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Fairy Diary | 13 2/2 and 14

by Liberty

A/N: Hey guys! This is yet another entry of Fairy Diary. Just a reminder: Bold is Luke's writing and normal is Lily's writing. Also, I'm really sorry that this entry took forever! Forgive me, dear readers. Enjoy, though! Also, I know that some people just pop in a do a review before reading the story so here's a mini summary:

Lily is a girl who found a diary (that she still writes in now) and realized it wrote back. She found out that it's name was Ashley. Her friends name was Andrealama. Note that the families had names that all started with the same letter. Lily and Luke (her brother) figure out a way to uncurse Ashley and to do that, they steal the Forbidden Book Of Magic.

Later, they return it and the queen catches them, because the book stayed in the castle at all times. She made them heirs to the throne and sent them off to their house. Now that Ashley is no longer in the diary, Lily and Luke write to each other in the diary. They can "hack" into diaries. So that's what they do. Well, anyways, now they just write about what happens everyday. Anyways, that was a lot. On to the story.


Good morning, Luke.




Why didn’t you finish the rest of the entry of yesterday? And, are you kidding me? You titled it 13 ½!? Ugh, what will I do with you?

Send me to the castle.

Hush up. Speaking of castle… The queen sent us an invitation!

To where?

Your face. Idiot – To a party.

Oh, am I invited?

Yes, sadly, the invitation addresses the entire family.

Yay! Someone’s at the door. Go check.

Okay, but continue with yesterday’s entry.

Yes, madam.

~  ~  ~

The rest of the kids congratulated Layla on getting accepted to UFK. University of Fashion and Knowledge.

"Thanks." Layla smiled and sat back down at her seat on the dining table.

"Okay, let's continue our chat." Lily said. 

"When are we going to move into the castle?" Luke asked. Everyone stared at him. 

"Are you kidding me?" She squeaked. "Is that the first thing that came to your mind when you thought of the castle?" 

"Well, duh!" That was Lily. "If we're heirs, then we obviously need to move into the castle like royals!" She rolled her eyes, putting another bite of pancakes in her mouth.

"You guys! That's not what it means to be a royal!" Louis exclaimed. He slammed his fists on the table and flew away in anger.

"What happened to him?" Luke and mom said at the same time. He never acts like this. He's such a peaceful guy! Luke leaned in to whisper to Lily, "I think he's jealous." Lily nodded.

~  ~  ~

I'm back! Guess what?


It was Emalia!

What did she want?

She asked me to forgive her and wanted to be friends with me again.

Well, you guys sure took a long time to talk! Let's continue.

'Kay. Lemme just catch up to where you're at.

~  ~  ~

"Let's go to the park!" Lily said. She picked up her plate and utensils and tossed them into the sink. "Can we go, dad?"

"Go right ahead." Her father said. He patted his daughter's head and tossed his own, mom's, and Luke's half-full plate in the sink – Layla was still eating. Lily skipped away, pausing for a few seconds by Layla and whispered something in her ear. 

Layla shrieked, "For real!?" 

Lily nodded. Layla gave her a pinch on the cheek, gobbled up the rest of her breakfast, tossed it in the sink, and started on the clothes for the party at the castle that Lily said she could sew.

Lily and Luke rushed out the door before either of their parents told them to do this or that. They walked and walked and walked. They walked right past the park and didn't even realize it. Before they could say 'abracadabra', they were standing in front of House A. Lily looked at Luke and nodded. 

He raised his hand a rapped on the door. It was instantly opened by Mr Aragi.

"Good morning, sir." Luke said.

"Morning!" Mr Aragi exclaimed. He opened the door wider to let the two in. "You're a friend of Andrealama's and Ashley's, right?" He looked delighted when Luke nodded. As he and Lily looked around, they noticed a lot of their family pictures hanging on the wall.

"What made you come?" Mr Aragi asked. Luke started talking but was interrupted when Ashley came twirling into the room in a beautiful, silky, light yellow dress. Lily guessed it was for the ball. Luke glared at Ashley and looked back at Mr Aragi but noticed that he was looking at his daughter. "That's the dress you're going to be wearing to the ball?" He asked.

"Yep!" She grinned and twirled away. Lily looked at her, jealous. She knew that she was going to get a better dress since Layla was making hers; but looking at Ashley's dress made her want her dress. Now!

"We were here to ask you if you'd like to come to the ball, but I guess you were already invited, am I right?" Lily said. She twirled her hair and put on a fake smile. 

"Yes, indeed! Haven't you heard? The entire kingdom is invited!" He exclaimed cheerily. 

"Well, we better be off then!" Luke said. He got up, brushed his pants and gestured Lily to follow him. 

"Wait! You should stay for lunch." Mr Aragi called out behind them as they ignored him and walked out the door. Luke was furious but Lily didn't understand why. 

"Why are you so mad?" Lily whispered, not wanting to make her brother get even madder if that was possible right at the moment. When Luke didn't reply, "Luke?" she said. 

"What is it?" he snapped. Lily was taken aback. They had such a strong relationship, that neither was mean to the other. Lily stopped in her tracks and stormed off in the other direction. She didn't know where she was going, but she did know that that stupid brother of hers needed some TIME OUT!

~  ~  ~

I'm your older brother; you can't say that.

Can too. That was very mean of you back there. I still don't understand. The queen can invite whoever she wants. Just because you're the heir, doesn't mean that you can decide who comes and who doesn't! 

I... Guess you have a point.

Aww, Luke! You're not sad now are you?


You are. I know you are. 

Please, stop. I'm not.

You are!

Lily Laviolette Libswich! Enough!

Luke, what has gotten into you?

I'm not writing in your stupid diary anymore.


Luke, where are you? 

What happened to him?

~  ~  ~

Lily had been walking for a long time. She had bumped into many fairies and she ignored every one of them. She didn't know what had gotten into her brother. What if something really HAD gotten into him? Lily sighed as she felt a drop of rain on her forehead. She started running now. If she stayed in the rain for a long time, her wings would melt.

She walked into a dark alley and curled up under a tree and folded her wings. She sobbed into her knees and a little while later, she fell asleep.

Lily didn't know how long she was there for but she did know that when she woke up, it was evening. She got up, yawning and doing a little stretch. She tried to remember why she was here. Then she remembered; and it made her frown.

She walked back home and saw a group of fairies surrounding a tree. What could that be? Lily walked to the crowd and asked a fairy man what was going on. He just shook his had and walked away. She pushed her way to the front of the crowd and gasped.

"Luke!" She screamed. He was on the ground and a puddle of red liquid was underneath him. It smelled like blood. "Oh no, oh no, oh no! What has this boy done?" She looked around to see if her parents or anyone in her family was here.

No one.

This couldn't be happening. Someone tapped her on the shoulder but she didn't dare look at who it was. The fairy continued tapping her and nudging her.

"Wake up, Lily!" The person said. Lily eyes flew open and she saw Luke standing in front of her. She threw herself on him and gave him a great big hug.

"Oh Luke, you didn't die!" She exclaimed. Luke brushed her off. He scratched the back of his head. 

"I'm sorry for what I did back there. And, why would I be dead?" Luke asked, shaking his head. 

"I had a bad dream." Lily said sheepishly. She looked around. It was afternoon time. "And, it's fine."

Luke nodded awkwardly. This type of tension was never in between them. "Mom said I had to come get you. Since you're awake, we can go now." He pulled his sister up and started walking away. Neither talked the way home. Once they had reached, they went their separate ways. Lily went to the kitchen to grab a snack. Luke went to his room and flipped open his box in which he had met the tiny creature and had made a deal with him.

~  ~  ~


Shut up, just because I'm back doesn't mean you can ask me questions like an idiot.

I. Hate. You. 

Then leave!


~  ~  ~

Luke took it out. "How was I?" He asked. The creature gave him a thumbs up with his tiny paws. It was a weasel. Luke knew very well that animals were not at all allowed in his world. But he didn't care. He wanted power. He looked out the window and saw that it was already evening. They must've walked a long way for it to already be evening. He smirked and put the weasel back in the box. As a treat, Luke took a few of the dead insects outside and gave it to the squirmy animal.

Luke sneezed. Then started scratching himself. He guessed that the anti-allergy spell wore off. He re-applied it.

~  ~  ~

Luke, what are you planning to do?

You can continue writing. I'm going to get a snack.

Luke, I asked you a question.



Oh boy. 

~  ~  ~

It was nighttime when Layla finished sewing everyone's clothes. 

Lily's dress was a long frock. The skirt part had a lovely little flare. It was a soft purple color that matched the peep-toe flats she was going to wear. The bodice had very light floral designs decorated around it. The dress was an off shoulder, by the way. Just the way Lily liked it. 

Layla had a knee length dress. It was a green-ish color. She was going to wear dark green peep-toe heels. Her dress wasn't an off-shoulder, it had straps instead.

Lily didn't get to see Louis's, mom's, dad's, and Lea's clothes because she was so sleepy that she couldn't keep her eyes open for one more second. 

~  ~  ~

Alright, so now, the fourteenth day starts. Oof. This took forever! And it's so late in the night. I think I'll fall asleep. 

Luke still is not here. 

He's supposed to help me. 

Oh well. 

Stupid brothers. 

I'm older than you. Stay in your limits.

Luke, what happened?

Continue writing. I'll jump in when I want to.

I'm sorry. 


~  ~  ~

The next morning, or noon, Lily yawned as she rolled out of bed. "I don't want to wake up!" She groaned.

Stumbling towards the washroom, she tripped over something soft. She sneezed. What was it? She bent down to pick it up. She squinted at it. Then screaming, she threw it across the hallway where it landed on Luke's head as he was walking out of his own room "Mom! Dad! Help! It's an animal!!" She screamed. She flew down the stairs. Her parents were always awake before anyone. 

Lily sneezed again. Her face was getting puffy. Her parents shot out of the kitchen and gathered the rest of the children and took them out of the house. They called for the guards; they were sure to take care of the pesky creature.

"It's okay buddy," Luke whispered to the weasel. Before Mom and Dad took them out of the house, Luke re-hid the weasel in the box.

"Children, we can't stay here anymore. We all have a risk of dying here." Mom said. Luke looked at her, wide-eyed. Louis just shook his head.

"They can get rid of the animal. We can't leave our home." Louis said.

A horrible thought dawned over Layla, "The dresses!" She shrieked. Running into the house like a mad fairy, Layla dashed into the storage room and took out the clothes that she had sewed together just the night before.

"What are we going to do now?" Louis groaned as Layla came out. Everyone shook their head.

Suddenly, Lily had an idea! "How about we stop by the castle?" Everyone else agreed.

By the time they had reached the castle, it was already after noon. So many fairies had stopped them, and invited them inside their house and given them something to eat. It was crazy. Even House S, who hated everyone, and was the family of Stevenamo, invited them in! These are benefits of being a royal. 

When they had reached the last house, they noticed that no one had invited them in. Lily was curious to see who lived there. There was no sign or anything. Maybe it was an abandoned house? Luke shrugged, "Let's go. This is probably one of the houses where gangfairies live. C'mon." He huffed. 

He had a point. Everyone followed him in the castle. The guards slightly bowed when they saw Lily and Luke. Lily smiled at them but Luke kept a straight, serious face. He continued walking in long strides. 

"Oh! Hello, everyone." The queen said. She looked a bit surprised, but she didn't show it and instead, she smiled like an angel. The family, excluding Lea, who was in camp, smiled and waved.

"Um, there was an..." Dad trailed off and shifted from one foot to the other. "Issue." He hoped the queen knew what he meant. He was ashamed to say that a pest had come into their house. 

"Issue? Is your water not working, dear? Are your beds comfortable? How about the TV? It is working fine, am I right?" The queen asked, getting up from the beautiful couch she was sitting on. 

"Um, it's all okay." Louis said, then lowered his voice. "There's a pest..." He trailed off when he saw the queen's face. 

"Did you get the guards?" The queen asked. Everyone nodded. "Well, I guess the lot of you can stay here until the whole procedure is over." She smiled. It takes a whole four days until the procedure finishes, so that means that the family will be staying in the castle for four days! And the party was in three days, so everyone could get ready at the castle! And Lea was coming home tomorrow but no one was at home. Lily would have to write her a letter. Lily was jumping around with excitement. 

Lily and Layla ran to the queen. "Thank you!" They said and hugged her. Then, realizing what they did, they blushed and excused themselves. The maids showed everyone their rooms. 

"Thanks!" Lily said to the maid. "Um, I know we all have separate rooms, but can Layla stay in this room with me?" The maid said it should be fine with the queen. She quickly hurried to go ask the queen and she agreed. Layla walked into the room after Lily. She grinned, "Wow, this is like Fairy Heaven!" She walked over to the beautifully huge bed. The headboard was made of pure gold! And the dresser was made of Oak tree bark. 

~  ~  ~

This is a very rare tree here in our world, but we've heard that humans have them everywhere! It's crazy. I bet they stole all of them. 

Right, Luke?

He's still mad. 

Who said that?

No one.

Then continue writing.


Actually, wait, I'll write now. You're writing is getting boring.


~  ~  ~

The maid ushered Luke into his room. She smiled and walked away with a slight bow. "Dinner will almost be ready in about a few minutes, so the queen would like you to see her in the dinner room." Luke quickly freshened up and pulled on the clothes that the maid had given him. According to her, the queen wanted everyone to wear such clothes.

~  ~  ~

Can I sketch my clothes?



Related image

That's nice.

Thanks! It took forever. Okay, should I write about dinner or do you want to?

It's way past bedtime. Hurry up. You do it.


~  ~  ~

Everyone came out of their rooms at the same time. Layla and Lily came out together. Mom and Dad – they requested to be in the same room, too. And Louis and Luke had their own rooms, so they came out separately. Lily and Layla were giggling over Fairy god-mother knows what. Luke rolled his eyes. He looked at Louis – he was wearing similar clothes.

Stopping a servant, Dad asked where the dinner room was. The servant lead the way.

The family entered the room and thanked the servant. It was very late to be having dinner. It was seven thirty. Layla grinned at Lily and whispered something in Lily's ear that made her giggle. Again!

"So when exactly is the queen coming?" Luke asked, rolling his eyes, "She tells us to come for dinner but comes late herself." He made a face and looked over at his sisters. They were staring at him as if he had thirty heads. Not that it wasn't possible. It is. Behind you. Layla mouthed. Luke looked behind him and went pale. It was the queen herself, wings and all. "Uh – um... Your Majesty... You," He tried looking for something to say and cover whatever else he had said. "You look very nice tonight!" He plastered a smile onto his face and looked down. 

For the entire time at dinner, the queen didn't even look at Luke. She was annoyed that she had made such a fairy the heir to the throne. If he hated the queen, then what about the kingdom? What would happen? Mom and Dad kept on giving Luke looks, saying that he was going to be getting an extra long lecture about his behavior tonight. After dinner, the family trudged up the stairs with tired wings and flopped onto their own beds in their own rooms. 

~  ~  ~

Alright, Luke, you still awake?


I'm done the entry for yesterday's half and the entire today. 


Should we sleep now?

We should. It's past midnight.




I'm sorry.


About being mean... I have to tell you something.

This is gonna take a bad turn. What is it?

I was the one who had the pest in the house, and it's all my fault. The pest and I made a deal that if I did anything that I could to be evil, she would make me very powerful. I just wanted to a good deal of authority when I become king, but I've realized that's not the important part. The important part is to have good power and rule.

And, you know what the consequences are right?

I'm afraid I do.

The queen's never going to let you rule after what you've done. You know you'll have to tell her about this, right?


And how did you realize that being powerful and ruling was the only good thing?

I may or may not have entered into the queen's thoughts...


What? A fairy's gotta do his job!

Oh my fairy god-mother, Luke! 

What? We should sleep now.


Good night.

Sweet dreams. With not pests.


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Vulcanite wrote a review...

HI @Liberty500 It is about time I gave you a short review to tell you what I thought of it. And also I am ganna try to kick this thing out the green room ones and for all. So lets get strait into it shell we.

I'm back! Guess what?


It was Emalia!

What did she want?

She asked me to forgive her and wanted to be friends with me again.

Well, you guys sure took a long time to talk! Let's continue.

'Kay. Lemme just catch up to where you're at.
Okay I am going to start of by saying that this does seam to have a lot of talking in it. And some times that can get the reader a little bit board of the story. I just feel like you need to put more into it. Les talking and more walking kind of thing you no. Theses only so much you can say before it get a noing. and yeah I also agree with everything that @FlamingPhoenix said in her review. But anyways moving one a bit. I just feel like this is getting a little boring for the reader.

Lily had been walking for a long time. She had bumped into many fairies and she ignored every one of them. She didn't know what had gotten into her brother. What if something really HAD gotten into him? Lily sighed as she felt a drop of rain on her forehead. She started running now. If she stayed in the rain for a long time, her wings would melt.
Okay so the rest of this is great. I really like this bit its going into other things. Great description and everything. Things are always going to need improving later, but hey this is good. Don't let anybody let you done on that.

So that is all that I can say. If I was being to harsh then I am really sorry pleas will you forgive me. So keep up the great work. :D

I hope you have a great Day/Night

@Dossereana Out In The Sky Of Reviews

Happy Review Day!!!!

Liberty says...

Thanks for the review! I'm glad my baby is finally out of the Green Room. Nothing was harsh at all. I def agree with what you said. Thanks again!

Vulcanite says...

Oh that is good to no, I am happy you liked the review. :D

Liberty says...


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Horisun says...

Next chapter! :D I will have to read it later, bit I cannot wait!

Liberty says...

Take your time! <3

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FlamingPhoenix wrote a review...

Hello Liberty, I'm here to give you a review on this lovely day, and to help get this work out of the green room.

May just say I have been waiting for this FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!!
Anyway lets get to the review, so out of the whole chapter I only saw one very small mistake out of the chapter.

"Yes, indeed! Haven't you heard? The entire kingdom is invited!" He exclaimed cheerily.

I do believe the he is meant to be a she, if not, then you might want to tell is who is talking, other wise we could think it's Luke of Ashley's dad.

Anyway that was all I could say that need to be fixed.
I'm really happy with how your writing is coming along, I can see your speech is getting the older you get, and that is something that will happen as you grow.
I can also see the plot come along, and I can't wait to see what will happen next.
Although I'm not to sure how things between Luke and Lily are, they seem to be mad with each other one moment, and then the next they are fine again. I think it could be because their teens, or because they are stressed about be coming rulers. Ether way your story is coming along really well.

Well that's it from me for now. I'm really, really glad you finally posted your chapter, I just loved reading and reviewing it. And I hope I will get to review another chapter soon. I hope you will never stop writing and have a great day or night.

Your friend and faithful reader
Reviewing with a fiery passion.

Liberty says...

Thank you very much for the review, Flames. I'm glad you liked this chapter. And I'm so sorry I had to make you wait so long!

Your welcome, I'm glad I could help.
And don't worry about it, it was very much worth it. ;)

Liberty says...


If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion.
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