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Can You Decode This?

by MapleWay

i5fu!0d hf}!} n0h f}!9 ll!M l f5J!} aHf aJb n0h }l iP!b5 l fbHM M0laq fuaWW0]

0f aJn5 a>lbW 05 if,ub] ald0ad f50W i5fbJ6u0] uaHf uaff!JM a/\bH l fbHM pbaJ ub] n0h }! i0llaH

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Wed Mar 03, 2021 1:49 pm
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ForeverYoung299 wrote a review...

I think this is the answer

Hello! can you read what I have written then congrats! most people can't so make sure to
Comment below what I said! if you are the first I will gift you fifty points!

This is a tough one. I tries by numbering, then by lettering and then finally by turning it out upside down and it worked!!

I liked it. Do give this types if decoding. It was pretty cool


MapleWay says...

Correct! Thanks for the review! I'll definitely do more in the future!

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Wed Mar 03, 2021 7:58 am
stygianmoon17 wrote a review...

ooh neat I love this kind of thing :P

I'll try out a few things to see if they can decode this:

1- ifud hf nh
yeah okay no keeping the letters doesn't work

2- codes like a= 1 b=2
impossible since there's also ! and ' and ) and all that

3- since literally decoding the text doesn't work, maybe messing with the way I look at it could work..

Figured it out !
I'm not gonna write how so you can enjoy looking it for yourself ;)

But basically it does:
Hallo ! If you can read what I have written here, congrats most people can't etc etc

MapleWay says...

Those were some good ideas! Thanks for the review!

fifty points btw ;)

(I'm just kidding no need to send them)

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Wed Mar 03, 2021 5:28 am
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Spearmint says...

Oh this is neat! Also, if anyone reading the original cipher is confused and wants a hint:

Spoiler! :
read the message upside down ;)

Here's one that I made up :D :
9-6 | 25-15-21 | 12-9-11-5 | 19-20-21-6-6 | 12-9-11-5 | 20-8-9-19, | 3-8-5-3-11 | 15-21-20 | 5-4-7-1-18 | 1-12-12-1-14 | 16-15-5-'-19 | "20-8-5 | 7-15-12-4 | 2-21-7"!

MapleWay says...

Hm. That one is puzzling me. If you want to leave me a hint I would love to try and debunk it! Also thanks for the review!


The answer to this is in the spoiler below:

Spoiler! :

If you like stuff like this check out Edgar Allan Poe's "The Gold Bug"

Spearmint says...

Also here%u2019s a hint: Try listing out the letters of the alphabet with their numbers (e.g. a = 1)
Good luck! :D

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Wed Mar 03, 2021 2:08 am

Hello can you read what I have written then congrats most people can't so make sure to
Comment below what I said if you are the first I will gift you fifty points

I am pretty sure this is right!


By the way, I really like this. I hope you do another one because it was very fun!

MapleWay says...

Thanks! Also, you're correct! I'll send the 50 points now!

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