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Mountain Wind

by Morrigan

Sample tune:

I've been practicing it all day, so please forgive that it's not the whole song, the recording quality, and how tired my voice sounds. 

I can feel it take a hold--
the way the winter seeps to bone.
When the moon floods the sky
I fearfully close my eyes. 

I used to keep an open door,
but that was far before the storm--
Now I keep the latches tight,
for evil swarms in the squall.

I know that there's a way out of here, but I can't find the sun.
The devil's got a firm hold on me, and he digs in his claws.
oooh, mountain wind let me go
oooh, mountain wind please let go

Bitter gusts fill my heart,
and loneliness crowds the cards--
The stars are my only guide,
and they've become obscured by clouds.


I taste the metal in my mouth
and mourn the loss of hope
demons rise up from the ground
and bind my hands with rope


oooh, mountain wind let me go
oooh, mountain wind take me home
oooh, mountain wind take me home
oooh, mountain wind let's go home

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Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:09 pm
pkidchick wrote a review...

Wow. You have a lovely voice! And this song - it just so beautiful... and mysterious. I love it!
And don't know what to say, honestly.

But excuse me; I must review now. To begin with (and this isn't super major or anything) I think you should identify Verse 1 and Verse 2. After the first stanza under Chorus you have another stanza there and at first, I thought it was part of the Chorus but when you didn't sing it... well, I'm assuming no.

As for the actual song, it was like I said before very mysterious and intriguing. However, the second verse was a little confusing. I'm sure you're talking specifically of something here but this one line, and loneliness crowds the cards , I didn't understand. What cards? What are the cards used for? Why are they crowded by loneliness? This song reminds me of somebody living deep in the woods, who believes in witchcraft or whatnot. But they want to be free. Of course, I have no idea if that's what you actually intended - this is just the impression I received.

Now on to the Bridge... so far, everything is very sing-able and wonderfully shiver-evoking but the Bridge seemed to throw a stop to this. I don't see how it flows with the rest of the song, nothing rhymes (not like it did with everything else, but I see how you worked it) and its very abrupt. Now don't get me wrong: it makes perfect sense, but doesn't quite seem to have the same mmmh as everything. (now that was just confusing, wasn't it?)

Overall, this was very nice and interesting and I liked your sample tune (please keep it). By the way, was that you playing the piano?! It was gorgeous!

I have no idea if you found this helpful at all... I sincerely hope you did... But great job anyway and keep up the good work! : )


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