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1960's Romance

by ErikaHale


Her hair shone gold.

A dark, cold rain was falling down on her.

Running down her bare back.

Ruining her shoes.

Black mascara was melting down her cheeks.

But it wasn’t because of the rain.

It was because of all the crying.

She had lost him.

For good.


His hair was messy and black.

One of his huge hands grabbed the speed stick.

The other one the steering wheel.

He was driving fast.

But he had no rush.

He took another turn.

But he didn’t know were he was going.

It didn’t matter.

He had lost her,

For good.


She noticed a pair of headlights in the distance

They were coming this way

She couldn’t see the car.

But it didn’t matter.

This was her only chance to get a ride home.

So she stood up and stuck out her thumb

Like in the movies

She just hoped it would work


He saw someone in the distance

Asking for a ride

Why not?

He had nothing else to do, anyway.

He diminished the distance and took a look at the person.

He couldn't believe his eyes.


Thank the good Lord above

The car slowed down

She smiled and waved

Until she saw the driver

She couldn’t believe her eyes


Blond, petite, and slim.

With blue eyes and red lipstick.

Wearing a white backless dress.

He gaped at her beauty

At her magnificence

What in the world was that?

An angel?

A fairy?

A nymph?

He was so distracted, he almost crashed into her



Black hair, green eyes.

Tall with broad shoulders

Wearing a red lumberjack shirt.

Good Lord

Could he be the answer to her prayers?

Could he be her knight in shining armor?

She was so distracted, she almost forgot to step out of the car’s way.



Somehow, he stopped right in time.

Somehow, he got the strength to get out of the car

Somehow, he protected her head with his arms

And she didn’t resist

She actually put her arms around his waist


Thank the good Lord above

He was such a gentelman

She felt his strong arms above her

And couldn't resist

She put her arms around his waist

And walked with him towards the car


Somehow he guided her to the car.

And somehow it didn’t feel awkward.

Somehow when they both were seated.

He felt the necessity to feel her arms around his waist once more.


They both sat there, motionless

She, feeling a strong desire to have his arms above her head

To put her arms around his waist

To hear his voice

And her wishes were granted


“Where do you want me to take you?” he asked

She didn’t say anything for a few seconds

His mind was full of questions

There was such a strong attraction between them

So powerful and bewitching

He just wanted to kiss her

To embrace her

But he was overpowered by his own alexithymia

He just hoped she felt it, too.


“243, Chateaubriant Street.”

Her mind was going at a thousand miles per hour

She was hoping he was braver than she was

She glanced over at him


His jaw was about to drop

He contained himself

Chateaubriant was about the wealthiest street in the city

She was a Soc

Of course she was a Soc

No wonder why she was dressed in such filthy rich clothes

What was he thinking?

A Soc like her, with a Greaser like him?


Might as well ask for the moon to fall from the sky


She made the mistake of noticing the picture in his rear view mirror

A picture of him with a girl

A picture of him kissing a girl

A picture of him kissing a beautiful girl

Oh good Lord

He had a girlfriend

Of course he had a girlfriend!

What was she thinking?

A handsome fella like him, single?


Might as well ask for the moon to fall from the sky


Wait a second…

Wait a friggin’ second…

What if he tried to win her over?

He had done it before with Sally, hadn’t he?

But he couldn’t let himself think about Sally

He couldn’t let himself think about how he held her hand for the last time before…

Before she…


Stop it!

There was a pretty girl sitting right next to him, shivering

Waiting for him to start the engine

Waiting for him to say something


She began shivering

She couldn’t help it

“Oh man, you must be freezing! God, where are my manners? I’ll be right back…”

Thank the good Lord

He stepped outside

Giving her enough time to think of how to find out if he really was taken

She dried her hand on the seat and snatched the picture

But she wasn’t fast enough

He was coming back


She put it on it’s place quick as lightning and tried to look normal


He put a blanket around her shoulders

“Thank you” she whispered

“No problem. Say, would you like me to get us a coffee or somethin’?

There’s a nice place a few blocks from here

Oh, don’t worry ‘bout money…

It’s on me.”

He saw her smiled

Oh man, that smile

He would kill to wake up to that smile every morning


“Sure. I’d love to.” she replied

Amazing how coffee can loosen up a person’s tongue

She now knew all about him

His name was Harry

The girl in the picture was his girlfriend


She passed away from Cancer a month ago

Her recent journey to the other side had hit him hard

But he was ready to move on

He was actually going to take down the picture, anyway

He had devoted his life to cars

The one he owned, a blue Mustang now parked outside the coffee house

Had actually been stolen from a mean gang of Socs who had tried and failed to harm him


Thank God for coffee

Now he knew everything about her

Her name was Caroline

He had picked her up just after her engagement party

Where she had told her parents she didn’t want that life

The life that they had planned for her

She didn’t want a rich husband

Or a big house upstate

She just wanted to be a novelist

A globetrotter

To travel from country to country, from city to city

Going places, meeting people

Learning from experience and not from books

Her parents freaked out

And kicked her out of the house

Harry couldn’t really blame them

It was, after all, a crazy idea (who would want to read a book written by a girl?!)

But it was, after all, crazy and beautiful

Just like her


“So, you see...I really have nowhere to go.”

“Why did you give me your address, then?”

“It was like a reflex. Involuntary.”

He nodded in that way of his.

“Did you perhaps feel...oh, I don’t know, an attraction between us?” Caroline ventured

“Like a magnet?”“Yes.”

He took a sip of coffee “I did feel that way. Kinda weird, huh?”


Without thinking, they held hands

Smiling was unavoidable


Out of the blue, Harry had an idea

The idea that would be the last step to his master plan

If it didn’t work on her, nothing would


He stood up and offered his hand

“Follow me. I would like to show you something.”

Without hesitation, Caroline to her future lover’s hand

They walked towards the car

She thought nothing could ruin this moment

Until he came


Some drunk guy staggered towards them

Dressed in a black tux

Holding up a bottle of beer

“So, this is who you left me for, uh, Caroline?”

She frowned

“Get lost, Vickram.”

The drunk man smiled, showing his repulsive yellow teeth

“Now, girl, don’t talk like that to your fiance.”

“Hey, you heard the lady. Get lost.” Harry snapped

“If a duel is what you want, then a duel you shall have. En garde!” Vickram yelled, holding his beer bottle like a sword

Harry reached down for his pocket knife (also stolen from the Soc gang)

Vickram charged


Oh, no

No, my Lord

She was not going to be saved by a man

Caroline stood in front of Harry

Jumped up in the air

And kicked Vickram square in the jaw

He was on the ground

Caroline then took the bottle from him

And smashed it on his head


What just happened?!

“Wow, Caroline…that was incredible! Where did you…?”

She smiled cunningly “I’ve been attending martial arts in secret since I was 13”


“Now, where did you want to take me?”

“You’ll find out once we get there.”

They both hopped on the car and drove the heck out of there

On the entire ride, she felt apprehensive

This small adventure had been extraordinary, yes

She had finally run away from home and freed herself from that life, yes

But what now?

Where was she going to live?

Where would she get the money to travel?

She could maybe break into her parent’s house and…


The place was well guarded

No way she could get in

Oh, how would she live now?


“You okay?”

“What? Oh, yes, I am just fine. Why?”“You’re frowning.”

She crossed her arms “Since when is it forbidden for me to frown?”

He snorted “Sorry, it’s just… I guess it’s the first time I’ve ever seen you frown.”

She shrugged, then looked out the window

And frowned

“What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing, just… I had never really thought about everything before telling my parents… I guess I expected them to be more… understanding.”

“Understanding enough to finance your entire trip around the world?”

“Good Lord, no! I thought if I wanted to marry someone else, they would let me.”

He snorted “Yeah, if you wanted to leave him for someone wealthier.”

She chuckled “Yeah. But I can’t stop being apprehensive…

I don’t have a place to stay

Or money

Or a job

Or even a car of my own

Worse than that, I’m on my own.”


“You’re not on your own. You have me.”

She smiled

“I still need a place to stay, or money, or a job, or even a car of my own.”

He sighted, distraught

She hated making him feel that way

so she smiled

and tried not to look worried

for him

He came to a stop.

“We’re here.”

She got out of the car and saw

That Harry had brought her to a landmark

The top of a cliff

She could see the beach beyond

And the stars above

In her life, Caroline had never seen such a vast sky

A sky with endless possibilities

With infinite outcomes

“Oh, good Lord.”


“Yeah, Amazing, isn’t it?

And to think that each of this stars is thousands of miles away

Yet we can still see how bright they shine.

Each of them is a ball of fire

That could probably burn down an entire city

Yet they can’t harm us

Because they are thousands of miles away.”

“Like Vickram.” she teased.

They both laughed


“I could provide you with everything you need, you know?

I could get you a place to stay

And a job

And a car of your own.”

She looked down at her shoes “No, you can’t.”

“How do you know I can’t?”

“How do you know you can?”

He cupped her face in his hands

Then gently turned her head up.


“Look at the stars, Caroline. Can you count them all?”


He turned her head back down

So that she was looking right into his eyes

Those beautiful, hazel nut eyes

“If you can’t count all the stars, then I can.”


None of them knew who started it

Or how they got the courage to do it

But one thing was certain

That at that moment

In the top of a cliff

Under the stars

At midnight

They kissed

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Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:26 am
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EvelynRose02 says...

I love it! Although I do agree with the other two that it is a bit long. And you could add some more rhymes to it to make it more of a poem. All in all, it's a great story! I read all the way through!

ErikaHale says...

Dear Evelyn,

Thank you for your comment! And I'll be sure to have all of your suggestions in mind. I'm afraid I won't be writing any more poems any time's just not my style. Even so, thank you for your comment :) !

EvelynRose02 says...

You're welcome! I'm sad to hear that your aren't making poems anymore, but I can see where you're coming from. Writing poems aren't exactly my strong point either.

ErikaHale says...

Thank you so much for understanding! However, if inspiration strikes, I might write another poem... it won't rhyme, I'm afraid. I'm terrible at that!

EvelynRose02 says...

I'm terrible at rhyming too, so you're in good company!:)

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Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:10 pm
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RadiantShadow wrote a review...

Hi :) I'm here to give you a review :)

ok so this is a very interesting piece of work and I enjoyed reading it.

I wanted to start of by commenting on the format of this poem. I really really loved the way you gave both sides of story, the girl and the boy and how they mirrored each other to a certain extent. I am a big fan of multiple point of views so this really impressed me. Although I do agree with the other review that was given to you, it is too long. It so long that the reader gets tired switching from he to she all the time and eventually loses interest thus you should split this poem into more parts as it would give the reader time to reflect on what is going on.

I also want to comment on the fact there is a lack of rhyme and I think that if you added a couple of rhyming words here and there it wold have made the poem flow easier and hold the attention of the reader more. Moreover I want to comment on your use of diction. You used some good interesting words that added to the scene by creating imagery and that was a very good poetic device to use as it helps the reader imagine the scene easily. However there were instances where you repeated various words, which could have been exchange for other words with the same meaning and at the same time emphasis and make the scene more clear.

Over all, great story conveyed in a poetic way. Very original and interesting, I look forward to reading more of these types of works. :) Continue writing you have a good gift :)


ErikaHale says...

Thank you so much for your review! I apologize for the length. I really shuld've devided it into several chapters. And thank you for recognizing how much time and effort I put into each stanza. Of course, I'll be sure to use a Thesaurus the next time I write :D ! Although I'm afraid I won't be doing any more of this love poems...I will write stories that show different points of view, but not this exact format. Anyway, thank you so much for your review! I'm honored to be complimented by a writer like you :)

Thank you for the follow! I look forward to read more of your work :)

ErikaHale says...

Now that you mention it...I'm starting a short novel called The Snow Queen :D . I already posted the first chapter. It's a bit on the short side, but if you like fantasy, adventure and suspense be sure to check it out! :)

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Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:38 pm
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Lozrent wrote a review...

This is a really nice story you’ve created here, I was very captivated for the first few stanzas but here you are making it way too long. My advice would be two things, one, would be to either shorten the poem down into something that won’t scare people away. As even as beautiful I think this is even I couldn’t read the entire thing. A poem, in my opinion, should be so long as to scare away the reader due to the sheer size of it. The other option is to split it in two and post them as separate parts, although I’m not sure how well that would work for this. secondly I would recommend getting some rhythm and maybe a bit of rhyme in there and try to avoid using overly complicated words like alexithymia, instead i would recommend just finding a synonym of the word you want to use to see if something fits more in with the rhythm of the rest. As poems are supposed to flow nicely so by adding a some rhythm and rhyme it would help in making it a nice continuous flow of words for the reader. But all in all this is a really nice poem/story and I think you should definably continue writing :)

I always knew that deep down in every human heart, there is mercy and generosity. No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.
— Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom