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The Comedi-hen Strikes Again

by KateHardy

The comedi-hen strikes again,

She had much to grain,

As she and her hen-semble,

had much to cobble.

She was back at it with the puns,

with some new content about buns,

mixed in with a story about a heist,

and the local poultry-gheist

Yes the very same one

From a time long done

that caused her egg-sit

made her have to quit

For you see she had,

gone all the way to her dad

and reported the fowl-play,

so a lawsuit was filed in May.

So now she's back,

to pick up the slack,

so be there at the shtick,

and bring with you a peck-nic.

If your taste is im-peck-able,

it will not be regrettable,

as the puns are sure to delight,

in the gentle and cosy firelight

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Fri Mar 15, 2024 9:23 am
theleevilqueen says...

I love how a simple chicken can be used in an amusing poem. The word play is im-peck-able. i must say the author sure did a lot of thinking ion making this poem. hope to read more from you soon.

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