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Shades: Episode One, Act Three "Super Freaks"

by RobbieFava

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language, violence, and mature content.


          CENTER (GRIP) - SUNSET                                           
          A grand FOUNTAIN cascades in the middle of a vast, circular      
          courtyard, cheerfully greeting the visitors of the great         
          white MANSION behind it.                                         
          To the side of the giant front doors is a sign:        

"The Greater Rhode Island Psychological Wellness Center Call Our Emergency Hotline- 1-86-GET-A-GRIP!"

Inside the massive structure, DOCTORS and PATIENTS roam the ornate hallways, their VOICES MURMURING throughout.

          Through the clamor, a suave, sunglasses-wearing doctor, MARK     
          KYLE (30’s) struts down a particularly clustered corridor,       
          diligently flipping through charts on a CLIP-BOARD. Without      
          even glancing up at the oncoming hallway traffic, he manages     
          to avoid collision with anyone.                                  
          He walks past a chart on the wall listing patients and room      
          numbers- Room 28 is apparently host to someone named             
          Mark turns a corner, and then turns another corner down a        
          long hallway.         

Walking the opposite way is Gabriel- hidden behind his SUNGLASSES- who smiles briefly and tips his hat politely while passing.

Mark nods back at him and continues walking. He comes upon a white door- ROOM 28. He stops and looks through the small window at the young, dark-haired man inside. BRYON (22) sits on the bed, spacing out.

Through the window, Mark stares more intently. Suddenly, eerie WHISPERS echo out, slightly alarming him. As they grow increasingly louder, Bryon slowly curls up into a ball, closing his eyes tightly. Mark suddenly opens the door, silencing the ghastly noise. Bryon JUMPS.

MARK (calmly and collected, with a NY accent) Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.

BRYON (relieved) Nah, it’s cool. I just wasn’t expecting anyone is all.

Mark smiles and sits down on the corner of the bed.

MARK How have you been feeling?

BRYON (hesitates) Better honestly...

Mark concentrates on him, and Bryon’s VOICE echoes, though his LIPS aren’t moving.

                              BRYON (V.O)                                  
                    Like bat shit crazy...         

Mark raises his eyebrows accusingly.

BRYON (smiles sheepishly) Alright, not so great... Guess I should know better by now.

MARK Yeah, you really can’t get anything past me kid.

Mark reaches into his breast pocket and reveals a small orange PILL BOTTLE.

MARK (CONT’D) Well anyway, I have something for you that I think may really help.

He takes two small pills out of the bottle and hands them to Bryon.

BRYON Oh God, it’s not Prozac right? That stuff gives me headaches.

MARK No, no. We learned that the hard way. It’s just something to help you sleep.

Bryon GULPS the medication effortlessly, without any liquids.

BRYON (sarcastically) Great, MORE sleep.

MARK It’ll get better kid. You just need to have patience.

BRYON (smiles) Yeah, you’re right.

Suddenly, an older woman, NURSE JOY, knocks on the opened door. Bryon winces. Mark places his hand on his shoulder, comforting.

                              NURSE JOY                                    
                    Sorry Dr. Kyle. You have a phone                       
                    call on line three.           

MARK Thank you Joy. I’ll be right there.

Nurse Joy nods and steps back into the hallway.

BRYON (whispers to Mark) You know, she likes you?

Mark laughs and takes his hand off of his shoulder.

MARK You’re a good kid Bryon.

He stands up and heads to the doorway.

MARK (CONT’D) I’ll be back to check on you later. Try and get some sleep.

Bryon nods at him and Mark turns to walk away.

BRYON (stopping him) Hey Uncle Mark?

MARK Yeah?

BRYON Thanks.

MARK Anytime kid.

Mark turns and shuts the door. He smiles and nods at Nurse Joy, who appears to be checking out his posterior as he walks away.

NURSE JOY (V.O.) Hot damn... look at that ass.

Mark looks back at her and she waves bashfully. He smiles and shakes his head as he continues to walk away. He enters his office and quietly shuts the door behind him. He then carefully places his clipboard on the desk and sits down in his chair. He picks up the phone.

                    This is Dr. Kyle.       

MARYANNE (O.S.) Hey! I need your help with something.

MARK Oho. Well my day is going well. Thank you for asking.

INT. PALMER RESIDENCE - SUNSET (CONTINUOUS) Maryanne stands next to her bedroom window, anxiously power-smoking a cigarette with the phone in her ear.

MARYANNE Mark, I need your help like RIGHT now.

MARK Good lord woman. What did you do this time?

MARYANNE Well, you see, there’s this guy... tied up in my basement...

MARK WHAT? (whispers) Are you fucking kidding me Annie?

MARYANNE Uh, NO! Do you really think I’d make something up like that? This guy is one tight-lipped douche...

MARK (O.S.) You’re serious...

MARYANNE Hell yes I’m serious! No matter how many times I beat him, or burn him, or threaten to set him on fire, his punk-ass ain’t talkin’.

MARK (massaging his eyes) You know these calls are usually recorded...

                    I tried calling your cell.   

MARK Oh I’m sorry Annie, I was busy WORKING.

MARYANNE And so am I...

She takes another drag of her cigarette.

MARYANNE (CONT’D) (suddenly very serious) Mark please... It’s about Mike.

Mark takes his sunglasses off, rubs his eyelids, and sighs.

MARK Jeez Annie... What exactly do you want me to do?

INT. PALMER RESIDENCE - NIGHT The sliding door to the kitchen SLAMS shut as Mark walks into the house.

MARYANNE (exasperated) Finally!

Mark glares at her. She paces back and forth anxiously with a lit CIGARETTE in hand. Her shoes CLICK-CLACK along the tile.

MARK (disgustedly) You wanna’ put that crap out? She rolls her eyes and reluctantly extinguishes [it] in the ashtray.

MARYANNE (annoyed) Took you long enough.

MARK Contrary to popular belief Annie you are NOT, in fact, the center of my universe.

She sneers and crosses her arms.

                    Well sadly for you Mark, I am                          

Mark sighs and smiles.

MARK So where is this- eh, project you have for me?

The duo trudge down the stairs into the basement, where K is still constrained to the chair. He looks up at them and rolls his eyes.

K Back for more?

MARYANNE (sarcastically) Oh, the fun never stops.

K (noticing Mark) The fuck is this clown?

MARYANNE This clown is the guy who’s gonna open you up.

Mark walks over to the prisoner and bends down on one knee.

K The fuck? You gonna propose or some shit? Faggot-ass nigga’...

Maryanne raises her fist aggressively. K winces in fear, and Mark chuckles.

MARK (snidely) Sorry to disappoint you, MR. ANDERSON...

K (frantic) How the fuck you know my name?

MARK (CONT’D) (removing his SHADES) ...but it’s what’s in here that interests me.

He places both hands on K’s temples while K struggles trying to resist him.

          Mark’s IRISES suddenly transition from brown to a glimmering     
          K’s eyes begin to roll back and his aggressive demeanor          
          becomes docile as WHISPERS of indiscriminate thoughts rush       
          through Mark’s brain.                                            
          Mark stares with his shimmering eyes fixated on K. Maryanne      
          leers from behind, anxiously waiting.                 

MARYANNE (impatiently, after a few seconds) Got anything?

MARK (annoyed) Not yet. There’s a lot to go through...

MARYANNE Well make it snappy, alright? I can’t keep him here for another night. The girls are gonna notice.

MARK (coldly) I’m kind of in the middle of something here Annie. Please try to be useful by keeping your mouth shut.

Maryanne paces back and forth for a few seconds until suddenly, the DOOR BELL rings, alarming everyone.

MARYANNE Who is that? (her expression suddenly lightens) We never have company!

Mark’s focus breaks and K is released from his hypnosis.

MARK Now is NOT the time Annie!


Mark regains his concentration and puts K back under his spell.

                    I don’t know Annie, just get rid of                    

Maryanne sighs and walks back up the stairs.

MARYANNE (mumbling) I’m just saying... Thank God Ali cleaned the place up nice...

She opens the front door, and to her dismay a POLICE OFFICER stands at the stoop. His FACE is covered in shadow, but the BADGE on his UNIFORM glimmers under the porch-light.

OFFICER Ms. Palmer?

She smiles, barely hiding her surprise. Her SHADES do little to mask the guilt in her eyes.

INT./EXT. ALISE’S TESLA ROADSTER/QUIET ROAD - NIGHT Alise sniffles loudly, sucking the remaining granules of coke up her nose, and sighs euphorically. Cady glares at her then places her attention back to the road. A light DRIZZLE has dampened the pavement and they roll to a stop at a red light. Cady’s PHONE beeps. She takes it out of her purse, looks at the screen, and blushes. The TEXT is once again from the mysterious "Eddie" and says:

"You’re so beautiful."

ALISE (turns to Cady) Ooo new boy-toy?

CADY (glancing up) Not everyone recycles through men like you do.

ALISE Oh really? (she pauses) So... are you like into girls now?

CADY (scoffs) Uh, no! Let me rephrase that. We’re not all WHORES like you are.

                         (laughs boisterously)                                        
                    Oh yes we are! It’s a family trait.  

Cady rolls her eyes and continues texting. She then puts her phone back in her PURSE. The light turns back to green and the Roadster starts off again.

CADY WOW. If Mom were here she’d slap that creepy grin right off your face.

ALISE Hey, Ma knows exactly what she is. And anyway, I think it’s about time both of you try and get- (she hip thrusts and grunts loudly) -back in the saddle.

CADY (shakes her head and chuckles) You’re gross. And an asshole.

ALISE (adjusting her SHADES) It’s part of my charm.

The Roadster flies off around a bend.

EXT./INT. PALMER RESIDENCE - NIGHT Maryanne stands in the doorway with the policeman, who towers over her menacingly in the dark. In his hand is a manila FOLDER. Her smile feigns innocence, and the cop appears to see through it.

MARYANNE (hesitantly) Can I help you officer?

He lifts up the rim of his hat, and his expression suddenly softens.

OFFICER (smiles) It’s good to see you again.

MARYANNE (shocked) Oh my GOD VICK! How are you?

                    Pretty good. And you?       

Down the road, a more menacing presence sits in a WHITE CHEVROLET. The driver’s face is HIDDEN IN SHADOW, but he is obviously watching Maryanne as she hugs the policeman on the porch.


VICK How’s everyone holding up here?

MARYANNE Bout’ as good as can be expected I guess.

VICK Well great. That’s good to hear. (he sizes her up quick) You look great... phenomenal, really.

MARYANNE Aw, Vick, you’re making me blush.

VICK No, really, I mean it... I always thought Mike was a lucky guy...

Maryanne’s face turns glum for a second, and Vick tries to recover from the remark.

VICK (CONT’D) Gosh, I’m sorry Maryanne... I just meant...

MARYANNE (feigning contentment) Don’t worry about it hon. I’m flattered. Really.

They smile at each other for an awkward moment, but Maryanne breaks the silence, trying to cut their encounter short.

MARYANNE (CONT’D) So... what are you doing here?

VICK Oh, right... that... (he opens the FOLDER in his hand) I need to take a statement from you about the incident this morning...

          Maryanne looks puzzled.        

MARYANNE Um, what incident?

VICK At the grocery store. Cashier ID’ed you from your debit card. Both she and the victim said you were a real hero. I figured I’d stop by and take your statement personally. Save you a trip downtown.

MARYANNE Aw Vick, that’s really sweet of you... but I’m kinda-

VICK (interrupting) You know, the culprit you decked in the face had some real interesting things to say about you...

MARYANNE (playing dumb) Oh really? More interesting than the fact that he got his ass handed to him by a middle-aged soccer-mom?

VICK (laughs) Surprisingly yes. He said... (he pauses awkwardly) Actually, nevermind... It’s not important. The guy was obviously tweeked-out on something...

MARYANNE (laughs) Well, only someone with a serious crack problem would steal from a little old lady.

VICK You’d be surprised. They smile at each other for a second, but a loud CRASH bellows from the basement, breaking the silence.


                    Aw crap...          

VICK Bad timing?

MARYANNE Yeah, kinda. You think maybe we could do this tomorrow sometime? I could come down to the station or something?

VICK I guess that’d be fine. Sorry to bother you.

He scratches his forehead bashfully as he turns to leave.

VICK (CONT’D) (almost flirtatiously) You know Maryanne, it was really good seeing you.

She is taken aback, but not insulted.

MARYANNE (smiles) Same here Vick.

He smiles back at her and they share a moment of friendly and heart-felt eye-contact.

VICK You know Maryanne, I-

He is cut short by another loud CRASH from the basement.

VICK (CONT’D) (concerned) Is everything all right?

MARYANNE (trying to remain calm) Oh yeah, my brother’s making an attempt at home renovation.

VICK You sure...?


                    It’s a really poor attempt.                            
                    Thanks for stopping by! I’ll see                       
                    you tomorrow!        

She slams the door and Officer Vick is left standing alone and befuddled on the stoop. The driver of the CHEVY moves his face out of the shadows- it is Gabriel. He watches as Vick walks back to his car. Maryanne runs down the basement stairs to find Mark restraining K against the wall. The prisoner has found a way through his restraints, but Mark has him put back in a trance. His EYES are once again rolled back.

MARYANNE (frantic) Oh my GOD! How did he-?

MARK It doesn’t matter.

He lets go of his captive, who falls to the floor. K groans, dazed.

MARYANNE You broke him already?

MARK (putting his SHADES back on) Oh yeah. He was a tough nut to crack, but ultimately, he didn’t stand a chance.

MARYANNE That’s what I like to hear.

MARK The guy we’re looking for is Louie Mortanno.

MARYANNE Mortanno? God, could he be any more cliche of a mobster? I mean, what is this? The Sopranos?

K (mumbling with his face on the ground) Crazy ass mother-

          Maryanne kicks him lightly and he groans. The two of them        
          bend down and pick up K by his arms- he obviously isn’t in a     
          position to stand on his own.            

MARYANNE (CONT’D) Alright, let’s get this fucker home before the girls come back.

They carry K toward the stairs, his feet dragging along the dusty floor.


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347 Reviews

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Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:02 am
OliveDreams wrote a review...

Hi Robbie :) I love love love your writing so no surprises that I'm back! As always, I will review as I read.

1.I love the description you give of the doctor, Mark Kyle. I can picture him strutting down that corridor so clearly! I picture him like Mark Sloane from Grey's Anatomy.

2.Where you write about the patient chart on the wall with the name 'Bryon'. Maybe you could specify if you're going to be zooming in on the name to bring it the attention of the audience.

3.“Nah, it’s cool. I just wasn’t expecting anyone is all.” - Surely he would be expecting a doctor or nurse to come in from time to time in a hospital? Maybe you could change this to something like, “Nah, it's cool. My mind was elsewhere is all.”

4.I LOVE that Mark calls her Annie. It's so personal and I'm already wanting to know how they know each other. (Oh – I've just read that he's her brother. Haha)

5.“(her expression suddenly lightens)” Is she pleased that she has unexpected visitors? I got confused with this. Lightens normally suggests delight yet she has a man tied up in her basement

I love this! You already know that. I can definitely see myself falling in love with Alise the most. :)

On to Act 4!!!

Olive <3

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5 Reviews

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Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:44 pm
Tyler17B wrote a review...

This is great! It was more or less difficult to read, but it was refreshing. It's a brand new setup that usually isn't used, and I'm thoroughly impressed with your writing skills. The best advice I can give you: Use commas when needed.
Example: Contrary to popular belief (,)Annie(,)
you are NOT, in fact, the center of
my universe.

I *do* like flipping tables.
— Faye Whitaker, Questionable Content