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I Am Different

by Tylexie

I am someone different

I am not afraid

I wonder why I have to be

I hear the cries of other me’s

They who don’t have my liberty

I see them fall from high above

Where they once stood, safe and sound

I want them rise above the hate

To see them live and take it straight

I am someone different

I am not afraid


I pretend that I am like those

That shackle wrists and ankles

But I am different

I feel the chains holding me back

I touch the hearts of those condemned

They have not the freedom that most lack

I worry about this world

Which has become a prison

Never have our wings unfurled

I cry, the disrespect so blazon

I am someone different

I am not afraid


I understand that we won’t change

I say, we must throw off our chains

I dream the day we all see things

Make us find our way and find our wings

The day we’re free of prejudice

The day we find our boldness

I try to stay so different

I fight to keep my wings

I hope the chains don’t pull me down,

Drown me far below the ground

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Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:47 pm
erilea wrote a review...

Hey, Tylexle! Lupa here for a review! :D Welcome to YWS. Let's get started.

1) This poem is lovely, first of all. The message is very true. But it's also extremely overused. I would like to see your fresh take on this--what makes this poem different from all those other ones about this same topic? Try to emphasize that throughout the poem.

2) I'm not sure if there's a rhyme scheme or not. It kind of seems to fade out and in in different stanzas. If there isn't, try to keep that constant, because there are some lines that do seem to rhyme.

Well, that's all I have to say! I'm sorry I couldn't help you more, but I hope what I said did give you some advice. :) Keep writing, Tylexle!

Tylexie says...

Thanks for the advice! I'll keep that in mind. This poem was written for a school project, so I agree that it's a little shaky.

erilea says...

You're welcome! And no problem. School assignments can be a drag. :P

Tylexie says...

Agreed. I prefer freedom when writing.

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Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:45 pm
Midnightmoon wrote a review...

Amazing poem! I love the truth in it! I have nothing to say, It's a good poem, grammar is good, format is good, and everything else!

"I pretend that I am like those

That shackle wrists and ankles" I would after those two lines put 'but I am different.'

"I pretend that I am like those,
That shackle wrists and ankles,
But I am different"

I think it helps emphasize the point. I honestly don't have a favorite verse. I love the whole poem. Keep writing!

Tylexie says...

Thanks, good idea!

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