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by EPICnumber1

Pink is the colour of femininity,

of love and of the roses you gave to me yesterday.

Pink is the colour of my cheeks when you are in close vicinity,

of ice cream, milkshakes 

and of every single word you say.  

Pink is powerful, brave and kind. 

Pink melts in your lips as you sing

as I let your fingers become entwined

with mine. The colour of the jewel on the promise ring. 


Blue is the colour of masculinity, 

Of blue waves crashing on a beach somewhere.

It is the colour of your upmost divinity, 

beauty and strength

and the colour of your breath as it dances through the air. 

Blue is the colour of your eyes

and their intricate details.

Blue is the colour of midsummer skies

where we told each other our life's tales. 


Purple is the blend, of both and neither, 

of one or the other. 

Of a strong believer, 

of lightning and thunder. 

Purple is the colour that melts into something beautiful,

something dark and something light. 

Something too unsuitable 

yet so right. 


Purple is us, of you and me

under a purple sunset. 

I stroke your head stone and wish

that soon we will both be buried under a blend of colour.

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Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:02 pm
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xJoeyx wrote a review...

Oh my fricken faites! That is amazing and it made me sad for some reason. It was really good and I'm probably gonna write this out and put it on my wall. It showed many details and images were shoved into my head. I loved how you used the colors of femininity and masculinity to describe the love and then the purple down below for the death. It was absolutely amazing! <3

EPICnumber1 says...

Wow, thank you so much!

xJoeyx says...

Your very welcome!

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Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:19 am
EPICnumber1 says...

Hey guys! I love all the feedback this has gotten but is there anyway it can be improved? Thanks!

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Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:09 am
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Namjoon2003 wrote a review...

Hello! I'm here to review!

I love it! I actually think that this is the best poem about sexuality that I have read so far. By using the colors to describe the gender roles, I think that was a very unique way to describe them. Then when you went on to describe how when they mix together to create the purple, that made me think that you were telling the person that together ya'll create something new. You chose a good color scheme to go by because you actually described what some people actually think. They think of pink being feminine and blue being masculine, but you go basically saying, with us together we create something new for the world. OR, you are saying that we are in our own colorful world, and we don't have to go by the color scheme that society has set for us. I think that is really creative of you.

Anyway, you should write more poems like this. I really loved this one. Keep up the good work!!


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Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:50 pm
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Clairia wrote a review...

hey there! londone here to review your work.

Wow. This is quite a unique and beautiful look on sexuality. I enjoyed this piece very much, and it's honestly inspiring. You've done a wonderful job expressing and truly getting across every color, and with each color you create a piece of pure understanding around each sexuality.
Bringing real truth and love to a subject that's been debated for years is a rare thing that I haven't seen very often on this website, or anywhere, really.

This is a short review, but I really wanted to let you know that you did a wonderful job with this piece. I applaud you. Please continue writing, you're fantastic at it!


EPICnumber1 says...

Thank you so much, that means a lot!

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Wed Apr 25, 2018 6:39 pm
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fishsashimi wrote a review...

Hey, Onii Chan here!
As a bisexual boi, this means a lot. The way you described sexuality, and specifically gender identity, is great. Using the two colors and then saying that we are all a mix of both is a really good way to describe it. One thing I really like is that you didn’t any of the three irrelevant. I’ve seen stories about this subject and they make it seem like being LGBTQ+ superior.

Keep on writing!

EPICnumber1 says...

Thanks! I'd hope someone would get the reference to the flag and the colours!

An Angel who did not so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards.
— Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, Good Omens