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Shades: Episode One, Act Two "Super Freaks"

by RobbieFava

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language, violence, and mature content.


          INT. DOWNTOWN PROVIDENCE, CITY BUS - DAY                         
          The overpowering murmurs of passengers make the large            
          vehicle feel more crowded than it actually is.                   
          However, a somewhat grungy-looking man, GABRIEL MEYER (early     
          40’s), sleeps undisturbed in the very back. His eyes are         
          covered by sleek SUNGLASSES.                                     
          The driver pulls over to a stop where two THUGS stand            
          waiting. One of the sketchy men is carrying a large              
          BACKPACK. The door squeaks open and they board. It closes        
          behind them, and the bus takes off.                              
          The two thugs suddenly pull STOCKINGS over their faces,          
          obscuring their identities. They then whip out two HANDGUNS-     
          the one presses his weapon against the driver’s temple while     
          the other points his into the crowd of now frantic               

THUG #1 (i.e. Driver) Keep driving.

The bus drives past a crowded STOP. The MOB of would-be passengers screams profanities in aggravated desperation as the vehicle flies on by. The second thug opens his BACKPACK, still pointing his gun into the crowd.

THUG #2 (to the passengers) Alright you dumb motherfuckers! Empty your wallets, purses, pockets. Take off all your jewelry and put it in the bag!

The passengers whimper as they comply with his demands.

                              THUG #2 (CONT’D)                             
                         (i.e. the passengers)                             
                    Don’t make any sudden movements! I                     
                    want to see your hands at all                          
                    times. If anyone even so much as                       
                    coughs in a way I don’t like I’ll                      
                    blow your fucking head off.              

The thug eventually makes his way into the back of the bus where Gabriel is still sleeping. He nudges Gabriel with his foot.

THUG #2 (i.e. Gabriel) Wake the fuck up asshole!

Gabriel remains undisturbed.

THUG #2 (CONT’D) You fuckin’ deaf yo’? (He smacks him with the gun.) I said get the fuck up!

Gabriel still doesn’t move. The thug looks at his partner who still has his gun pointed at the driver. The partner shrugs.

THUG #2 (CONT’D) Aight yo. I’ma count to three. (He points the gun at Gabriel’s face) One. (he cocks it back) Two.

One PASSENGER yells out.


THUG #2 (CONT’D) Three.

The thug pulls the trigger and the passengers SCREAM. In a split second, Gabriel dodges the bullet, which embeds itself into the fabric of the seat. He grabs the thug’s arm with one arm, causing him to drop the weapon, while simultaneously snapping his elbow with his other hand. The thug grunts pathetically and drops to the ground unconscious.

          Gabriel then grabs the GUN and shoots the other thug in the      
          shin, causing him to drop his gun and fall to the floor in       
          The driver and passengers stare in shock as Gabriel casually     
          puts the GUN into his jacket pocket. He then pulls the           
          "STOP" WIRE. The driver stops the bus and opens the rear         
          Gabriel nods at the driver and nonchalantly exits the            
          vehicle. Everyone stares in disbelief as he casually walks       
          down the sidewalk.   

INT./EXT. PALMER RESIDENCE - DAY Maryanne walks through the front door into the living room carrying bags of groceries.

MARYANNE (yelling to someone) A little help might be nice!

She walks through into the kitchen to find Alise in a bra and no pants, and bent over the kitchen island with Davie- pants around his ankles- behind her. Maryanne sees them and drops the BAGS. Alise and Davie stop and stare at her, shocked.

ALISE (startled, also with a New York accent) Oh my God MA!

Alise JUMPS, startled, and very naked. A small static SHOCK is heard. Davie YELPS in pain, and collapses to the floor, holding his damaged goods. Alise scrambles to help him up.

ALISE (i.e. Davie) Shit babe! Are you alright?

DAVIE (groaning) Yeah... Ow...

Alise frantically searches around the kitchen for her PANTIES, and quickly slips them over her naked bottom. Maryanne averts her eyes until they are moderately dressed. She then removes her SUNGLASSES and smiles at them.


DAVIE (stuttering) M-Mrs. Palmer...

MARYANNE So polite. (she picks up a pair of shorts and throws them at Alise) Alise, would you please escort your friend out of my kitchen?

Alise slips into the shorts and puts on a newly-discovered TANKTOP.

ALISE (annoyed) Sure thing.

She grabs Davie’s hand and runs out the kitchen SLIDING DOOR.

DAVIE (hesitantly, to Maryanne) N-Nice to see you again...

MARYANNE (laughs sarcastically) The pleasure’s all mine.

Maryanne shakes her head. Suddenly, a loud THUD from below catches her attention. Her expression becomes much more serious as she stares down the DOOR TO THE BASEMENT. She looks on the wall at a PHOTO of herself, in the arms of a rather handsome and unidentified MAN. Her eyes narrow and she heads toward the BASEMENT DOOR. Outside the kitchen’s sliding door, Alise kisses Davie farewell.

DAVIE Well that was... weird as hell... (chuckles) You gonna be in some kind of trouble?

ALISE Nah. She’ll get over it. Davie chuckles and then fishes something out of his pants pocket. He hands the object to her.

                    Alright good. Well, this is for                        

Alise looks down at her hand. It is a small VIAL of COCAINE.

ALISE Oh my GOD babe! You’re fuckin’ awesome.

She kisses him passionately.

ALISE (CONT’D) I’ll see you later right?

DAVIE Hell yeah. Don’t be late or they’ll start without you. (i.e. Maryanne) Have fun with her.

Alise watches him lustfully as he walks away. She steps back inside, shoving the vial into her bra as Maryanne comes back up from the basement.

ALISE So... how was your day?

MARYANNE (looks at her accusingly) Could ya’ help me with these bags?

They both bend over to pick up the dropped GROCERIES.

MARYANNE (CONT’D) UM, think you could WASH your nasty hands before you touch all my food?

ALISE (rolling her eyes while walking to the sink and turning on the faucet) Whatever.

MARYANNE (annoyed) Hey Alise?

ALISE (turns around, also annoyed) Yeah?

Maryanne takes a SPONGE out of a bag and throws it at her.

                    Meet your new best friend.                   

The SPONGE bounces off of Alise’s head and lands on the floor. She winces, aggravated.

MARYANNE (CONT’D) (circling her pointer finger around the kitchen) After you put the groceries away, go to town.

Alise rolls her eyes and bends down to pick the sponge up. The vial starts to slide out from her cleavage and she quickly hides it.

MARYANNE (CONT’D) I’ll be in the basement for awhile. Don’t even knock unless it’s an emergency.

As Alise gets back up she glances back down at her chest and smiles.

ALISE Sounds good to me.

INT. PALMER RESIDENCE - DAY Death metal blares from the SOUND SYSTEM in the living room. Cady walks through the front door to find Alise intently scrubbing the floor in the kitchen and head banging along to the heavy music.

CADY You know, we have a mop for that.

ALISE (totally coked out) Mops are for pussies.

Cady’s eyes open in slight disgust.

CADY (bewildered) Okay... where’s Mom?

ALISE Basement.

                    Doing what?    

ALISE Don’t know. But it sounds like someone’s getting murdered down there... or busting one HELLUVA nut.

CADY Ew...

Down in the basement Maryanne paces back and forth, flustered. A man is TIED to a CHAIR, and appears to be quite uncooperative. The man is K, the drug-dealer from the previous night. The screaming music echoes through the ceiling.

MARYANNE God dammit, why can’t you just make this easy for me?

K Bitch, I ain’t got to do shit for you.

MARYANNE Actually "K" you do if you want to get out of here alive.

K Fuck you crazy ass pyro lady!

MARYANNE You think this is crazy asshole? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Trust me. (she gets close to his face) We'll try this again. An associate of yours killed a man last year.

K Niggas get popped all the time.

A BALL OF FLAME ignites in the palm of Maryanne’s hand and she smiles at him sinisterly.

MARYANNE Think harder. This wasn’t no backalley gangbanger K. He was a cop.

                    Sounds like the motherfucker got                       
                    what was coming to him.             

The ball of flame expands for a brief second then dissipates. K flinches as a stray ember nearly burns his eyebrow. Maryanne picks up a dirty SOCK off of the basement floor and shoves it in his mouth.

MARYANNE That is NOT the answer I wanted to hear.

She forcefully presses her POINTER FINGER into his shoulder. The flesh SIZZLES, and K cries out through his muzzle.

MARYANNE (taking the sock out of his mouth) Tell me what I want to know K or so help me God I will make you unrecognizable you fuckin’ mook!

K (tearing up, and spitting out sock fibers) I don’t know nuttin’ yo!

Maryanne threatens him with her POINTER FINGER again and he flinches. We see now that his bare CHEST is covered in fresh, finger-shaped BURN MARKS. Unfortunately, she is interrupted with a BANGING coming from the basement door atop the stairs.

CADY (O.S.) Mom?

Maryanne shoves the SOCK back into K’s mouth.

MARYANNE (i.e. Cady, her voice cracks as she tries to regain some form of composure) Hold on a sec honey! (she gets very close to K’s face) One sound from you- even a goddamn sneeze- and you’ll spend the remainder of your time on this

                    earth heating my fireplace.                            

K sneers. Maryanne opens the basement door and quickly shuts it behind her, preventing Cady from looking past.

MARYANNE (inconspicuously) Hey sweetheart, how was school?

CADY Oh you know, pretty normal day. (she looks at the MARK on her left arm) My dog-bite is starting to heal. (sarcastically) That’s what I had to tell the nurses at school. They said it might need to be amputated.

MARYANNE Good thing you have two arms.

CADY (snide) Thanks Mom. Hey, you’re taking me to Dr. Barkes tonight right?

MARYANNE (caught off guard) OH right... your appointment... Damn...

CADY (pleading) You can still take me right?

MARYANNE I’m sorry honey, there’s just some things I got to take care of...

CADY You know Mom, this could all be avoided if I had my own car...

MARYANNE Ha! You’re funny.

                    Oh come on Mom!        

MARYANNE When you can AFFORD your own car then maybe we can talk.

CADY Alise has a car.

MARYANNE Hey, I don’t pay for that ugly thing in my driveway.

ALISE Hey! That "ugly thing" is an ingenious work of art.

MARYANNE (chortles) Ha! By who? Nikola Tesla?

ALISE (raising her eyebrow confused) Uh... yeah.

MARYANNE (cackling) HA! I’m sorry to tell you my dear, but he’s like dead. Like dead dead. You’re not supporting the ingenuity of science sweetie. Just a junkie for conglomerate marketing.

ALISE (returning to work) Says the broad in a Jeep chain-smoking Marlboros.

Cady chuckles.

MARYANNE (turns to Cady, not even paying attention) Besides, she’s got a good six-seven years on you. If she couldn’t afford her own car by now, let alone rent, she sure as shit wouldn’t be living here.

ALISE (flipping her off with a bright yellow rubber finger)

                    Thanks bitch!     

MARYANNE (scolding) Language!

CADY Oh, so "shit" is perfectly acceptable but "bitch" is just out of the question?

ALISE Thank you!

MARYANNE Oh, alright then. Hey, here’s an idea: since you two are all chummy, then why don’t you have your sister take you?

They look into the kitchen to see Alise, mesmerized, and polishing the top of the marble island.

CADY (whispering back at her mother in slight terror) Are you TRYING to kill me?

Maryanne smiles a sheepish Cheshire Cat grin.

ALISE (without looking up) I’m headin’ out anyway.

Maryanne walks over and puts her arm around Alise, and smiles proudly.

MARYANNE Look at that. I raised such wonderful girls- all helping each other out and what-not.

ALISE You’re welcome Ma.

Cady turns around and walks up the stairs to her bedroom.

CADY Well, I have Physics homework.

                         (yelling back at her)                             
                    You’re welcome Cady!       

CADY (O.S.) (casually) Thanks.

Maryanne looks at Alise with gentle eyes.

MARYANNE You know, I think we’re doing okay... considering.

Upstairs in her bedroom Cady throws her backpack across the room and flops on the bed after shutting her door. Her PHONE rings again and she whips it out of her PURSE. She opens the text, which is again from the mysterious "Eddie," that reads:

"Excited to see me?"

She blushes and replies:

"Yeah... as long as I make it in one piece."

She sighs in exasperation after sending the message and lies back on her pillow. Back downstairs Maryanne and Alise continue their conversation. Alise has stopped cleaning and now sits on top of the island with Maryanne next to her sipping a glass of red wine.

MARYANNE I know you don’t like it here Ali, but I think it’s good for Cady. In spite of everything that’s happened I think she’s finally settling in here. She’s got Wesley in three of her classes and she’s getting A’s again. I really think you need to give these people another chance.

ALISE I... don’t. These people here are just spoiled and spiteful and rude as hell. I have no absolutely desire to be a part of their "society" and I don’t know why you and Cady even bother. You’re both way better than that.

                    I think that maybe we would all                        
                    benefit from experiencing the world                    
                    of mankind Alise. It’s not healthy                     
                    to cloister yourself off from                          

Alise raises her eyebrows.

ALISE (sarcastically) Cloistered? Me? I think I’m the only one experiencing anything close to "reality" here. And like I really give a rat’s ass about these backwoods mother-

MARYANNE (slightly offended) Hey! You know, you could actually try being a part of this family Alise. I don’t think it would kill you.

ALISE Oh Ma, I AM a part of this family, whether you like it or not.

MARYANNE (hugging her and shaking her head) Oh stop it. I love you and you damn well know it you WICKED pain in my ass.

Alise beams proudly.

ALISE I aim to please.

They share a heartfelt chuckle. Maryanne then notices the marble island-countertop and rubs her fingers against it.

MARYANNE Damn girl, I think this is the cleanest it’s ever been. (she gets a closer look) I can actually see my reflection in this!

ALISE I know. I got mad skills.

          Maryanne marches down the stairs to the basement where K         
          waits, still gagged and restrained.                              
          She gets in close to his face and steps one foot up onto the     
          chair, threatening his family jewels.    

MARYANNE You ready to talk, tough guy?

K (muffled through the sock) Fuck you!

MARYANNE Alright then...

Her general demeanor becomes calmer, though her smile still retains some of that twisted vigor.

MARYANNE (CONT’D) Foreplay’s over K. I have other ways of making you talk- and trust me, it ain’t gonna be fun...

K stares at her, terrified and nearly choking on fuzzies.

MARYANNE (CONT’D) ...for you anyway.

                                                           END ACT TWO

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394 Reviews

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Mon Sep 23, 2013 2:51 am
KnightTeen wrote a review...

I read act one, and enjoyed it so when I saw this still in the GR I thought I'd tackle it.

Fair warning, I haven't reviewed in a while. Just saying.....typing.

One thing that I do not understand is that Thug #2 fell unconscious from a broken elbow. That really makes no sense to me, and I found nothing to indicate that Gabriel caused him to suffer head trauma. I've had friends (two) who have broken arm bones suddenly like that and all the did was scream for several minutes before going into shock.

And when Maryanne catches the two of them "going at it" later on, you say that Alise is wearing a bra, but then you say that she is naked. Which is it?
However, I have to admit that you did not say that she is completely naked. But it was somewhat confusing. I would imply that she is naked from the waste down.

Seriously, this is some of the best shit that I have ever read, if you don't mind me saying.

Maryanne is one of the most bad ass chicks I have ever seen (figuratively). And even though I have no idea where the plot is going, I still enjoy what you have here so far.

I'll be hitting the rest of "Shades" ASAP, so I'll see you soon (figuratively).


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Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:31 pm
OliveDreams wrote a review...

Only me :) Ready and excited to read act 2! I'm so glad you put it up here so fast!

I'm loving this Gabriel dude. I think it makes him so much cooler that he doesn't a word. Makes me immediately want to know more about him.

I'm confused at the word eraser? Is that another word for a sponge or did she actually throw an eraser at her too? I'm British as a British thing remember, so it's probably just me being British. We actually call an eraser a rubber but I'm just rambling now.

“Are you TRYING to kill me?” - Haha this made me laugh. I hate the cliché of sisters being the best of friends. It's so much more interesting when you have some sort of substance between them.

I love this! You've set some nice things up here. Like suggesting that they're not even human and then there's the whole thing with the mysterious man in the photo!

I was just wondering if you're going to indicate how the texts are seen. Can we see straight onto Cady's phone or are the words going to flash up on screen? Maybe you could clarify that in the script.

ACT 3 ACT 3 ACT 3!

Olive <3

RobbieFava says...

Haha! I meant to say "sponge" not "eraser." Thank you for pointing that out!

You are going to love some of your characters because they are you, or some facet of you, and you are going to hate some characters for the same reason.
— Anne Lamott