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by judopig

Words are a sea.

A sea of dark, a sea of light.

A sea of flight, a sea of fight.

Words you write give you a right.

Words have power

at any given hour.

They can be positive

and negative.

They can be flipped around. 

Words can be found.

Words can show how you feel.

Words can conceal.

Their strength is extreme.

It can enlighten you with a dream.

You cling to words.

You sing to words.

Words are such things.

That you can't let go.

That carries you from high and low.

They are strong,

yet they can be wrong.

Their power is extreme. 

It can enlighten you with a dream.

So, next time before you...


before you...

put your pen to paper and begin to write.

Before you...

yell a bad word in a big fight,

Know that words have power, strength, and great might.

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Mon Dec 19, 2022 6:01 am
NothingMore905 wrote a review...

This poem has a true meaning to it, words can leave a knife in the back or a blanket on your back, they can be warm or cold, they can be cruel or kind, they can be worthless or meaningful, words have a power no matter the cost, lives have been taken from a simple insult, lives have been lifted from a simple kind sentence, they have never been powerless but they can drain a person of power.

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Sun Dec 18, 2022 3:53 am
lliyah wrote a review...

This was quite a fun poem! Especially with some of the word plays that you incorporated throughout the poem by changing just a single word / letter you really illustrated your point of words having power and it created an interesting fun reading experience. Well done!

I think the playfulness of the word repetition was the biggest strength of this piece - and the message was an important one too. I thought the message of the poem was that words can be very important and can make a big difference with just slight changes, so use words carefully so that they make the intended impact.

A few places I think could be improved:

I think the sentence length could be varied a bit more - right now it's heavy on the very short sentences which made the poem feel a bit un-varied and unchanging throughout. I also think that the final portion may have more impact if you left the ellipses out. The problem with ellipses is that they can be used as a dramatic .... pause... but they can also be used to indicate hesitation, as well as absence, or confusion so until a reader gets to the ... following part of the sentence they're usually not sure whether it's hesitation or drama - which makes the ellipses kind of lose its punch and act as a distraction to the message.

Overall I think the flow was pretty good especially with the heavy use of rhyming which in this case played right into the meaning of the poem. Well done! I hope you continue to share more poetry.


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Thu Dec 08, 2022 2:02 pm
angxlari wrote a review...

well done on this one! my favorite line has to be "A sea of dark, a sea of light.

A sea of flight, a sea of fight." the topic is a very understandable one for all readers and u made good decisions on what words to use to describe it! it shows u do know the power of words, lol. one thing that stood out to me is that there is some sort of a rhyme scheme; however, it isn't constant. i think one thing that would elevate this writing is keeping a flow of rhymes!!

keep writing!!

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Tue Dec 06, 2022 12:49 am
Parks0311 wrote a review...

I love the rhymes in your poem, I think it helps the natural flow of your work. I think it ios a nice universal topic that everyone can relate to because it is a daily occurrence. I really enjoyed reading your poem. The only note that I may have is that I'd love to see you dig a bit deeper into imagery so that I can see in my mind what you are saying. I know that would be kinda hard to do with this topic but I eagerly await your next poem.

judopig says...

Thank You

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Mon Dec 05, 2022 8:42 am
loveissourgrapes wrote a review...

Wow, this poem is really nice. I like how you described words into many things and how words can be very powerful and impactful to the people you talk to. My favorite lines were:

"They can be positive
and negative."

This line shows people to be careful of what they hear and speak of.

"Their power is extreme.
It can enlighten you with a dream."

This line reminds me of my mom. She tells me a lot words and words everyday and she said some words that brought me hear to this site. Which I am very proud of.
Over all, this was enjoyable and refreshing to read. Keep it up!

judopig says...

Thank You!

You cannot understand and disagree.
— P. D. Ouspensky