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Love Is Love

by Fishr

Dear Sir Ian,

I am rather positive you receive a good amount of mail, and perhaps reading a letter from a perfect stranger across the pond is the furtherest from your mind, but we’re not getting younger. Well, I’m 41 physically, but I haven’t aged past 15 for decades. -laughs-

I’m Asexual. I am fortunate to have parents and siblings who are also allies to our LGBTQ* Community.

Few words describe how intense platonic love is. It’s more having a soulmate but in a non-romantic sense. The connection is an eternal love, one where the presence of one another is central to each person's well-being. Love is love. Even if the word is said as a kind gesture instead of using ‘Bye,’ it bears more weight. And we all should love each other more than ever.

Every person, man, woman, old, young, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, all deserve kindness.

Take care, love,

Jess Bruce, Vermont

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Fri Apr 07, 2023 8:57 pm
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TheCornDogEnthusiast wrote a review...

This passage is a heartfelt and personal letter addressed to Sir Ian, expressing the writer's experience as an asexual person and their appreciation for the LGBTQ* community. The writer also emphasizes the importance of platonic love and kindness for all individuals, regardless of their age, gender, or sexual orientation.

The language is warm and conversational, creating a sense of intimacy and connection with the reader. The use of humor in the first paragraph, with the writer playfully noting that they have not aged past 15 despite being physically 41, adds a touch of lightness to the letter.

The writer's message of inclusivity and love is powerful and inspiring, reminding the reader that everyone deserves kindness and acceptance. The use of the phrase "Love is love" reinforces the idea that love transcends romantic or sexual boundaries, and that platonic love is just as important and valuable.

Overall, the letter is a touching and personal message that seeks to promote empathy and understanding for all individuals, regardless of their differences. The writer's use of personal anecdotes and warm language creates a sense of connection and community, and the message of love and inclusivity is both important and timely.

Approved by the Corn Dog Enthusiast Association

Fishr says...

Aww. Thank you for the comments. It is always nice to see how another person views the words written, for good or bad. If, and it is a big if, get a letter back, I would probably get, %u201CThank you for the letter. Best, Ian McKellen.%u201D Haha. Short and sweet. Still, I would accept it.

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Mon Mar 27, 2023 12:00 am
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fatherfig wrote a review...

This is gem leaving a review!

This definitely hit really hard as I am also asexual, and I really agree entirely with the opinions stated in this work! Platonic love is one of the strongest loves i know about it is also one of the hardest to fall out of. I used to confuse platonic love with romantic love, and I really dislike when people act as if it's just a surface layer love- it feels so misguided. I love how you explain it! I am curious however why this was addressed to Sir Ian, and I feel as though I am missing something- some vital chunk of information that would make this significant if I knew.

Great job with this piece!

Keep writing!

This is gem signing off after a review!

gem- he/him~

Fishr says...

Hi Gem! Good question. XD Sir Ian is a letter I mailed by the post to Ian McKellen. Mr. McKellen is better known by his two most popular characters today: Gandalf and Magneto. I%u2019m not entirely sure what possessed me to embark on this project as there is a real probability it will amount to nothing as in not a return reply. That aside, Ian McKellen is a champion of equal recognition and rights to LGBT people, particularly in London when there was a time when homosexual men warranted prison time. But, unfortunately there was a point when in the 1720%u2019s, if a gay man was caught his punishment was execution. Interestingly, Puritans turned mostly a blind eye to lesbians. In Ian%u2019s generation, he had to hide his homosexuality for fear. Now, the man is out and proud.

I suppose that is what prompted this little exercise. He will be 84 in May, and I, I am very familiar with the gay activity in London so there is some commonality to a certain degree.

On a completely different note, one of Ian%u2019s well known roles on stage is Shakespeares%u2019s Macbeth. Now, I cannot pretend I am in the know of the script but King Duncan I, Constantine and Kenneth are my ancestors, direct line, and these real life folks were in Shakespeare%u2019s Macbeth. The real Macbeth murdered Duncan I. XD However, their real-life traits are fictional in the play.

fatherfig says...

That is exciting and wonderful Fishr I hope you get something back and thank you for sharing this information with me I feel so much more clued in now XD!

Fishr says...

Haha! I am an Autistic Asexual. Sheesh. (Thanks, Nature, you marvelous bugger)!

You're welcome! Thank you!

fatherfig says...

Hahaha, as a non-neurotypical I sort of understand what you mean XD. <333 I hope life is treating you well friend despite society trying not to.

Fishr says...

Oh, I am doing fine. My comment was more out of jest.

You should see my recent wall post. Lol!

fatherfig says...

Alright! Thats great!

fatherfig says...

Oh oop it appears you blocked me XP

Fishr says...

What??? Try now.

fatherfig says...


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Sun Mar 26, 2023 6:27 pm
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Nini wrote a review...

A nice awaring letter that reminds of us being one when it comes to kindness and love.. there's no doubt we all are worthy of love and there shouldn't be discrimination for such and that we all regardless of sexuality are humans we're made of love and nurtured by care.. let's not keep the eyes of hatred rather be positive for one's role in making a good society which we all wanna live in.. so we all deserve to be happy and hope good for each other's well being

Likes the way you thought to keep it as form of letter.. nice one >>

Fishr says...

Aww.. Thank you for your thoughts and sharing them. To be honest, it%u2019s a real letter (after some further editing which I should do here but have been lazy -coughs-) mailed to the UK.

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Sat Mar 04, 2023 11:14 pm
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Fishr says...

Penned long-hand.

But answer me this: how can a story end happily if there is no love?
— Kate DiCamillo, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane