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Coder's Lament

by Love

In this darkest morning hour,

Sat my brain, in thought entrapped.

Fore my eyes lay something dour:

A solution to enact.

Here for days have I been watching

This creation rising out

Of my sweet imagination

But alas now, I'm in doubt.

Here along my restless pursuit,

After all these fruitless years,

I click to build my life's desire

Just to realise my fears.

For lo, here stands forlorn before me

An evil box proclaiming my

Inability and folly

In believing it would fly.

Sweet range builds up.

Black lightning strikes!

My keyboard, smoking,

Feels a plight

For here I am

Striking away

At the poor keys

To have my way.

A hour pass'd,

Or mayhap two.

I typed and typed and typed...

I'm through!

I build again.

Sweet love, it's done!

Submit, I scream.

And thus, I run

To the high clouds

Where wonders dwell

To put my work

Through'n electric spell.

It eats my file -

Oh lo, behold!

I wait and wait

for't to unfold.

But no! Oh no!

I scream and die

as it shouts back,


Storms rage without -

Within as well!

By the sweet lord

Thee I compell

To see the wonder

that I bring,

And not dismiss it

With a fling!

I try again -

It must be wrong.

For I can not!

My mind's too strong.

"Great derp!" I cry,

And I look in

The files 't made

From things thrown in.

The text was there

-its beauty bright!-

And not a problem

Here in sight.

'Twas then I thought

A thought too grim -

My algorithm

Was not of kin

To one designed

By the machines

That hosted these

Infernal themes.

Henceforth reports

Have been thus made

Reporting all things

False and faint.

Some claimed a war -

others a plague.

For thousand years

All was opaque

Regarding things

That were tonight -

Due to my failure

In this fight.

The end that struck

This happy earth

Was nothing other

Than my birth.

For on this night

All that you knew

So sweetly perished

As rage grew.

A rage so strong

That this earth cracked

And stole my view

Of dreams and fact.

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Tue May 26, 2015 5:22 pm
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Eros wrote a review...

Hi Draknghar!!

This is Eros here!!

I read your poetry and it was superb!!!! You have got a talented writing ability. You are a skillful person with such a beautiful poetry. You can move the world by the power of your wonderful writng..

I am left speechless by your poem. You have really won my heart Dear, Draknghar!!
Continue writing and we all love to read them...

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Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:38 pm
Crimsona wrote a review...

Hello there! Crim here to review your poem.

Oh jeez, my father is a software programmer and I have to deal with his lamentations throughout the day and night when he works from home - so I suppose that I can relate to this poem in a certain sense!

I really, really love the content of this poem - and you have a natural knack for rhyme which is very impressive. However I feel that the rhyme and the very short lines completely kill the flow! Which is such a shame because, as I just said, I love the content. I understand why the lines are short, because of fast typing etc etc, but I just feel like maybe they could have been a little bit longer?

Overall, I loved this poem and I hope you've managed to do your programming project!

Keep writing, with practice you can only improve!

Love says...

But but... Rhyme is a must D: The short lines, however, are indeed questionable... Sorry! XD It just worked out this way... Yeah, longer lines would probably have been better! :)

Thanks for the review! XD

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Thu Apr 17, 2014 6:39 pm
chaninalexis14 wrote a review...

I could not really interpret what this poem was about, but I love your integrity in it. Your very straight forward, and from what a gathered at around the beginning was that it was about typing fast on a keyboard?

I love how straight forward you are with your writing, I really think you have lots of potential.

I know that this review may not help very much, and I'm sorry for that, but I wanted to let you know that I love your writing.

Your an amazing writer, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Keep Writing


P.S. It's amazing, I loved it

Love says...

Aww thank you! :) Sorry that it was confusing... I guess one has to be a programmer to understand :P Its about me trying on a programming challenge but failing ^.^ Thanks for the review! :)

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