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A Confession

by bmeskis

I have a confession to make

I love you

But not in the way you think

Not in the "I've planned our wedding

And how many kids and dogs we'll have

And I've picked out our future home" kind of way.

I mean in the "I see you in my future

But instead of living together, we meet for coffee or tea

Once a week

And talk about life"

Kind of way.

I see us under late night galaxies telling stories of old gods

But we are not star-crossed lovers.

Rather we are friends.

Friends who are so comfortable with everything that silence has no malice

Instead it is sweet and soft.

I imagine us together

Drunk on both joy and homemade strawberry wine,

Laughing about that one time one of us did something so outrageous

That it lives on in inside jokes and coded language

That no one but us understands.

We laugh more than we cry

There aren't tears and anxieties anymore

The years have washed our trauma down to tiny pebbles

That we keep in glass jars

And take off the shelves once and a while

To remind us where we come from.

I see you as best man at my wedding

Telling an embarrassing story about that time in sophomore history I had to write love letters for class

That you still won't let me live down

Even though it's nearly 10 years later.

Your hugs are like matches

And I am a pile of kindling

You haven't doused my heart in kerosine

Struck your match

Set me ablaze

And simply walked away, leaving me to burn.

No you have stayed and tended to my heart.

I love you I love you like a poet loves cliches

Like fish love water

Like birds love the sky

And the sun loves the moon.

I love you so much I think my heart will burst

Sending my emotions all the way across the room in a spectacular display.

So maybe my love is romantic

But only because I am a poet

And everything is love to me. 

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Sat Apr 10, 2021 12:30 pm
rida says...

I love it! Aaaaah! It’s just amazing!

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Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:22 am
akanbright wrote a review...

This is a successful and nice one and of would sincerely say I love it and the way and structure in which you laid the poem in is really amazing and its very very good. Also, I think what kept me hooked up on this poem and still reading it is because the language of the poem is low and not high sounding and so It is quiet easy to read and actually comprehend in everyway.
I would like to drop a review like this and I think you should go with what I'm about to say if you would. I think It would be good to start by saying that if this is a poem and sure it is and for the fact that it is very long one, then you need not just write in a one full meter. I was taught and I know too that no matter your tone or mood, or even why you write, long poems must always be grouped a in be in "VERSES AND STANZAS" but that is that if you like it.
Again, I want to appreciate your simplicity of diction in the poem, but like it, I don't know if you meant to structure it that way, but the beginning wasn't all that romantic, but the end. I think if you are serious in a poem, you should just go in with one point and not try to change it or switch ideas inbetween lines, which may be contrastory or even contradictory.
The first lines were you fumming as though you have no feeling and as if the relationship was over, but in the other lines below, it was now as if you were trying to rekindle that fire which you tried putting out on the start and so it then seemed to contradict your original idea.
Most of the times, coded languages may not be all that good . i think the Main aim and title of this poem was to put it o notice that maybe you are no longer interested or so, but as I read further and read you trying to comparing his love or whatever to some certain animal creature.
You said it wasnt the "would end in wedding", but then, you talk as if it would. Please know that I'm not trying to spoil things here for you, all I want is to give a pointful review and if its bad I'm sorry about it.
I wouldn't say I'm all that good and I believe you have read some of my poems and I believe you would do more than this if you just try out what have said.
It was a nice one and I enjoyed it, thank you.

bmeskis says...

I really appreciate your review and will definitely try some of your suggestions in the future. I don't know if this will change your interpretation but I thought I might provide a little more background. This poem was originally written in the fall of 2019 and at the time I was struggling to determine if the way I felt about a friend was purely platonic or if I wanted to be more than friends. I wrote this as a way of processing that turmoil about my feelings and a few really personal details were cut out or changed for my comfort and the comfort of the person this was about. I wanted to convey how strongly I felt about them and how I saw them fitting into my life. About the stanzas thing, they are actually grouped into stanzas originally but that was lost when I copied it over and I didn't want to fuss because it was late. The change in tone was kind of intentional but also a result of having too many emotions all the time. I'd like to say once again that I appreciate you taking the time to read this and leave a very thoughtful review. I hope my explaination didn't come off too much like excuses, I just thought some insights might be useful.

akanbright says...

Yh you're right anyways

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Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:42 am
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WishIHadASword wrote a review...

Hey!! Might I ask how you are doing today? Hopefully you're doing very well! I've come to leave a review on this spectacular poem. I have a lot to say, but I'm not exactly awesome at writing reviews! So I'll try my very best to formulate my thoughts, and hopefully you get something out of this!

I need to start by saying this is some phenomenal work! In the beginning, I thought it was going to be a romantic poem, most likely about people who fall in love and confess, and other things of that sort. But when I really began reading, I was delightfully surprised and so very impressed! The idea that they love each other so much, but as FRIENDS, is an idea I've always personally cherished. And finding a poem that completely describes it using beautiful words and descriptions that float right off the page and turn into an image in my head? That makes me so happy!

I absolutely ADORE the line where you said: Laughing about that one time one of us did something so outrageous, That it lives on in inside jokes and coded language. I love this line because THIS is what I want in a relationship and friendship, and this is what I love!! I relate to this on SO many levels, especially with my best friends. You captured this so perfectly, and I congratulate you on that!

While I do love that line, my favorite lines by far are the last three. When you say: So maybe my love is romantic, But only because I am a poet, And everything is love to me. That is SO beautiful, perfect, inspirational, lovely, and I could go on and on gushing about it! It's the most perfect ending I have ever heard, and if I could give you a trophy, I would.

I'm closing off by saying that I LOVE this poem. You did an amazing job. Please keep writing poems like this. Keep up the amazing work!!

bmeskis says...

I'm glad I was able to write something that made you so happy. Your review kind of made my day!

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Wed Apr 07, 2021 6:33 am
NivedaJames22 wrote a review...


First of all, I love how you narrated a little story through your poem.

I also think your title was apt and perfect for the poem. It draws the attention of the reader with a slightly mysterious tone.

I really liked this part:

You haven't doused my heart in kerosine

Struck your match

Set me ablaze

And simply walked away, leaving me to burn.

No you have stayed and tended to my heart.

The only error I found was that you misspelt kerosene; you've spelt it as kerosine.

On the whole, I really liked the simple incidents you describe. Honestly, I'm kinda jealous that you have such a good friend.

Can't wait to read more of your work.

Keep writing.

bmeskis says...

Honestly didn't even notice that I'd spelled kerosene wrong, thanks for pointing that out. I mostly write narrative style stuff so I'm glad those little stories come through for you.

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Wed Apr 07, 2021 4:22 am
MapleWay wrote a review...

Hey there! MapleWay here dropping by with a quick review!

Before I begin the review I want to say welcome to the site! YWS is a wonderful place and I hope you can enjoy it to its full potential! Anyways, onto the review!

This was amazing! I really liked the way you bought a story into it. It felt as if I was along for the ride! I could really feel all of the emotion you put into it. If I'm being honest it made me feel as if I have known the friendship of you guys for a while. That's how I know it is such a good poem! Great job! Tag me if you do another poem! (If you don't know how to tag I can tell you)

bmeskis says...

Thank you so much, hearing that you enjoyed this has made my day!

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