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Gilbert's Second Interview With God

by Radrook

Gilbert had requested another session with God and it had once more been granted. He had gained a better understanding from the first one but there were still many things which baffled him such as ultimate location of all things. After all, everything in existence needed a location to exist. Since that was so, then where exactly was the location of everything? In fact, where was heaven itself located and God himself located before there was a heaven?

Most others around him seemed oblivious to such paradoxes and seemed content to just be in heaven enjoying the peace and serenity and the beautiful surroundings. They explored, invented, practiced newly-acquired skills and abilities, and worked alongside others to accomplish the many tasks which God delegated to his faithful creatures. But to Gilbert, it was the privilege of talking with God personally about such matters that attracted him most.

Once more the two angels appeared at his side and escorted him to the presence of the Almighty.This time God had assumed a human appearance, still as bright as before, but discernibly human. He seemed robed in a white garment and a gold crown on his head with gemstones. He was also sitting on what appeared to be an ivory throne.

“Lord, I am honored to be granted this privilege,” Gilbert said, placing his hand on his chest and kneeling on one knee. Also, thank you lord for appearing to me in a human form.”

There was a prolonged silence and then the Lord spoke.

“You have very profound questions for me today I see.”

“Well, yes Lord, I do. It has to do with location Lord.”

“Yes, my son, I am aware of that.”

Gilbert felt sheepish in having felt that he needed to explain to the Lord God what was on his human, finite mind. But if God knew already, why didn’t he just explain it to him?”

“Because the process of discovery is a pleasurable journey which would be spoiled by that my son,” God responded to Gilbert’s inner-thoughts, and it made sense. If mysteries were revealed rapidly without the need for conversation or discussion, it would have been like downloading information into those machines that humans now called computers. He definitely appreciated God not treating him like one of those mindless machines.

“Thank you Lord! You see, I have always wondered just where you were located before you created heaven.”

“Before I created heaven I was all there was my son.”

“But where were you located?”

“There was nowhere for me to be located since I was all that existed.”

“But existed where Lord?”

“My son, there was nowhere before I created a where apart from myself. That first where, I called heaven.” Gilbert’s mind reeled as he struggled to conceive the reality of that concept but his mind could not grasp it.

“But where is heaven located Lord?”

“Heaven is located nowhere. It is an extension of my being. Spaces that I created to surround me as you would extend a canopy or a tent around yourself in which to dwell”

Things were beginning to make more sense now.

“Yes I can understand it better now. But then where is our material universe with its galaxies? Where did the Big Bang happen?”

Gilbert was shown a scene where all was heavenly light. Then within that light which was heaven, a dark point emerged and expanded and was soon filled with pinpoints of light. These swirled and merged and created black holes around which stars gathered, becoming galaxies which gradually became galactic clusters, which then became super clusters with great voids in between.

“That is your universe!” the Lord said.

“So my universe is surrounded by heaven Lord?”

"Beyond that darkness that mankind deems endless, is heaven my Son. But to enter this spiritual realm without becoming a spirit would prove fatal. My servant Paul explained this in the book of Hebrews that I inspired him to write. Flesh and blood cannot inherit my kingdom. You remember those verses, don’t you Gilbert?”

“Yes Lord, I do. There is another question that I have Lord. Why did you make our universe so large when all mankind needs is the Earth?”

“Did the universe look large in comparison with heaven my Son?”

“No, it didn’t--”

“Size is relative my son. To an elephant you are small, but some of my dinosaurs would have deemed the elephant tiny. To an ant you are gargantuan, yet to an amoeba, the ant is humongous. To you the universe looks vast, but to me, it isn’t vast all, but just one among many.”

Gilbert was shown where many spherical universes were suspended like chandeliers in the brightness of heaven with angels entering to and emerging from different assignments involving the carrying out of God’s will. Teaching, guiding, protecting, communicating preparing planets for habitation in righteousness.

He was shown pristine garden planets where creatures made in God’s image had never sinned and had retained perfection of both mind and body. Where a sending of a Savior had been unnecessary. Where no opposer of God had tempted and where the need for permission of sin for centuries had never occurred and only peace and happiness had existed. Where life was assumed naturally to be an everlasting gift and the creature did not have to worry about death.

All these beings were humanoids, the material appearance in which God had chosen to display his image so as to call them his progeny. All were brothers by virtue of having the same creator, but all were kept apart according to his will.

Gilbert’s mind reeled from the display and he suddenly felt very insignificant. But the reassuring love of the Creator softly embraced him as a father embraces an insecure child who fears to be abandoned when he learns that there are others who also are sons, and Gilbert once more regained his composure.

Then the two angels reappeared and he knew that his session with God had once more come to an end.

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Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:08 pm
rosette wrote a review...

Hello Radrook!

I read the first interview of this story, but I actually decided to review this second part. I find the whole idea of a mere, finite being interviewing God... interesting. Do you believe that when we get to heaven we'll be able to interview Him? I know some people do, and they always proclaim "When I get to heaven, I got some questions for Him!" But... I don't think we'll be able to question Him. I don't think He wouldn't want us to, but simply being in His presence, the presence of the Almighty God, how are we even going to able to stand? In the book of Revelation, angels are mentioned that surround his throne and sing "Holy, Holy, Holy". They've been there since they were created, and they rest not day or night, and even though they've sang those words hundreds of thousands of millions of times, they still have not said just how holy God is. Or else they would've stopped by now. God has revealed Himself to the finite minds of men, but think about when we're actually there with Him. In the presence of the Holy, Omnipotent, Righteous God. I don't see how it will be possible for us to have a reasonable discussion with Him. I don't think things of the world will matter to us anymore.

You mention angels in here that have assignments and missions, which I agree with. I don't think we'll be just floating around on clouds in heaven, playing harps or whatever. There is work to be done. Yet what is Gilbert doing? Besides interviewing God, of course. He has nothing else to do? I get that the point of this story is his interviews, but something about it all doesn't sit right in my brain.

I found the part of different planets fascinating. I've often wondered if there was life somewhere else, and what they would be like. The Bible doesn't say, but if there was other life isn't it crazy to believe that God came to our planet? And yet we crucified Him.


Well, I'm not sure if these ramblings helped. I basically shared my thoughts on this, because I wasn't sure what else to review on. It's hard to talk about a character's personality and such when that character is a spirit in heaven.

Have a great day, and keep up the writing!


Radrook says...

Thanks for the review. Very much appreciated. True, Gilbert does have other responsibilities in heaven which I should have mentioned at the outset but did so in maybe the fourth or fifth interview. But now that you mention it that should have been mentioned earlier. All the interviews are posted on my blog. True about God being far above us. Yet Jesus associated with us, we understood him, and there was no problem in communication. So I assumed that God has the power to tone down to our level.

How will our minds be changed once we are glorified? I prefer to think that although we will be superior, will still hold on to our basic humanity which includes an intense curiosity of the unknown.

I did take some liberties in assuming that God has used the vast universe with its billions of other persons and planets to place creatures who are also in his image there. But that is just conjecture. On the other hand, it just seems quaint to imagine that vast region bereft of life or any other creature that might bear his image. But then again, to God all that might just be microscopic. Thank you for the feedback and the help in making the story better. God bless.

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Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:59 pm
lelu wrote a review...

Me again. Firstly, I do like this, especially the other planets. If I ever write space fiction (which I probably will) I'll probably make them all humanoids. Also, you mention computers as if Gilbert is unfamiliar with them. It implies that he died a long time ago, but didn't you say he'd been in heaven for six months? Maybe it's been longer and he just didn't notice. I like how you describe heaven. In other news, you repeat a few errors from Gilbert's first interview with God. Many of your sentences need commas, especially before "my son" and "Lord." "Almighty" needs to be capitalized, just because it always is and it's one of His titles. When you talk about size, it should be "To an ant, you are gargantuan," and so on. Sometimes, when you begin a sentence, you leave off the quotation marks or forget to indent. "Where life was...etc." is a sentence fragment because it begins with "where." One other question: How much of the Bible do you believe? It's clear you believe it's the inspired word, according to your mention of Hebrews, but do you believe all of Genesis, or none, or that it's allegorical? Please respond. I'm curious.

Radrook says...

Thank you for the review. True, in my haste at posting I forget things sometimes which is really inexcusable and I will try harder to avoid it. About indenting, I post it indented and it refuses to take when I upload it here. Even when I dent here it refuses to take. But since others indent it must be that I am missing something. I will fix that as well. Your feedback is very helpful and greatly appreciated. About the time that Gilbert has been in heaven, please note that time flows differently for God, One day is like a thousand years for him. So I assumed that this different flow of time would be applicable to other denizens of the spirit realm as well. But that is just conjecture on my part. I do explain it in one of Gilbert's interviews.

About the Bible, I was once a very dedicated Bible student. Yes, I do take Genesis literally except for the length of the creative days. Essentially I am a believer in a creator. Since the only creator that has been described to me in detail is the biblical one that is the one I write about.

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