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by Kelisot

So I just recently read a Shounen Ai series called Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu, and I'll say that I sort of got an inspiration to make a haiku about it. I recommend the series for horror and supernatural fans (And maybe to the fudanshi and fujoshi hehe), it's still ongoing but really good for me, personally. You don't have to know anything about the series to fully understand these haikus. I believe that anyone who reads this can get a hint of what happens in this story...

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I feel your insides
Hellish organs and blemish
But I still embrace

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Sun Jan 22, 2023 3:07 pm
GengarIsBestBoy wrote a review...

Howdy hey! I’m here to write a review.
I haven’t seen this series but I decided to read anyways
Like others have said, I interpreted this as someone becoming friends with or getting into a relationship with a lot of issues (“hellish organs and such”). Despite knowing their problems, they engage with the person anyways (but I still embrace) because they still care about them. I think it was really cool how you were able to express something like this in only a couple of lines!
Great poem, although I’m a little confused about how the title relates to the poem itself. Does it relate to the series? If so then I understand why it seems like it doesn’t fit.


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Sun Jan 22, 2023 9:43 am
Thediffident wrote a review...

I absolutely loved this piece! Although I'm not familiar with this series, your haiku did give me an idea (correct me if I'm wrong) of someone despite being in a toxic relationship still holds feelings for their lover. The way you express this in just a few simple lines is phenomenal!
The way you wrote this piece was beautiful. You know how to make the readers feel while reading a peice, that too with just a few simple lines. Bravo!
I further would like to ask if there was a specific meaning to the title of this piece. I wasn't able to understand it lol. I figured that it was maybe related to the series? Which also made me want to watch it hahaha
Also also, the preview of this peice is amazing, really. It was literally what captured my attention into reading and reviewing this haiku (I don't read many haikus and suck in writing them lol)
You are a great writer! Keep up the good work!!
Love, Andy

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Wed May 18, 2022 6:27 pm
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AriesBookworm wrote a review...

It seems like this haiku is about someone has fallen in love with, or became friends, with someone who has mental problems or someone or has a bad reputation and most people do not trust. I get this from the line "Hellish organs and blemish but I still embrace". It seems like this person knows what they are getting into by being with this person but they are also ready to deal with all their problems.

Kelisot says...


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Wed May 11, 2022 11:26 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

I don’t watch anime,so I googled the anime.I have a little bit of background knowledge of it.But even reading the haiku with absolutely no idea of the anime,I would guess that this is about someone who is in a forceful and toxic relationship,yet still wants it to keep going even though it’s painful.Am I right? I hope you have an amazing and awesome day and night.

Kelisot says...

Spoiler! :
That's like the literal plot lmao
you are right

Ooh okay!

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Tue May 10, 2022 2:49 pm
Kelisot says...

ignore this comment please i don't know how i made this comment after i pressed submit accidentally

Does anyone know who to delete comments made by accident? Do I just PM an admin???

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