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Shades: Episode One, Act Four "Super Freaks"

by RobbieFava

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language, violence, and mature content.

                                                                           BEGIN ACT FOUR
          EXT./INT. G.R.I.P. CENTER - NIGHT                                
          Alise’s Roadster pulls up out front of the mansion, and Cady     
          steps out onto the walkway. RAIN now blankets everything in      

ALISE I’ll be back at nine-thirty ’kay?

CADY I won’t hold it against you if you’re late.

ALISE Oh yes you will.

Cady sticks out her tongue, shuts the door, and Alise speeds off. Cady runs inside to get out of the rain. She bursts through the front doors and wipes her feet on the WELCOME MAT. As she approaches the front desk, water drips all over the floor. A young RECEPTIONIST sits at the desk. She smiles sweetly at Cady.

RECEPTIONIST (jokingly) A little late in the year for swimming, eh?

CADY (bashfully) Oh, you know me...

RECEPTIONIST (laughs) Here for your appointment with Dr. Barkes?

CADY (nodding, while holding her sides, trying to keep warm) Yep.

RECEPTIONIST (looking down the hallway) I don’t think he’s in his office right now, but he should be back in a minute. (chuckles) I’ll get you a towel, and maybe a change of clothes. CADY (graciously) Oh wow, thanks.

The receptionist ushers Cady into Dr. Barkes’ office carrying a large, white TOWEL, a small, grey HOODED-SWEATSHIRT, and a PLASTIC BAG. She hands everything over to Cady.

RECEPTIONIST (i.e. the plastic bag) For your wet clothes.

CADY Awesome.

RECEPTIONIST I’ll let him know you’re here hon.

CADY (smiles sweetly) Uh, thanks... again.

The receptionist shuts the door behind her, and Cady steps into the finely-furnished office. She takes off her shirt and puts it into the BAG. In her bra, she dries off with the TOWEL and shakes out her hair. Her bare FEET sink into the plush red CARPET. After drying, she puts the HOODIE on. Then, she steps forward and admires the Ph.D. on the wall:

Saint George’s, University of London, Dept. of Psychology Edwin Barkes, PhD.

It’s clear that she’s more than mildly impressed, when suddenly, a seemingly-familiar, masculine VOICE startles her from behind.

VOICE (a little cocky) Impressed?

She jumps a little, and turns around to face the intruder- the handsome, light-haired DR. EDDIE BARKES (mid-late 20’s), accompanied by the receptionist.

RECEPTIONIST I found him for ya. CADY (caught off-guard) Thanks.

The receptionist smiles, waves, and leaves, shutting the door behind her.

CADY I didn’t know you went to school in London.

DR. BARKES (shutting the door) Well, you never asked.

CADY (candidly) Oh... so it’s that way huh?

DR. BARKES Hey, it’s my job to know about you Cady... not the other way around.

CADY (offended) Oh... (turning away from him) this is just your JOB then...

He takes off his coat and puts it around the CHAIR, then he steps closer to her, and puts his hands on her shoulders.

DR. BARKES (apologetic) That’s not what I meant... (intimately) I don’t know why I said that...

CADY No, I know... (she puts her hand on his) I’m just not in the best mood right now, that’s all...

DR. BARKES Clashing with your sister again?

CADY No... I’m just... I’m just thinking too much. DR. BARKES (comforting) Well come on then. Sit down. You’ve obviously got a lot on your mind.

Cady tilts her head to the side playfully.

CADY (flirtatiously) Actually, you’re the one thing that takes my mind off of everything else.

Eddie grins.

DR. BARKES What did you have in mind?

CADY Why don’t you sit down and let me show you... EDDIE.

Dr. Eddie Barkes smiles at her passionately, and takes off her SUNGLASSES.

EDDIE Alright...

In a frame sitting atop the glass END TABLE is a PHOTO of Eddie on his graduation day from college. On either side of him stands Mark, Maryanne, and the MAN from the photo inside Maryanne’s house. We can see Cady and Eddie’s REFLECTION in the glare of the photo as she turns around to face and then passionately kiss him.

INT. MARYANNE’S JEEP/EXT. DOWNTOWN PROVIDENCE - NIGHT Mark pulls up in Maryanne’s JEEP outside of a shoddy-looking DUPLEX in an equally shoddy-looking neighborhood. Maryanne sits in the passenger seat, while an unconscious K sits behind them.

MARYANNE (i.e. Mark) You sure this is his place?

MARK 178B Prospect Street. This is his place. MARYANNE (noticing the shabby-looking house) Why does that NOT surprise me?

MARK (snide) Wow, RACIST much?

MARYANNE (defensively) Not because he’s black you dick! (she looks back at K and then turns around) Because he’s trashy Let’s just get him the hell out of here and get on with this...

MARK You sure you want to do this? I mean, it might not end the way you’re hoping it will Annie...

MARYANNE Hey, all I needed was the information Mark. No one said you had to stick around afterward.

MARK It’s not like I’m flaking out on you. I just want to know if this is REALLY what you want to do because after this there’s no turning back.

MARYANNE (sighing) ACTUALLY dear brother, there was no turning back after I kidnapped and tortured a drug-dealing, woman-beating, murdering scum-bag of a pimp, who gets to go home scott-free without a single memory of any of it.

MARK Annie...

MARYANNE Mark. This guy Louie Mortanno, or whatever, killed my husband... or he knows who did... Either way, he’s gonna pay for it. And nothing’s gonna stop me from makin’ MARYANNE (cont’d) him. I’ve worked too long and too hard to get this far and just walk away.

MARK And that’s all I needed to hear ’kay? You’re not alone in this Annie.

MARYANNE (smiles) I know. Now let’s get this fucker out of here.

She climbs half-way over the seat, and slaps K repeatedly to wake him from his slumber.

MARYANNE Hey! Wake up asshole! K eventually wakes up after about the third or fourth slap to the face.

K Wha-wha- the fuck??? (disappointed) Aw man... y’all STILL here?

MARYANNE Not for long. Now shut the hell up so we can get goin’. (i.e. Mark) Take it away brotha’.

Mark takes a deep breath and lowers his SHADES. He stares K right in the eyes- his pupils turn TEAL again, and K’s pupils get very wide.

MARK (calmly) Now, Mr. Anderson...

K Yea...

MARK (CONT’D)’re going to forget everything that’s happened to you in the past twenty-four hours. You’re going to forget you ever met the two of us, and when people ask you where you were, you’re going to MARK (CONT’D) (cont’d) tell them that you were visiting your sister in Connecticut.

K (entranced) Neecie’s a real good kid. Gotta work on that mouth of her’s though...

MARYANNE Apparently it’s a family trait.

MARK (CONT’D) Now you’re going to go inside and tell your wife and kids how much you love them, and you’re never going to lay another hand on them, because you are a wonderful husband and father, and you never want to see them hurt... Isn’t that right?

K (dazed) Yeah... I really love my kids...

MARK I know you do.

MARYANNE That’s sweet, really. Now get the hell out lover boy.

K (gets out of the car) Thanks for the ride...

He shuts the car door, and the JEEP starts off. He waves them farewell with a hollow smile.

MARK (hopeful) I think that guy’s really gonna’ turn his life around.

MARYANNE (sarcastically) Yeah, father of the year, that one. (she looks over at Mark) So you know where this guy’s gonna’ be tonight? MARK Yep. Thanks to Mr. Anderson I now know everything from where this Mortanno guy eats, drinks, sleeps, and who he’s cheating on his wife with... and I’m pretty sure she’s a man...


We again see Gabriel's Chevy down the street as he watches them intensely.

MARK (off in the distance)


So, Annie, what were you going to do if I hadn't tagged along?

MARYANNE (off in the distance)

You know Mark, a frying pan to the face can do what you do. As the Jeep drives away, Gabriel’s Chevrolet pulls off the side of the road and follows. A few minutes later, the sibling pair stops at a light. Maryanne nervously picks at her nails.

MARYANNE Mark can I please light a-

MARK Hell no. Not while I’m driving.

MARYANNE It’s my car.

MARK Then you drive, and I’ll take a cab.

MARYANNE (exhasperated) UGH! You suck.

As she continues with her nervous habit, Gabriel’s Chevy turns the corner about three cars behind them and sits, staring. Maryanne feels as though she’s being watched, and notices him in the mirror. She lowers her SHADES to get a better look.

MARYANNE Hey, I think we’re bein’ tailed. I saw that car pull off behind us when we dropped off that hoodlum.

MARK (casually) Yeah, for about a mile and a half now. MARYANNE (taken aback) Are you for real? And you didn’t... I don’t know, bother to tell me?

MARK I knew you’d freak out. Just stay calm and stop looking at him.

The light turns green and they start off. Maryanne tries to sit calmly, but is obviously unnerved. She continues to glance in the mirror, annoying Mark.

MARK Annie! Knock it off.

MARYANNE I can’t help it. He’s creepin’ me out... and he's wearing sunglasses at night. Who does that? I mean, except for... you know...

Mark looks over at her with his eyebrows raised. He chuckles when he finally sees it click in her head.

MARYANNE (suddenly) Oh my GOD! Do you think he’s... like us?

MARK I don’t know... Strange thing is- he feels kind of familiar...

MARYANNE Okay, now THAT’S creepy.

Gabriel stares at the Jeep intently, skulking from behind as it makes a sharp right turn. He takes a gulp from his COFFEE CUP. Hanging halfway out of the pocket in his (mirror) is a small NOTEPAD. Inscribed on it, the name "MORTANNO" can be made out. He follows Mark and Maryanne for a moment, when suddenly, the Jeep BURNS OUT and flies forward. In a rush to chase them down, he spills his COFFEE all over his shirt.

MARYANNE (to Mark) Go! Go! GO!!! Mark steps on the gas and they pick up speed. The Jeep burns around a corner onto a busy street, cutting off another CAR. Gabriel follows behind and cuts off another car. Maryanne turns around to see the Chevy weaving in and out of traffic to catch up to them.


INT. G.R.I.P. - NIGHT The doctor sits on the COUCH in his office with Cady straddling him. They are fiercely tonguing one another in the dimly-lit space. Sparks fly for a moment, but Eddie stops spontaneously.

EDDIE (hesitantly) Wait- Wait-

CADY What’s wrong?

EDDIE I’m not sure we should be doing this.

CADY Why? You never had a problem before.

EDDIE Are you kidding me? Of course I... It’s just...

CADY (offended) So what? You're suddenly not INTO this?

EDDIE No! That’s not it at all. I just don’t want to do anything that would... get in the way of your treatment...

She shoots him a look that says, "Are you fucking kidding me?" He chuckles. EDDIE I just mean...

CADY I know what you mean. But trust me, you’re not pressuring me into doing anything that I don’t want to.

EDDIE You’re sure?

She passionately runs her fingers through his hair down to his cheek, then sweetly looks him dead in the eyes.

CADY Positive.

She kisses him again, and they resume their make-out-fest.

INT. MARYANNE’S JEEP/INT. GABRIEL’S CHEVY, DOWNTOWN PROVIDENCE/INT. G.R.I.P. - NIGHT (CONTINUOUS) The Jeep drifts around another corner. Gabriel struggles to keep up as he weaves in and out of cars on the four-lane road.

Cady’s eyes open as she takes her lips away from Eddie’s. Her PUPILS begin to dazzle a brilliant SILVER. Tracing the line of BUTTONS on his shirt with her finger, each facet unbuttons telekinetically, down to the third one. Then, she impatiently uses her power to rip open his SHIRT- the BUTTONS fly in every direction and she laughs.

Maryanne’s Jeep shoots out around another corner, still attempting to flee it’s pursuer. Gabriel charges behind them, undaunted.

Cady and Eddie continue sending sparks flying. Cady is unexpectedly aggressive with him and now has him lying flat on his back while she continues straddling him. She uses her power to unbuckle his BELT and sends it flying against the wall. She rips her own shirt off and continues mauling her shrink.

Gabe’s Chevy is gaining on the Jeep, alerting both Mark and Maryanne.

MARYANNE (frantically) This guy isn’t giving up! Mark, what are we gonna’ do? Mark continues his focus on the road, trying not to collide with the oncoming TRAFFIC and PEDESTRIANS.

MARYANNE (CONT’D) Can’t you do something???

MARK Me? I’m the one driving!

MARYANNE I know but he’s...

MARK (calmly) Alright, Annie. I need you to focus.

MARYANNE (still somewhat frantically) Okay... alright... focus...

The cars collide yet again, sending the two siblings jolting forward.

MARYANNE (yells) SON OF A- (turns around and yells at Gabriel) I JUST replaced that tail light you bastard!

MARK Hey, Annie! BREATHE! I need you to focus here!

Maryanne tries to relax herself and breathes deeply, clenching her fists repeatedly as if squeezing a stress-ball.

MARYANNE (as a mantra to herself) Woo-sah... Woo-sah...

Cady stops, and sits up. Eddie stares at her eyes, which are still sparkling SILVER. She stretches out, her face now pointed at the ceiling. The KNOB for the lightswitch TURNS ON ITS OWN, dimming the lights until they are almost completely off.

Maryanne’s breathing becomes calmer.

Eddie sits up and kisses Cady fiercely. Maryanne’s breathing calms completely and she starts to regain her focus.

MARK You can do this Annie!

Suddenly, Cady and Eddie begin to float off of the COUCH in eachother’s arms. As they continue kissing, they levitate even further until they’ve more than halfway reached the ceiling.

Maryanne opens her eyes and sinks into the car seat inconspicuously. All of a sudden, a small FIRE ignites on Gabriel’s JACKET. In shock, he loses control of the vehicle and smashes headfirst into a guardrail, while trying to extinguish himself. Maryanne looks back to see him jump out of the car. He throws his SMOKING JACKET on the ground and stomps on it.

MARYANNE (laughing) HA HA! Motherfucker!

MARK (laughs) Nicely done.

She smiles victoriously and they high-five as the Jeep WHIZZES around another corner.


INT./EXT. G.R.I.P. - NIGHT Alise pulls red Tesla Roadster pulls up in front of the mansion and effortlessly flicks a CIGARETTE out of her window. She rolls the window up and bends over to pick up her PURSE. She takes out a large stack of CASH, counts it quickly, slyly licking her finger before touching every bill. She then rolls it up and sticks it in her bra. She then takes out a CELL PHONE and dials a number, then puts the phone to her ear.

Inside Eddie’s office, Cady’s phone vibrates inside her purse but, for obvious reasons, she doen’t answer. Alise hangs up the phone annoyed and steps out of the car. She walks past the receptionist who smiles at her though, surprisingly enough, Alise does not reciprocate. She heads down the hallway until she reaches Dr. Barkes’ OFFICE. She knocks once and opens the door slightly.

ALISE Yo Cady.

There is no answer, so she opens the door further, seeing now that the office is totally dark.

ALISE (confused) Cady? You still here?

She takes a few steps into the office and hears a strange RUSTLING. She looks up to see Cady and Eddie, half-naked, clinging to one another on the ceiling. They all stare at each other in shock.

ALISE What the-

CADY (startled) Holy shit!

All of a sudden, Cady’s irises return to their normal color. Both she and the Doc fall barely clothed from the ceiling onto the carpet with a loud THUD. Alise laughs at Cady who curls up, totally busted and hiding her naughty parts in shame.

ALISE (mocking) So remind me again... who’s NOT a whore?

Eddie rubs his eyes in desperation while Cady bows her head in defeat.

INT. MARYANNE’S JEEP/EXT. DOWNTOWN PROVIDENCE - NIGHT The Jeep pulls into a creepy alley and stops.

MARYANNE Who the hell was that guy? MARK I’m not quite sure. I know him from somewhere though...

Maryanne rubs her eyelids, slightly overwhelmed.

MARYANNE Guess it doesn’t matter right now anyway... I’ve got another bad fish to catch, right?

MARK You mean WE, right?

MARYANNE (shaking her head) Sorry, Mark. I need you to wait around back with the car.

MARK (protesting) WHAT? I came all this way just to be your flipping chauffer? I really COULD have just taken a cab home.

MARYANNE Look Mark, it’ll be fine. I need to know that when I nab this guy I’m gonna have a quick getaway.

MARK (sighs) Alright, alright. IJust go get him. Be quick. Be safe.

MARYANNE Aw, c’mon. It's me Mark. What else would you expect?

Mark shoots her a look and she smiles while exiting the vehicle. She shuts the door and bangs on it twice. He speeds off around the corner. Maryanne walks around the other way and turns the corner. She spots a MAN carrying a BRIEFCASE walking toward her. However, when the man looks up and sees her, he takes off running. Maryanne bolts after him.

MARYANNE Mista’ Mortanno!

He climbs up a nearby FIRE ESCAPE and Maryanne follows behind him. MARYANNE (CONT’D) Mista’ Mortanno! Wait a second!

The ladder on the next level refuses to come down, but the man jumps up, catches on to it without difficulty, and hops onto the scaffolding. Maryanne follows just seconds behind him and jumps up to grab the ladder.

MARYANNE (CONT’D) (climbing) HEY! There’s nowhere to run you son of a-

When she reaches the top of the ladder she hears a small, metallic CLICK. She looks up to see that she is now looking down the barrel of a small PISTOL. The gunman smiles a wicked and toothy grin as he begins to pull the trigger. Her eyes widen behind the veil of her SHADES. She gasps. BOOM.


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8 Reviews

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Reviews: 8

Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:09 am
Nelly101 says...

Is really good, but the font is a but hard to understand XD

Nelly101 says...

except i started frowing at this part 'Cady sticks out her tongue, shuts the door, and Alise speeds
Cady runs inside to get out of the rain. She bursts through
the front doors and wipes her feet on the WELCOME MAT. As
she approaches the front desk, water drips all over the
floor.' because cady is already inside from shutting the door?

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347 Reviews

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Reviews: 347

Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:07 am
OliveDreams wrote a review...

Back! Let's dive straight into it.

1.Oh goody...I like the sisters.

2.A change of clothes!? That's rather generous!

3.WOAH! How is Eddie in the photo?!?! I need to know now! I also like the relationship you've set up between him and Cady.

4.“Mark. This guy Louie Mortanno, or whatever, killed my husband.” - I love the way you sneak in all this important information to us without making a massive deal of it. It makes me want to know even more!

5.“UGH! You suck.” - I think this sounds a little young and immature for Maryanne to say. Yet, if this is what being with her brother brings out in her the n I guess it does fit.

Ahhhh! I need to know if she lives! Is this gunman Mr Mortanno ? Or someone completely different?

Kindly hurry with Act 5!!!!!!

Olive <3

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363 Reviews

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Reviews: 363

Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:56 am
DreamWork wrote a review...

Hello RobbieFava,have a good day!So here is Dark to give review on your script-story !

I like your script that organized and easy to understand here.I only know a little bit about script writing but I'm sure you really have a script with an interesting story here.I also like the details of story that makes the plot of your story runs smoothly in every scene.

The receptionist shuts the door behind her, and Cady steps
into the finely-furnished office. She takes off her shirt
and puts it into the BAG.
In her bra, she dries off with the TOWEL and shakes out her
hair. Her bare FEET sink into the plush red CARPET.
After drying, she puts the HOODIE on. Then, she steps
forward and admires the Ph.D. on the wall:

Your Attention to details makes the reader able to internalize and imagine the story in scenes.I enjoyed this story so much!You got the talent here :D
Keep it up!

RobbieFava says...

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :D

Remember: no stress allowed. Have fun, and learn from your fellow writers - that's what storybooks are all about.
— Wolfical