by our Father. Further, Christ Peter was appointed by Christ Jesus as Gate Keeper to see that only morally sound people enter this Fold. That is why Christ Peter killed the two liars Annias and Saphira but none of the Apostles did such an act. For this Reason Peter requested his executors to crucify him upside down in that what applies to the moral laws just the opposite is True in the spiritual principles. Thus, Christ Peter had the Special position in establishing the Churches of God that enjoyed Fellowships of truthful people as our Father God is worshipped in truth and spirit.

Now, there are many people in the West seeking our Father God but they are caught by these hireling Dog-Collared Priests who work for Mammon and not God as when they too retire from the service of Mammon as the other workers do. They are hypocrites as our Father is not stupid to give them His Word, the Pearls when you are paid in Mammon by your Mammon masters who control what you have to say. Such hypocrites have to deliver sugar-coated sermons to please their paymaster congregations. They being Priests cannot Preach Gospel from their hearts but from the letters of the Bible as the Royal Priests working for our Father do render exposition of Gospel. That is why these Anti-Christ hireling Priests keep the dead in spirit stone Disciples praying as if our Father, like the demiurge jealous and revengeful Yahweh, is deaf and dumb. Thus, praying and fasting being the old rituals of Synagogues built by human hands are NOT to be carried into the our New House or Temple of God built not by human hands but by Nature. Anti-christ hireling Priests want you to be their slave Disciples and dominate you worse than the Rabbis. Pope controls his followers as the Temple High Priest used to control his followers but in a worse form - Matt.12.v43-45.

Remember that the Apostles, Virgin Solitary Wives of Jesus, Royal Priests could make a dead person alive through grace of our Father but the outer circle Rabbis could not but just cure people of physical diseases.

I hope you will enjoy reading this article. My lectures and Seminars are totally FREE as I get Paid by my Father.

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Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:35 pm
noninjaes wrote a review...

This piece is rather overwhelming and ineffectual. Most of it consists of what appears to be rambling and you don't exactly get to the point. A lot of unnecessarily long and babbling sentences are used. These merely bore the reader and encourage the text to mould together into a big black jumbled mess. Shortening these sentences and making them more precise would help. I recommend completely revising the piece and rewriting it using less intimidating language. We don't all have PHDs in religious studies.

Another problem with this is a lot of assumed knowledge. You mention so many names and concepts without even citing, yet alone explaining what those concepts mean and how they relate to this article. If this were spoken, rather than written, your audience would most likely smile and nod, pretending to have even the slightest clue of what you're on about. All I got out of this is that there are a lot of people related to Christ (not by kin, rather the association related) and not all of them are good.

Your article also doesn't seem to have a direct point. It's all just random lumps of information that just happened to have something in common. I've got no idea what you were trying to convey in this piece. It can be compared to a badly written character background info dump in a novel - it does nothing to convey / move the story forward (or in this case, convey the point) and only confuses the reader.

The closest thing to a conclusion in here just seems like a required afterthought, like a parent saying "don't forget your keys" as their child walks out the door even though the child doesn't even have / need a set of keys.

Really, this whole thing needs to be rewritten with more directness and more structure. Unless you were presenting this to a highly philosophical group of clued up religious experts, you'd have no luck clearly communicating this information to anyone else. Call us dumb or naive if you may, but this is a site for young writers with most of its users in their mid to late teens (?). This sounds more like something written by a 40 year old religious scholar for his peers than an article suitable for people within the 13-25 age bracket.


Oh, and despite the first few sentences, the title doesn't seem to relate to the piece at all.

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Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:03 am
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Sapi wrote a review...


I have some very basic things to say about this, since it is hard for me to delve down very deep into the details of the essay. That does not make this a bad essay, but I do have some suggestions for making it an easier read.

First of all, I noticed that for the most part, the sentences you use are overwhelmingly long and complex. On occasion, they are also missing proper punctuation. I believe this is one of the main reasons why it was difficult to understand.

The other thing that would help a lot is better organization. You don't have to follow the exact template for writing an essay, but it is always a good idea to help the reader make sense of your thoughts. This includes, first and foremost, explaining your examples rather than just stating them. One of the most important things to remember about an essay, or any kind of writing for that matter, is that we cannot read your mind. After each reference, tell us why it was important, even if it seems obvious to you.

Another thing that would help with clarification is adding an introduction and conclusion. Elements of these may be already there, but they are not organized into a consice statement of your topic. This is also really important to help make sure your readers understand.

I believe there are some good thoughts here, so keep it up! :) I hope you found this helpful.


“A good book isn't written, it's rewritten.”
— Phyllis A. Whitney, Guide to Fiction Writing