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Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:45 am
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Persistence wrote a review...

Hello, Snoink.

I must say, what a masterpiece! The vocabulary, the epithet, the style - I just love it! And the way it sounds: Like a song absent the music, but with it present at the same time.

Let us start with the title, shall we?


This simply hooks the reader and reels them in like a fish, they remaining both unable and unwilling to make an attempt to free themselves; it is so fitting; it is so good!

Is this a test of your genius, of your capability to write outstanding works? Did you mean to challenge your greatest work so far with this spark of brilliance, and see if you are able to produce top quality content on-demand?

Or is this a test for the reader, of their capability to understand and comprehend the extent of your brilliance?


My word, I indeed was unaware of the meaning of this word. After extensive research I discovered that it means "easily irritated", and this simply blew my mind. Why are you (the narrator) testy? Is it because after comparing this to your other works, you might have felt like you have reached your peak, and that you shall never write anything of such quality ever again?

Or is it, perhaps, about the reader, and their inability to understand this wonderful piece of poetry? This makes me thing of myself, and of just how much I do not understand this piece of art, or any other art, for that matter.


With this second "testy" you increase the intensity of the adjective by an order of magnitude, you practiacally double its influence.

With this final one you complete the message. Short, but powerful. You not only give us a glimpse into your mindset, but you also teach us an inspirational story about a person who is really irritable, but not irritable enough to not say it in a poetic, styled fashion.

My, aren't we testy today?

By this, do you mean that you are testy on this particular day, or that you are always testy, and today is no exception? Or perhaps you ask someone if they think you are being testy? But then, is that because you want to test them, see if they are indeed worthy of your brilliance? Or is it because you get anxious about your other works for the aforementioned reason?

Whatever the case may be, I genuinely look forward to reading more of your astonishing work. Though, I can only hope that it is as good as this piece was.

Spoiler! :
Hey Snoink. Sorry for making fun of this, I just thought it would be fun if someone wrote something of the sort. I respect you, I was just procrastinating sleeping (it's nearly 4 am). I hope that you don't mind. Anyway, I don't know what I'm saying, or why I even wrote this, so...

Have a wonderful day!

Snoink says...

...after my review here, I probably deserve this. XD

Persistence says...

Thanks for being so cool with it ^^

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Wed Nov 11, 2015 4:41 am
Rook says...

I feel like your whole "test" here was to get people to comment and then reply with cute little comments. haha <3
What were you testing anyway?

Snoink says...

I was testing to see if there was a way to keep non-users away from your work! There used to be (I think?) a way to pick your audience as the third step. But, alas! My memory is not what it used to be...

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Mon Nov 09, 2015 8:34 am
Tay01 says...

Alright. Since this is a test post, I will use it as a test comment. Just telling you, if you simply do a test post, people might use it to their advantage and do anything to get free coins, unless that's your idea.



Tay01 says...

Yeap I failed, How do you do these things?!

Snoink says...

You have to end it! So, like...

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

So you need that slash!

Tay01 says...

Now how do you do that code:select all? this website is weird.

Omni says...

the code:select all is
Code: Select all

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Sat Nov 07, 2015 10:23 pm
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PancakeandWaffle says...

YES! Too many of the tests! I need a bit of help. I think I am going a bit insane with all this testing. What is neuclius of an atom mulitplied by 3 plus a molecule? Not only can I not spell those words, I don't know what to even say to them! So much of the frustratingness. SO MUCH.

Snoink says...

It depends on your units, I suppose! :o

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Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:51 am
fukase says...

*pulled a relieved sigh.
I'm glad my tests are over... now.
My 'testy' mood is over! :P

Snoink says...

I actually had a nightmare about a math test the other night... I'm so glad I never have to take another school test again!

fukase says...

Been graduated from school, you dreamed about math test. It must be so nightmarish, I guess. And dreaming about test is another thing.

Snoink says...

Oh, definitely. I like math, in general, but in school, I studied for biochemical engineering, which included a bunch of crazy kind of math, such as partial differential equations and whatnot. As I went higher and higher in math, there was much fear to be had come test time...

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Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:49 am
TheSilverFox says...

*reply test that I'm pretty sure I'll regret later but felt fun to do* :P

Snoink says...

I regret nothing.

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Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:11 am
chhlovebooks wrote a review...

Hello Snoink, congrats on being upgraded to pigs! I like your little work, even if it is only two sentences. I don't entirely understand why you posted it, but as far as I know, where you live it is a free country. I do not judge, and I like it, even if it is short. I'm getting redundant again, aren't I? Sorry! Anyway, have a good day/night, and keep earning pigs!

Snoink says...

I posted it to test something out! My test was a failure, but apparently people like it, so yay? You can get pigs too, if you do enough reviews! :D I forget how many, but I think it's probably around 2500 reviews... or something. I forget!

chhlovebooks says...

scrub.... that is a frogging lot of reviews...

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