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The End Part 2 (Teen Fiction)

by TheRandomWriter

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language.

The end was here… if not it was close.

Joseph thought about theories and zombies and post-apocalyptic movies and stuff, but never did he think something out of a movie would happen to him, it was a dream.

He would love it.

Irene… she will struggle, she usually would depend on other people to make her life easier, but now she would have to stay calm, and happy if she could even manage that emotion.

Some days it seemed like there was no purpose to live at all.

All the people you once knew, your mom your dad, you siblings…

Gone, in the blink of an eye you would think what is worse than being alone with one other person on earth…

Not really a lot beats that huh…

9:00 AM in the morning.

Joseph had fell asleep from all the gaming he was doing, he had maybe played 15 or more hours of it, until he finally just passed out.

Irene woke around 8:50 AM

Finally, she took a step, one step out of the bed, and she grabbed her phone texted Emma…

“again” she thought, “usually she would’ve texted by now?” she said to herself.

It was unusual for Emma to not be up around this time so that kind of threw Irene off.

Irene was short, brownish hair and brown eyes to go with it, with beautiful brown skin any boys perfect girlfriend, but Irene didn’t believe in love she never has in fact after this one boy in middle school she never trusted boys again, and she’s only had one true friend along the way.. Emma.

She never ever talked to anyone else really, it always Irene & Emma even before Irene & Emma were Irene & Emma.

Before they could speak, they played with each other not knowing they would be lif- they would be besties for a long time…

Well for a while at least.


“I really hope he likes it” Irene said.

“It’s just a dance Ms. Crushalot,” Emma said.

Today was the day Southlake Middle School always has its dance Irene had just got a dress for the occasion and was hoping to go with a boy, that boy's name was Joseph…

Irene actually liked him, and he never really seemed interested in her, he was the best looking neither was he that tall at the time, they were like 12 I mean there wasn’t a lot developed by then but hey they still had fun, or at least she thought she would.

At this point in time Irene did have feelings for a boy, but never would she ever like another boy again…

At least that’s what she thought.

After looking at the dress in the girl's bathroom, Irene and Emma grabbed their dance tickets and headed to the gym where the dance would take place.

Irene had asked Emma to ask him to the dance for her since she had never really talked to a boy before, you know how awkward middle schoolers can be, luckily Irene had that one slightly mature friend that didn’t get into relationships but she knew everyone but only had one best friend.

Irene and Emma made it to the 2 front doors leading into the gym.

5:02 PM 2013 April 2nd

Irene had told Emma she’ll wait near the front and will be with Joseph, or right here.

Emma walked off into the crowd, towards the concession stands with all the snacks and drinks.

Irene thought she might walk near the concession stands to look for Irene as she didn’t wanna stand there long.

5:20 PM

Joseph still wasn’t there.

Irene stood there, confused she didn’t know how meeting joseph would go anyways, and if he even liked her back, or even really meant yes, when he told Emma he would come to the dance with her.

5:34 PM

Joseph wasn’t there at all.

A couple more minutes passed by, or at least she thought…

6:20 PM

Parents started to come to the dance and pick up the early bird kids.

Irene was nothing she thought…

“was I not good enough.” She thought.

“maybe he didn’t mean what he said.” She thought once more.

Irene walked near the concession stands with all the food snacks and all that.

“where could she beee.”

“ughh I should’ve known he wouldn’t come I could’ve been with Emma the whole time, I hope she’s not upset.” She thought to herself.

“Heyy how did it go?” Emma said as she came up from behind Irene making her jump a little.

“Ohh my god jeez, Emma you scared me I was looking for you, to tell you.” She said

“Soo? Did you kiss him?” Emma said to her.

“no…..” Irene said.

“What, are you ok did he say something I swear to god boys!” Emma said

“No nooo he didn’t say anything…” Irene said

“then what?” Emma said.

“He didn’t come…” Irene said.

“….. but.” Emma said.

“I know he said he would come but doesn’t show up… wow” Irene said laughing

Irene laughed it off but her face wasn’t so happy.

And that’s how Irene grew to hate boys.

Ever since that day, Emma and Irene never had boyfriends and didn’t plan on having any in the future, they even planned on adopting as many children as they can.

Author’s Note: Wanna know what happens next? Leave a review, comment on whatever you feel the need!

I wanna say that I’m open to reading anyone's work and giving them feedback, leave a comment, and just ask… seriously.

Anyway, I hope anyone who reads this enjoys the story plot so far.

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8 Reviews

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Reviews: 8

Sat Jan 09, 2021 2:07 pm
Grace4life wrote a review...

Hi Grace back again for another review.

Love the story plot and i actually learnt new words. It so sad what happened to Irene, on her big night but what really happened to Joseph, he should at least sent a message than making her wait for him the whole night.Irene should not paint all the boys with the same paint brush, not every boy is like Joseph.Still i do not blame her for not wanting to love again.

Emma was an interesting and sweet character, in this story i saw how big her love is for her friend. Instead of shouting at her friend or being jealous to why she decided to spend the night with a boy instead of her. She was happy for her friend and concerned to why she was feeling down. Btw i love their future plan to adopt as many kids.

To me i loved the story, since i am still learning more about English, i am not sure about the grammar and other English things to look at. All my eye was looking at was the story i was just caught up in the story and wanted to know more.

Please write the next part i really want to see how it will end, as soon as it is out please let me know.

You can check out my work and give me advice to how to make it better or where i need to fix my mistakes.

Carry on writing you really talented, just love your work.:)

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201 Reviews

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Reviews: 201

Wed Jan 06, 2021 7:50 pm
MissGangamash wrote a review...

Hey, saw this had no reviews so here I am!

Okay, I'm confused by the style of this. Is it supposed to be prose, or a script, or what? The way you only use one sentence paragraphs, specify times and specify (BACKSTORY) makes it looks like a script but it's also in script format...

You seem to be writing as an omniscient narrator, with the narrator knowing what's going to happen to the characters before they do. This comes across at the beginning, but the backstory seems... irrelevant? I think that who scene could have been summed up as 'Irene didn't like boys because back in school, she was stood up at a dance by the only by she let herself have feelings for' or something like that.

You also write a bit too casually and in text speech, with the addition extra letters like 'Soo?' and 'nooo'.

And the use of 'huh' and sentences like 'they were like 12 I mean there wasn’t a lot developed by then but hey they still had fun, or at least she thought she would' make it seem like the narrator sound conversational and so sounds more like it's first person. So the beginning and the flashback don't really sync up style wise.

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask.

Hope this helps!

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