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simply blue

by CaptainJack

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Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:50 am
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EditorAndPerks wrote a review...

I figured that I might as well type up a review for this because the image does appear correctly unlike the person below me, and I like talking about color, so I thought this would work out alright.

In general, the use of color in anything: pictures, poems, writing, paintings of course, can really bring out or highlight a neat part of the art, or what kind of meaning the creator intends to create. For this specific piece, the arrangement can be a large part of the overall effect, with the darkest, cerulean I would deem it about, with the alternating shades of lightly cloudy blue and what appears to be a light gray, slightly blue-ish tone.

I think these colors go nicely with each other, with my eyes naturally drawn to the top layer. The color blue has a lot of different, often-contrasting possible meanings, with the most popular ones mentioning the sky or the sea, and to represent life or creation, as water itself does contribute significantly to one's actual bodily self. Gray can represent apparently only sad things - such as feeling isolated/alone, as it's seen to be a classic way of "putting emotions" into things, such as new movies being filmed with black/white/gray cameras, which can make some interesting effects.

Overall, I have the idea that this was an experiment of sorts, if not to see what type of reviews you would get, or if someone would try to get a meaning behind these specific colors. My take is that these colors can mean something unique to you, whether that mean representation of linking gray and blue or liking the overall effect of transitioning from a strong, bold color to something lighter and more subtle by the end.

I think this is a neat picture to look over repeatedly. I am curious as to what you wanted to see from your readers (viewers). This was pretty cool though c: <33

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Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:04 pm
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Munozutoo2122 wrote a review...

Same as my other review I Honestly don't see anything and it is very disappointing. No offense but don't post anything if you don't write anything. Maybe that's why no one is bothering to post a review for you. I mean if you at least write 4 sentences that would be good. Also if you need help just say you do. I really think you have potential you just need to unlock it and that is something your not doing right now.

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