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them pl0t tw!sts

by Rose

Love them stories, love them tales that are

like what-ifs in this (what we call) ordinary life

of (y)ours.

But like, how ‘bout introducing

them pl0t tw!sts, ‘cause

i love them more


Throw that chest o’ gold overboard,

(deliberately;) dig a hole in that

arrogant protagonist’s road.

Create a fall or ssslkk

that loving character throat.

"Oops," the writer sighs,

"Too much gore, my bad,

but how ‘bout we just keep it?"


Off to R3d H3rr!ngs,

even better, send them

readers down the wrong path,

so the nuances will be invisibl3

and pl0t tw!sts

even more impactful,



not seen coming by those f00ls.


Rather have 1 pl0t tw!st

than none at all

or ten red herrings 4 fun

‘Bout some secrets, never small.


Th!nk thinker about those things,

that make you wonder about them what-ifs

and feed you (the wrong) info.

‘Cause it’s a profession really,

coming up with them

pl0t tw!sts

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Sun Jan 28, 2024 11:02 pm
avianwings47 wrote a review...

Hello, fellow author! I saw your poem and decided to deliver a bird-themed review for you, partially inspired by the YWS S'more Method! Let’s dive right into it! (Bird-style, of course)

Bird’s-Eye View: First Impressions!
I will first have you know that in my mind, I read this entire poem in a southern accent. I just thought I'd share.
The first thing I noticed was the unique use of non-letter characters in different words. Now, as a fellow poet, I always like to think there's a distinct pattern or reason for using unique spellings, fonts, punctuation, etc. I didn't notice any patterns with the use of the "misspellings," but I'm very curious to know your reasonings if you're willing to share!
This was a really fun read, and I think many will be able to relate to it. I know I could!

Flying High: Things I Loved!
I love the uniqueness of this poem! Something about it immediately caught my eye, and kept me coming back to it; it makes me want to re-read it over and over again.
I also love the concept in general, of the narrator loving different twists and turns in life, and reading about them as well. It makes me wonder if this poem has a much deeper meaning than just "lovin' some plot twists."
Actually, I just re-read the poem again and I have some new thoughts. I wonder if the protagonist knows someone, or is the someone, who in real life is creating these "plot twists" just for fun; just to make things interesting. And, you know, I could be totally interpreting this the wrong way, but that's just what makes this poem so fun! There's so much to analyze and look at!

Bird Song: Favorite Lines!
I just love the second stanza all together. Especially this part,

...or ssslkk

that lovin’ character throat.

‘Oops,’ the writer sighs,

‘Too much gore, my bad,

but how ‘bout we just keep it?’

This line just gives such good imagery without being overly gory, like the writer states. However, we also get to see into the minds of writers and authors, which I can completely relate to; something sounding not at all like I intended, but then I just keep it, because "oh well, it goes with the story, I guess."

‘Cause it’s a profession really,

coming up with them

pl0t tw!sts

This is so true, as a writer. Now, if we're going down the path of my previous interpretation- where someone in the narrator's life is creating the plot twists- then it can also be applied. Constantly lying and creating drama for no reason really is a full-time job, and it's kind of crazy to see the lengths to which people will go to.

Preen Your Feathers: A Bit of Advice!
The only piece of advice I would give is on a place of confusion.
Oops,’ the writer sighs,

‘Too much gore, my bad,

but how ‘bout we just keep it?’

Instead of using apostrophes to show that the writer is speaking, I would just uses regular quotations, since you've been using a lot of apostrophes in the rest of the writing. It would just make it more clear to know where exactly the dialogue starts and stops. However, the dialogue as is doesn't take away from the poem at all. Just thought I would mention it, since this is a review :D

Lifting Off: Closing Thoughts!
Overall, this was a super fun and interesting read. The unique idea and structure of the poem gave it so much character. There's so much about this poem I could just think about for days, which I think is the ultimate goal for writers; to make the readers think about it. Wonderful poem!

Keep writing! -Avian

Rose says...

Hey there! Thank you for taking your time to review this!
Truth is, I really love plot twists and red herrings and I do some poetry once in a while. So I mixed some things together and just created a poem of 'them plot twists' :D thanks again!

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Sun Jan 28, 2024 8:41 pm
humblebard1 wrote a review...

I love plot twists too :D great witty use of some common cliche (and some not) plot twists, there's a good range of them included in your poem. Clever how you've also put in digits in place of some letters too.
Your style of writing's really cool, makes me want to check out the rest of your works: I don't know if i have much constructive feedback, i absolutely love this! Maybe check out the rhyme scheme of certain verses, but then again, you're the author and however you structure and write is all up to you. Keep it up, Rose!
- humblebard

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