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Blood On Snow (Chapter 2)

by LivitheWriter4

“Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.”

A hand came out of the light and grabbed me. The hand pulled me into the light and I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I noticed something feathery sticking out from her back and I realized they were wings. She was an Angel of Heaven.

“Come,” she beckoned to me, “I have a lot to explain in a little amount of time.” I nodded. “Silly girl,” she laughed, “You are allowed to talk.”

“Where are you taking me? Why have you brought me here? What is going to happen to me? Who are you?” I asked her.

“I am Emerentiana-I know it’s a mouthful,” she explained, “I am your guardian angel. I am taking you to the Palace of the Lord. Only very special humans get sent there. Before that, I will take you to the Hall of Mirrors. You will view yourself there. I am not permitted to tell you why I brought you here, and I do not know what is going to happen to you. The Hall of Mirrors is right up there,” she pointed to a pair of doors with mirrors of them, “We will go in them.”

We went up to them and she opened the doors. It was not completely filled with mirrors, but it had many of them. I quickly looked down. I was scared to see what I looked like.

“Go ahead and look at yourself,” Emerentiana said, “I promise you don’t look like a monster.” I took a glance and kept looking.

My hair was the silkiest it ever was. It also seemed the lightest blonde it ever was, and there were gold streaks in it. I was wearing a cream chiffon with gold accents. I was wearing tan gladiator sandals, and my skin was clean and clear.

“Why do I look like this?” I asked Emerentiana. She laughed.

“You look like you always imagined and wished yourself to be,” she answered, “You wished yourself to be the most beautiful person to ever exist, and that is what you became. The reason that happened is because when you were living you were pure and kind.” I slowly nodded, not really understanding.

“We will go to the Palace of the Lord. Come,” she said. She walked out and I followed. I looked in the golden hills along the silver path that we walked on. There were trees made of amber and emerald, and roses made of amazonite and rubies. I picked four of them.

“Good idea,” Emerentiana said. I gave her a questioning look, and she just smiled back.

Soon enough, we arrived in front of a palace made of gold and silver. I looked up, but I couldn’t see the top.

“Adelia.” I snapped my head down. That was the first time Emerentiana said my name. “Adelia.” I realized the doors were open. “Come.” I nodded and followed her.

A little bit after we walked in, we came across a throne room. It had three thrones. The one in the middle was diamond, the one on the right was gold, and the one on the left was silver. There was a figure in the middle of the room. He turned around. I sprinted into his arms.

“Papa,” I said, “It is so good to see you again.” Papa laughed. “You too, my child,” he said. All of a sudden, he grew very warm. I looked up to him. “Papa, what are you doing?” He grew into a blinding light in my arms. “Papa?”

“I am your ‘Papa’” the new person said, “I am everyone’s Papa.”

“God,” I proclaimed. He gave a laugh.

“Yes,” he said, “You are the first person who has given me a hug in a long time. Thank you.” I nodded and gave a teary smile. “Your father is not here anymore. He chose to live another life on Earth.” I felt tears come through my eyes, and I gave soft sobs.

“We have not come here to talk, however, we came here for council,” he said loudly. Right after he said that, a man with long hair and a halo appeared in the gold throne. At the same time, the most beautiful woman appeared in the silver throne. Jesus and Mary. God went and sat down in the diamond throne.

I felt the jewel roses grow heavy in my hand. I immediately knew what to do with them.I went to Jesus and gave him one, I went and gave God one too, and, lastly, I went to Mary and gave her the third one. I looked at her. I still had one left.

“What should I do with the last one?” I asked her.

“Keep it, child. You deserve it,” she answered. I smiled softly and thanked her.

“So,” Jesus said, “Why do you believe that we had you summoned here?”

“I do not know,” I said, “But if all of you are here I know it is for a good reason.” All of them nodded. Mary smiled.

“Your friend Lilith is in a massive state of grief,” Mary said, “But she will get married to the lord’s eldest son, and her first child will be a girl,” she looked at God and Jesus, “Um, we were thinking that you could be reincarnated into their daughter.” My mind slowly processed this. Once I understood what they meant, I slowly nodded.

“That would be very nice,” I said, “If you all are okay with it. I would love to see my friends again, even through the eyes of a child.” They all nodded.

“You will have some memory,” God said, “But only a little of it will be from here. Most of it will be from your past life. Once you grow up, you will look just like you do now.” I nodded.

“Where and when will we do this?” I asked.

“In the courtyard, at noon,” Mary said, “You will go with Emerentiana until noon today.” Emerentiana stepped forwards. “She will still be your guardian angel.” Emerentiana nodded and smiled at me. I think she liked me?

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