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Mythic Legends Chapter 3

by FlamingPhoenix, TheCursedCat

The air was tense as dragons from all around gathered together, making kind chit chat as they waited for the test to begin. As they would all know there was a rule. "If you come to the arena you aren't allowed to kill your fellow opponent - regardless of how much you want to kill them." The leader of each dragon tribe stood on a stone platform that looked down at the dusty ground below. Riptide sat in the center, along with a white dragon to his right - her icy blue eyes scanning the ground below. To his left, sat a sky blue dragon, her wings larger than her entire body. To the sky blue dragon's left, sat a dragon as dark as the night - his red eyes looking over each leader. There were many more, and they all waited to see the test begin. All they had to do was wait for Riptide to give the word.

Riptide walked to the center. He cleared his throat and spoke. "It is a pleasure to see that all my fellow dragons are here representing their tribes. Every year, our dragonets show their skills in this arena created by our ancestors over a thousand years ago. To some of us who were there back then and have lived long enough to see this arena used in so many different ways, the color to this place may have faded. It was here in this arena that the dark lord was defeated that day a thousand years ago and in this arena did he defile our spirits barely two years ago." He turned to the competitors standing - all in line with each other - behind him. "Here is what I offer you. The three most skilled fighters of this arena by the end of this week will accompany the Sky Wyverns as they campaign across the southern wastelands and find the hidden country of the dark lord. That aside, I wish all the competitors from seven tribes that have travelled so far to be here a good battle. And of course my own. My fellow shift Wyverns... and my son" he laughs mildly - looking at the three fierce looking dragonets - and continues. "Fight well." He looks at all the competitors again. "To be a dragon is to be strong enough to endure and to inflict only when it is right to." He bows his head and turns around back to the audience. "Enjoy your time her fellow dragons. Please feel free to express any discomfort later. Thank you." He bows and flies away to a ledge opposite to the audience. There were two ledges on either side of Riptide's. Raygal stood on. And a much younger looking dragoness stood on the other.

Raygal stood up and spoke. "You know how this works. There are twenty of you. Grimbell, Wavermel and Winstride from our tribe, the Shift Wyvern tribe; Clay, Fog and Moss from the Swamp Wyvern tribe; Talia, Frost and Spike from the Ice Wyvern tribe; Dusk, Scorpion, Dune and Quake, from the Sand Wyvern Tribe; Shade, Soot and Smoke from the Onex Wyvern tribe. Suly, Sky, Razer and Rip from the Raver Wyvern tribe. Each of you will choose an opponent. After each of you have fought your selected opponent, the Sky Wyvern Queen will decide which one of you in the competing pairs will proceed. After the first round, there will be five pairs, obviously. Then, the remaining five in the last round will be compete against each other in a special area. And mind you! Even if you win the tournament, you may not qualify for the final prize. This is a test of strength but the prize is not for this test. It is for the test that is much greater. The test for will and perseverance. That will be all."

"Let the Fight begin!" The Sky Wyvern Queen said spreading her large wings. "May your skills shine today. This is only the first step in your journey so may you fight well." She stepped back among the leaders, allowing Raygal to fly down to the arena.

"This is how it will work young ones. You among yourselves will chose who you will fight against, though they can't be from the same tribe, and once Riptide or any other leader commands you to stop or the other dragon gives up, you must stop the fight. We are looking at your skills, power and strategy. Just because you beat the other dragon doesn't mean you will be chosen. You may be chosen even if you lose." Flying into the air he spat a ball of mist into the air, "You may begin!" he then flew over to the leaders standing behind Riptide.

"I am Talia and I would like to fight against you...Grimbell, son of the Shift Wyvern King. You must have some tricks I'm dying to see." A lean Crystal Wyvern said her golden eyes never leaving Grimbell as she looked him over, her blue forked tongue slithering in and out of her mouth. "What do you say?"

"Alright! Bring it on!" Grimbell replied with a challenging smile.

All the other dragons in the arena take to the air and fly towards a ledge so they could watch the fight.

The Crystal Wyvern moved to the center of the arena waiting for Grimbell to join her. "May the best dragon win," She hisses, her silver wings spread ready to pounce.

Grimbell walked up to her and joined her. He bowed and looked into her eyes.

Talia gave him a small bow of her own, before shooting a spray of ice at him.

The ice was stuck in a mess of tendrils. Grimbell was nowhere to be seen.

Spreading her wings Tallia took to the air. Her tail curled and was ready to strike as the spikes around it got ready to fire.

The tendril disappeared. The arena was silent.

"Show yourself!" She yells, her eyes looking around her. She never stayed in one place.

Nothing happened.

She moved down to the ground, kicking up sand, making the area around her cloudy.

All the sand fell immediately and stuck to her body. It was wet.

"Why you slithering snake!" Talia growls, the sand soon froze and fell to the floor in icy chunks. Lifting a paw, Talia breathed ice along her talons, sharpening her claws, she did the same to the other front talons.

She met with a crushing blow to her jaw. There was nobody when she looked around.

Talia let out a roar of pain as she fell to the ground. Glaring she slowly got to her feet, an ice like armor forming over her body. "Oh I see how it is. Hiding are you!"

She heard a rush of wind behind her. A dome of ice surrounds Talia as large spikes shot out.

She meets with another blow to the jaw. He's inside the dome. "Oh damn the dome is still intact."

Talia winces, but didn't fall thanks to the ice that covered her face, grinning she pounces on him, one of her talons on his chest the other on a wing. Lifting her tail the spikes around it stand out.

Grimbell sucks in some vapor from the ice and breathes water. The intense pressure pushes him away. He is blasted out of the dome, blood flowing from his chest.

Hissing under her breath. Talia flies after him, her talons dripping with his blood. With one swing she shoots spikes at him from her tail. He disappears. All of a sudden, she feels her neck stretch as her head is lifted up and her body swung backwards and smacked onto the ground - shattering a lot of her spikes and armor.

Growling, she stood up, shaking her head as her vision began to get fuzzy. Sucking in a large amount of air, she covered the arena in a thick coating of ice, turning it into her own little playground.

Grimbell blasted out of the ground, right through the ice. He fell to the ground and began to cough. He settled down and growled at Talia.

"So water breathers can't withstand the cold, no fire to keep you warm?" Talia hissed in a cold voice. A mist of cold breath glided over Grimbell's face, freezing the tips of his horns.

Grimbell vanished but this time, Talia could see him progressing towards her.

Talia watched him move towards her, at the very last second she shot out some ice mist freezing him.

Grimbell was stuck in the ice. He could barely breathe. "How do I get out of this?" he thought. An idea formulated in his head. He patiently waited for Talia to get confident about her victory. His victory had to be more than just a small trick. It had to be a surprise. After all, Grimbell was always one for surprises.

Talia grinned down at him, her pearl teeth shining with glee. "Oh how the young prince had fallen." She mocked, getting down to eye level with him. "Oh however will you get out?" She spread her wings wide and looked towards the dragons watching.

The ice burst with a loud cracking sound. The entire arena shook. Tendril burst out of the ground and combined the ice to form a giant spear. Grembell advanced and held Talia by her wings and went towards the wall of the arena at an extreme and unimaginable speed. Just as he approached the wall, he hurled Talia at it.

Talia crashed into the wall - forming a huge crack. Grimbell's tendrills held her wings and legs apart. The tendril holding the large icy spear pulled back and launched the spear at Talia. Right before the spear met with Talia's body, an array of tendrils shot out of the ground and stopped the spear midair.

"Did you say something my love? I don't think I heard you. I'll take your surrender now." said Grimbell, grinning at Talia.

"I rather die than give up!" She snarls, her teeth paired.

"Alright that enough! We have seen everything we need. You two go join the others on the ledge." Riptide barked loud enough for them to hear. Moving his gaze to the other young dragons waiting he said, "Two more of you step forward and head to the center of the arena!"

The arena was silent till Wavermel stepped forward. "I'll take the strongest one of you." Her eyes looked fierce.

A large brown dragon stepped forward, his muscles rippling along his body as he walked. He was about two dragon heads taller than Weavermel. "Well then shall we start." he said, flashing a small grin in a kind way. "I'm Clay by the way." Spreading his large wings he glided down to the arena.

"I'm Wavermel. Let's get this over with." She said, following after him to the arena, her blue wings shining in the sunlight.

"I won't go easy on a girl, mind you." He said in a playful tone.

Wavermel only looked at him with a raised crest. "Oh you won’t have to."

"Whatever." He said and bowed and raised his wings.

Wavermel lept into the air.

Clay stood still. In a moment, his skin began to turn muddy and his entire body turned into a muddy liquid and sunk into the ground.

Wavermel watched Clay, as she hovered in the air, slowly she glided down to the ground, but didn't land. Sucking in a large breath she shot out some water at the sand that turned into mist. As the sand turned into mist, it uncovered a mound underneath. It looked like clay. It was Clay!

Diving down Wavermel grabbed him with her talons. Her hands slipped right through the smooth sand there was now in place of the clay. In an instant, her hand was stuck in the sand as it hardened.

Hissing under her breath, she shot a water sphere at the sand. The mud got wet but there was no sign of Clay. Wavermel managed to get her feet free, flying further into the air, she perched herself on the spikes Talia left behind.

Without any predictable signs, the spike went into the ground leaving Wavermel in the air.

Wavermel jumped to the air, looking below her, she couldn't see anything. "He must be attacking under the sand." She mumbled to herself. Flying to the arena wall, she latched onto it - her claws digging in to it, quickly she formed a duplicate of herself, down near the sand.

Something protruded out of the wall and smacked her right in the stomach, sending her flying at the ground.

Wavermel felt the air being knocked right out of her. Just before she hit the ground she spread out her wings and took to the air. "How did he do that?" Something reached out to her legs and smacked her body onto the ground.

Wavermel didn't get up but waited for Clay to show himself, but the arena was silent again.

Getting up, Wavermel looked around. Nothing looked off. Spitting out some more water, the arena turned into mist once again. Slowly the sand turned into a shallow pool, mist rising from the surface.

A sand hammer came straight for Wavermel, right through the mist.

Wavermel saw the hammer coming for her, gliding over to the wall she latches on, now with the mist cloaking where she really was, she formed a duplicate of herself in the fraction of a second on the other side of the arena.

Clay sent more hammers into the mist. They just flew past the mist and rammed into the wall. Wavermel sat where she was and watched it all without being affected one bit.

She kept her illusion moving and out of reach. She didn't want Clay to catch onto what she was doing. Though she did have a set amount of time before the mist faded. Her illusion dived down towards Clay. Reaching out with her talons, she made a swipe for his face.

Her claws dug right into the mighty dragon's cheek, leaving a deep cut that almost instantly began to bleed profusely! Clay roared in anger. The arena shook and the mist faded. There a whirlwind right in the middle that literally began to suck all the mud out of the ground, and grew really big.

Wavermel stayed hooked to the wall, as her illusion flew away from the mad Swamp Wyvern, hooked onto the wall in front of him, as if she were teasing him from afar.

Clay spread the sandstorm but now, Wavermel could easily get to the center of the whirlwind and knock him into his own trap. She just need to figure out how.

Her illusion faded as she jumped into the air heading for the center of the sandstorm, if she was fast enough she won’t get stuck. Folding her wings along her back she dived down heading for Clay's back. At the last second she reached out with her talons and grabbed his wings hoisting him into the air and throwing him into the whirlwind.

Clay screamed in pain as he began to spin around with the wind, but the whirlwind was now closing in. Wavermel had to get out. FAST. In fact, faster than she could imagine. Pushing her back talons against the ground Wavermel bolted into the air, she could feel the whirlwind on her tail as she made it out, she could feel the stinging of the wind as it cut some of her scales. Flying away from the attack Wavermel landed on the outskirts of the arena.

The whirlwind closed and formed a column of sand as soon as she got out. The sand filled the arena again and the ground looked normal.

Clay stood on the ground with a fierce look.

Wavermel spread her wings in an attack stance ready for whatever move he had next. By the time she had even covered the distance, Clay collapsed.

Raygal flew to the ground to check his state. "He's unconscious. Wavermel wins." He said.

The arena was filled with thundering applause

Wavermel grinned and flew to the ledge where all the other dragons were waiting to fight.

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Wed Jun 03, 2020 1:03 pm
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Shadeflame wrote a review...

Hi FlamingPhoenix! I'm Shadeflame, although you can call me Shade and I'm going to review your work today. I might nit-pick a few parts of your story, so please don't be offended.

"Enjoy your time her fellow dragons

You missed a letter in "here".

A lean Crystal Wyvern said her golden eyes never leaving Grimbell as she looked him over, her blue forked tongue slithering in and out of her mouth.

There should be a comma after "said".

"May the best dragon win," She hisses, her silver wings spread ready to pounce.

You should put a period at the end of Talia's remark. She doesn't say anything else in this sentence so I think that it's supposed to be a period. Also, "She" shouldn't be capitalized.

Spreading her wings Tallia took to the air. Her tail curled and was ready to strike as the spikes around it got ready to fire.

There should be a comma after "wings" and you put an extra "l" in Talia's name.

"Well then shall we start." he said, flashing a small grin in a kind way.

There should be a comma after "then" and instead of the period after "start" it should be a question mark.

There a whirlwind right in the middle that literally began to suck all the mud out of the ground, and grew really big.

This was confusing. I think you're missing a few words in there and even then I'm not sure how it makes sense.

Okay, we're done that now! Your story was interesting. Grimbell and Waverly seem to be good fighters, and the battles were great. You described the fights really well, although I would have preferred a few more descriptions of the arena and the expressions the dragons had on. The only thing I would say about your pacing is that the stuff at the start of the story seemed a bit too much for me. I get that you had to say some of that stuff, but maybe you could skip over it more...
Of course, that's just optional. You're the author so it's up to you. I look forwards to seeing what Waverly and Grimbell get up to in the future. Also, the dragons all have really cool abilities. Not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind being able to duplicate myself like Waverly did. xD

Keep writing!

Thanks for the review!

Shadeflame says...

No problem!

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Sun May 31, 2020 7:13 pm
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Gnomish wrote a review...

Hello again!

I'm excited for this next chapter where we get to see what happens in the arena!

There were two ledges on either side of Riptide's. Raygal stood on. And a much younger looking dragoness stood on the other.

I think you mean Raygal stood on one, and a much younger-looking dragoness stood on the other.

Alright that enough!


Talia and Clay are seeming similar so far, and I think it could be more interesting if one of them seemed more friendly, or more hostile. Then again, I've only seen two, but I would suggest making some more interesting dragonets in the next chapter.
Also, I'm confused about what Tendril is. Is it what the water power is called? Or is it some physical thing?

Anyways, post the next chapter soon!

I think its the water power, I think its almost like another arm type of thing, just out of water. I'm not to sure @Gravitem will explain i think. Lol.
Oh and thank you for the review!

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