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The Witches Of Flamina [Episode 3]

by Sillyguy02

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language.

Episode 3: Kurtis The Wizard.

When Kurtis awoke from his shuteye, he was immediately met with a pounding headache and some bedhead. This wasn’t exactly unusual as He got random headaches from basically nothing. He looked around the room to see if the others were awake yet. He got up silently, not trying to wake Lydia up, and went towards a mirror. He looks at his reflection for a second, fixing his hair before he notices an unfamiliar face behind him.

MELISSA: Good, you’re awake!

Kurtis jumps up in surprise, almost screaming like a little bitch before realizing he’d wake the others up. He turns around and sees Melissa, her hair is messy and her eyes are yellowish-orange.

KURTIS: What the… are you uh.. Alright?

MELISSA: Yes, are you?

KURTIS: I guess? Can you explain this new look of yours?

MELISSA: New look?... Oh! I’m so sorry, no wonder you were startled! Don’t worry I’ll be normal after an hour or so.

KURTIS: So for an hour, you’re gonna look like this? Not that it’s bad, I’m just very… confused.

MELISSA: Don’t worry, it’s just a side effect of using my owl form, it doesn’t hurt.

KURTIS: That’s good, but can you elaborate more? How can you turn into an owl?

MELISSA: So we have two witches here you already know that or did you forget?

KURTIS: No, that’s some crucial information.

MELISSA: Sometimes when humans write stories they add in familiars for the witches. Unless I’m wrong and that was some other thing… I am correct, aren't I?

KURTIS: Yeah, though most of the time they’re just there for marketing. But there’s this show I like that has these animal companions.

MELISSA: So I was right! How did these companions work in this show?

KURTIS: Ah, allow me to explain! So the witches use this magical wood that they carve to make their companion, and then it comes to life! WAIT! ARE YOU MADE OF WOOD?

MELISSA: No! Of course not! I’m a real woman!

KURTIS: Well, how do familiars work?

They don’t notice that Lydia was awoken by their conversation and is now listening.

MELISSA: All familiars used to be human, when we commit sins we are punished with lives of servitude. However, our previous lives are erased from our memories and we are told what we did. For example, I was told that I was a thief. How each familiar takes it is their own story, but I have grown to accept what I did.

LYDIA: But that’s not fair! You don’t even remember doing it! You’re a different person then!

MELISSA: Good morning, Lydia! I had no idea you woke up.

LYDIA: Stop avoiding the actual issue at hand, why are you being punished for something you don’t remember doing?!

MELISSA: That’s how the gods thought it should be, and who are we to question them? It’s too late to do anything about it now.

LYDIA: Well, I’ll use my powers to change that.

MELISSA: That’s ambitious, but not impossible. Though I like it with Milord, there is a way to help those who dislike their fate.

LYDIA: Ooh! Tell us!

MELISSA: About every few centuries there is a competition in which participants battle to the death, and the last one standing earns the title of the new God of Death. Along with the power, their life span is doubled.

LYDIA: Why would anyone allow that?

MELISSA: It’s to prove that you’re worthy of a position so sacred.

LYDIA: That’s insane… I love it!

MELISSA: It’s good to see you so enthusiastic. However, you’ll need a familiar to enter.

LYDIA: How do I get one then?

MELISSA: There’s no specific period. Usually, the familiar has to find you themselves.

LYDIA: And how long will that take?

Melissa shrugs her shoulders

KURTIS: So worst-case scenario, you meet yours… on your deathbed!

LYDIA: May the gods strike me down if that’s my fate.

KURTIS: Familiars sound so interesting. I wish I could have one. It’s like a new friend.

LYDIA: Who says you can’t?

KURTIS: I don’t have magic right?

LYDIA: No one used the magic stone on you, what if you also have some hidden affinity for magic?

KURTIS: It would be pretty cool… but is it worth trying?

LYDIA: Everything is worth trying, even tax fraud!

MELISSA: No tax fraud under my watch!

LYDIA: OK OK, but on a serious note, Air Off or whatever his name is has to have more of those magic stones right?

MELISSA: He does. Let me get one for you two to test out your theory.

Melissa approaches the nightstand, grabs another blue stone, and places it on top of Kurtis’ head. Much like Lydia’s, it shatters in a matter of seconds, and one of the pieces hits Aaron, waking him up.

LYDIA: Holy shit… I was right!

KURTIS: Did it break? You’re not screwing with me, right?

AARON: I think my brain is screwing with me… This is all a dream, I’m going back to bed, goodnight!

While Aaron does that, Lydia embraces Kurtis.

LYDIA: Yay! Now we both have magic! We can be wizard buddies!!

KURTIS: Yes! Wizard buddies! First order of business: get big pointy hats!

LYDIA: Definitely! And then our familiars, I don’t care if Melissa says they need to find us, I’ll try getting one on my own.

KURTIS: I hope they can find us with no issues…

LYDIA: Mhm, and then we can do fun things with them! Like putting puzzles together!

KURTIS: Maybe I can teach mine how to play Kings and Castles!

LYDIA: We can all play Kings and Castles!

MELISSA: After we go to Flamina, of course!

LYDIA: Flamina? Like across the ocean Flamina?

Aaron finally sits up and understands this is reality

AARON: Do we have to take them?

MELISSA: Of course! Imagine what would happen if we left two witches who barely know how to do magic in a place they could destroy without proper training? It’ll be catastrophic!

AARON: Melissa, we could go to jail for kidnapping.

LYDIA: Umm, hello, we’re witches with magic we could teleport or something.

AARON: Powerful spells like that are banned, so we’re not allowed to use them.

KURTIS: To my knowledge, planes still exist.

AARON: Passports, airplane security, the fact you guys are probably already missing kids. Too much risk in that.

KURTIS: Why must the gods be so paranoid…

MELISSA: Milord, do you still have those green stones?

AARON: Yeah, but you know what could happen if we use them.

MELISSA: That is something to factor in…

KURTIS: What could happen if we use them?

AARON: There is a 50% chance you could lose your magic since I’m not a professional with those things.

LYDIA: Then why do you have them?

AARON: They can kill demons faster, like the tree beast from yesterday.

KURTIS: So, if you mess up, we could lose our magic?!

AARON: Basically, yes.

LYDIA: We’ve had worse odds before, right? I mean, do we have any other options?

KURTIS: I guess not… but we just got these powers, are we sure we want to accept the chance we could lose them?

LYDIA: You gotta take risks sometimes. Besides, it can’t be that bad.

KURTIS: I’ll trust you on this.

AARON: I guess I’ll be taking you to Flamina then.

MELISSA: We’ll be taking you to Flamina!

Suddenly everyone hears a low growling sound.

KURTIS: Oh yeah, we need to eat food.

LYDIA: Yeah, I haven’t eaten since breakfast yesterday… And we walked over here for a very long time.

AARON: You two aren’t leaving. I’ll get you breakfast.

KURTIS: Oh! Can you get bagels, please?

LYDIA: Bagels sound nice! I hope they have cream cheese on them!

MELISSA: Of course they will. Bagels with no cream cheese are like socks without shoes.

LYDIA: Socks without shoes are kind of comfy in the winter.

Melissa and Kurtis give Lydia a slightly alarmed look.

KURTIS: Are you a masochist by any chance?

LYDIA: Stop projecting, Kurtis.


AARON: *muttering* Weirdos…

Aaron gets up and leaves to go get the group bagels because bagels are holy food sent from the gods themselves. The scene skips to an hour and a half later, with the group at the airport and Aaron takes out a birdcage, to which Melissa transforms into an owl and gets inside. While this happens, Lydia and Kurtis are devouring their bagels. (Insert those “nom nom nom” Roblox noises here)

AARON: I know you guys were hungry, but did you have to get so much food?! At this rate, you’re gonna drain my money before we get to Flamina!

KURTIS: Sorry, it’s just that these chocolate-covered almonds were too hard to resist.

LYDIA: My parents never let me have these, I wanna enjoy them!

KURTIS: You can have some too if you want!

Aaron takes one and eats it, even he cannot resist the wonderful flavor of chocolate almonds. Melissa seems slightly sad.

KURTIS: Let’s save some for Melissa.

Melissa makes happy owl noises.

LYDIA: Wait… Aaron, how old are you?

AARON: 22… Why are you asking?

LYDIA: So like this, if we fail we can always tell the police that this random guy came to our school, kidnapped us, etcetera. You know the rest.

AARON: Are you seriously accusing me of pedophilia?

LYDIA: Who knows, maybe that’s the real reason you’re taking us with you.

AARON: Do you take me for someone that vile? Whatever, take these.

Aaron hands both of them a green stone.

KURTIS: How are we supposed to do this?

AARON: Just focus on putting your energy into it.

They try doing as Aaron says and succeed, the stones now look like they’re floating in mid-air.

KURTIS: Did it work?

LYDIA: Yeah, I can’t see you at all.

KURTIS: Maybe we can steal some seats in first class!

LYDIA: Haunting the rich sounds fun.

KURTIS: Hehehe, I’m gonna poke them for hours!

AARON: Just don’t get yourselves yelled at.

The group enters the airport, in the direction of their designated gate. Along the way, Lydia spots a board with several posters/papers. Two of them were Kurtis and Lydia’s missing papers, but there was another missing poster on the board. Their name was Violet Sinclair. Lydia stares at the sign, not knowing how to process the information she takes the ones of her and Kurtis and runs back to the group.

LYDIA: Look, Kurtis! We’re famous!

Kurtis takes his poster and frowns

KURTIS: Did they have to get that photo? I look so dumb!

AARON: Drop those! What if someone sees?!

LYDIA: Fine, but can you keep them for us? I wanna hang mine up somewhere.

AARON: You guys ask the weirdest questions…

Aaron takes the papers from them and puts them away. The group walks away from the board and continues to the gate. They don’t notice a figure, dressed in all black walk up behind them, it takes Violet's poster and walks away.

Episode 3. End.

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Sat Dec 02, 2023 10:21 pm
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Rose wrote a review...

'Tis the Season!

Amidst the twinkling lights of my festive rose garden, I spy with my little eye...

Something truly intriguing and humourous; another episode of the series titled “The Witches Of Flamina”.

Alright, no more delays! Let’s put these review skillz into action, shall we?


I. Getting Festive First🎊
First things first, let’s kick off by showering a burst of confetti on those standout parts. I must say that your story did not once fail to uphold the mysterious and humourous tone of the story. Every episode brings something new and your source of awesome dialogues seems endless!

And I love the fact that you blended the reality with fantasy, it definitely adds to the layer of humour and it helps with he character development. Speaking of characters, I'm almost definitely sure that A-Aron is my favourite character. His personality and dialogues are sometimes so wise and magic related and the other time it's just really relatable and hilariously realistic!

II. The Merry Entrance to Upgrade🪄
Guess what? I've brought a festive surprise your way, a box of suggestions wrapped in Christmas magic. Ready to unwrap them?

Firstly, let's talk about the pacing that goes with explanation. Generally, your pacing is just on point, it keeps the suspense and tension along with the mystery packed within the lines. However, I've noticed that at some points, something occurs and the explanation of it goes missing. For example, when we learn about Kurtis his powers, the explanation behind his magical powers could actually help to develop his character.

Secondly, you could consider incorporating some foreshadowing in your episodes. Subtle hints that could about events that might occur in the future or secrets that are waiting to be revealed. You could also use the mysterious figure who took the poster of Violet to create some more tension in the story; is he a friend or foe?

Lastly, a suggestion to give Melissa's character more personality is delving more into her background, her past as thief. Explore her regrets and motivation, and also how she copes with her punishment. It can definitely create empathy among readers.
But you can also use her past to create some secrets that might be revealed later.

But of course, do keep in mind, these are only suggestions with the intention of boosting the impact and depth of your series. And the decision of considering them is entirely up to you.

III. Merry Conclusion☃️
Everything in all and all in everything, I absolutely enjoyed reading another episode of your series. It was just the right thing to read on a December Day. I look forward to the next episode!

That's it, that's all.
Hoping the review has been of value to you!

Happy Holidays!🎄

With Rose-tinted regards!

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Fri Dec 01, 2023 1:13 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Hello there, human! I'm reviewing using the YWS S'more Method today!

Let the reviewing commence…

Top Graham Cracker - As it turns out, Kurtis has powers! The entire group decides to go to Flamnia and learn how to harness their powers! Maybe even find familiars. :D

Slightly Burnt Marshmallow - There’s only one thing. When it talks about Kurtis’ headaches, “he” is capitalized. It just needs to be lowercase. But that’s it.

Chocolate Bar - The conversations with Lydia and Kurtis were absolutely golden. Bagels ARE food sent from the gods! I also love how you wrote the way familiars are made, it’s interesting! One of my favorite parts would have to be the Roblox “nom nom” sound. It’s funny. :>

Closing Graham Cracker - I wonder who this Violet Sinclair is. Maybe she’s a witch. Maybe she’s something more. I guess I’ll have to find out…

I wish you an amazing day/night! :>

a little humanity makes all the difference
— Rosendorn