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Unrequited Love Pains

by mb1221

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for mature content.


Loving someone and being loved is something that all of us would like to see happen. However, it's strange that what we crave from love is either all about sex, or the true love. People usually choose only one between these two. I'm the type of person who would, no matter what, go with the second choice; the true love. But what if the loved one, unlike you and me, would go with the first choice-with sex?

Unrequited love is maybe the worst thing that someone would ever experience in life. As we all know, it occurs when you love someone to death, but they don't love you back. Let me share a life story I've been experiencing recently. I've been going through some love-related difficulties in life. Please don't judge me by these words; I know I'm still quite young, but I really suffered from love. Actually, let me paraphrase the last part of the sentence: I suffered from unrequited love.

It was a wonderful day in October when I first met a special lady at a place where we both volunteered. We became friends. She was friendly and cute, and I fell in love with her.

I'm a shy human-being. I had never talked to my loved one before. And for this one, it took me months to gather up my courage to start a conversation with her. She was the most special lady that I had ever seen in my life.

After we got a little more friendly by chatting over the next few days, she started to give me compliments, leaving me with the silly thought that we shared mutual feelings towards each other.

But then, two months later, just before I was about to confess my feelings, she told me that she met a new boy. A month later, however, she told me that they broke up. I thought I got the opportunity to talk to her this time, but she didn't let me do it. I had a feeling that she didn't want to chat, for she took hours to reply to my messages.

I decided to try again later.

In my second attempt, something similar happened again. She told me that a guy whom she met three days ago has asked her out, and that she said "Yes".

I got so depressed again.

But no matter how painful these obstacles were, I finally did confess everything this time.

I wish I didn't.

She told me that she would just want to stay friends. She thought that we didn't know each other well because we met each other only few months ago. Then, she proposed me a question, asking why I liked her so much. I told her all the reasons behind it; that she was really beautiful and nice. I don't know why, but she also talked to me about why the other guy, her new boyfriend liked her so much. She told me what that guy has told her; the reason was that she was hot and sexy.

On the one hand, there is a guy whom she has known for three days, and who liked her because of her physical attractiveness. On the other hand, there is me; a guy whom she has known for few months, and who liked her because of her cuteness and beauty inside.

She preferred the other guy.

She tells me that even though it's been few months, she hasn't known me well. But, she still dates someone whom she has known for three days... Strange, isn't it?

She was probably someone who would go with the first option of love-with sex.

Sadly, I started to feel worse. I even got sick few times, just because of the pain and depression caused by what I've been seeing. But at the same time, I realized the truth. First of all, she was right at some point; she was right when she said that we should never ever be together because we indeed did not know each other very well, for I craved the true love while she craved "something else". Secondly, I was the stupid one here for actually talking to her and thinking that we shared mutual feelings.

After getting sick and depressed for months, I decided that now should be the time to forget her completely, even though that's what I've been trying but failing to do so for a long time.

Forgetting is the hardest part of all, but I must forget her as soon as possible, and I must carry on. I indeed didn't know her, and after realizing what kind of person she actually is, I thoroughly think that I deserve someone much better. Just like Celine Dion says, "Don't surrender, 'cos you can win in this thing called love." (Celine Dion-That's The Way It Is)

My advice to all other teenagers who are in the same situation as me is that, never worry too much about your loved ones, and please, think again when you're making crucial decisions. If you think about your mistakes too much, you will no longer live a happy and healthy life.

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Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:30 pm
atelophobia says...

this makes me so sad

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Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:26 pm
SushiSashimi333 wrote a review...

Interesting essay, I feel that most teens should read this. I know many people who would benefit from reading this (if they even understood). It would also be good for teens so that they would realize they're not the only ones in the world that feel this way. Grammatically I believe that everything is correct, but who knows. My friend hopes you can find someone who you truly love. She also says :) My friend is Noelsugarcube.

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Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:42 am
Kafkaescence wrote a review...

Well, it's a sex-driven world. There's no way to get around that.

One thing you could do with this piece is expand it and go into greater detail. Both for the reader, and yourself. I find that writing about experiences, however painful, helps me to really think about them, learn from them, and understand them. Through this understanding, depression can be overcome.

And, of course, I as your audience am curious to discover more. You've given me a synopsis--a rant, almost--which is therapeutic but leaves much to be desired in the way of plot, and character. It was clearly an emotionally rich experience; I'd love a taste of what it was like.

Of course, that's just my suggestion. Hope I helped.


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Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:57 pm
umaima says...

I must say this piece is amazing...I can totally understand what you are trying to convey, your message is very clear and I can evem get your feelings when I read it...

You are really great at writing, great as in really really really amazing ...
Keep on the awesome work and hope you get the pain healed and keep on writing :)


mb1221 says...

Thanks for your kind words. I tried my best in this piece to express my sorrowful feelings, but I also do know that some of the pains, like this one, take so long or even forever to heal... That's why I wrote this essay; to feel a little more relaxed and comfortable.
Once again, thanks a lot for the review, I'm glad you liked the piece :)

umaima says...

welcome, keep writing and you know do you want some helpful suggestion because I am kind of a consultant I will tell you one quick remedy but you have to try at least once...this is weird but do it you will feel great...take a piece of paper and write whatever had happened and then write all the bad things you know about it...and then write your true feelings then that paper and throw the ashes....or you can even grind it lol seriously you will feel so much better....usually me and my friends do this when we get sad or angry...

It always seems impossible until it's done.
— Nelson Mandela