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The Nire

by ChesTacos, Euphory, alliyah, starlitmind

***Author's Note***

This play started off when star and alliyah started rhyming words, than me (Ches) and Euphoria joined in. We did this rhyming thing back and forth until the middle of Scene 2, Act 1, any resemblance to characters real or fake are completely coincidental besides Alliyah, Star, Euphoria, Ches and Evil Potato

Scene 1, Act 1

(Alliyah and Star sit around a fire, talking, Euphoria listens in and eaves drop, Ches stands off to the side)

Alliyah (holds a story they wrote): Satire; rhymes with flat tire, vampire said at evening fire

Alliyah: Now where did I leave my pliers

Star: Oh! With the good sire

Alliyah: I need them to cut some wire

Alliyah: I'm using the wire for a steeple spire

Alliyah: But alas we'll just play a song on my lyre

Star: But my arms are starting to tire

Ches: Go sing in the choir

Alliyah: Maybe we'll read some books by Stephanie Meyer

Alliyah: Like the one about that vampire

Star: had some weird attire

Alliyah: It was cute attire! Don't be a liar

Star: Eh his clothes I don't desire

Alliyah: It's the best he could acquire

Alliyah: Everything else was in the dryer

(Enter Euphoria who was eaves dropping)

Euphoria: I'd rather throw that book in the fire

Scene 2, Act 1

(Star and Ches are making food in the kitchen, Alliyah and Euphoria are reviewing a poem Alliyah wrote)

Alliyah: This poem was so good; could make you laugh till you became crier

Euphoria: That's why you're one of the people I admire

Ches: It's good but we're beginning to tire

Star: Just don't put potatoes in the fryer

Ches: I'm not helping much, not the best hire

Euphoria: What if I threw the potatoes into the pyre

Ches: That's a terrible idea, quite dire

Alliyah: Sounds like something the Evil Potato would conspire

Star: Please don't it'll make me crier

Euphoria: Evil Potato's my evil plan supplier

Star: Oh my god is evil potato someone you admire

Euphoria: Answering that question is not what I require

Ches: Your a monster, like a vampire

Star (sighs, sadly): ..I just hope my potato won't expire

Alliyah: answer the question, don't deny her

Euphoria: .....I don't know about that, sire

Ryer (Shouts from the balcony looking for their master): SIRE!

Ryer: Sire! Squire!

Ryer: I must find them quick, this situation is dire

Ryer: Perhaps they are down near the fire?

Star: But we inquire

Alliyah: Well she is a knight not simply a squire

Ches: I say we lock them up now, before things get more dire

Alliyah: Lock 'em up? That's quite scary events to transpire

Ches: She's dangerous deadlier than fire

Euphoria: Please spare me, you all with statuses higher

Ches: I say we end it now, I don't buy these begs, not a buyer

Euphoria: I think someone may have modified my brain wire

Ches: Nonsense, liar

Star: You were just caught in the crossfire

Alliyah: But we all were triers

Alliyah: But maybe it's time to retire

Alliyah: Lay down this spitfire

Euphoria: yes I'll announce our retirement through a flyer

Ches: I'm getting out of this ocean of lies, I wish to be drier

Star: your words I do admire

Ches: Do you really believe this sire

Star: Yes, I am no liar

Ches: I'm leaving you I'm angry as fire

(Ches leaves)

Ryer: SIRE!

Alliyah: What is it Ryer?

Ryer: A problem! We need soldiers to hire!

Alliyah: Why are soldiers what we require?

Ryer: Enemy forces invade, the situation is dire

Alliyah: Quick! We must hide! Let's just hope they tire

Star: I shall go find men with my soldier buyer

Euphoria: I too shall come, I feel bad for what did transpire

Star: Very well, now let's go get soldiers to acquire

Scene 3, Act 1:

(Ches walking on the street)

Ches: Everyone's a liar

Ches: To calm myself I shall go play the lyre

Ches: What's this sound I hear? What's that up ahead...a pyre?

(Soldier approaches Ches)

Soldier: Are you Ches sire?

Ches: No, Ches is gone off, why do you require?

Soldier: I must execute him before he kills us all, rather scary incidents shall transpire

(Soldier marches off)

Ches: They're after me, must be an enemy, I must find the other royals to get men to hire

Scene 1, Act 2:

(Ches in the Main Hall looking for a servant to help him)

Ches: You there! Ryer! Your assistance I require

Ryer: Yes sire?

Ches: I am in search of the other royals, it is quite dire

Ryer: Euphoria and Star are in search of men to hire

Ryer: Alliyah has gone to hide, in the church, the one with the choir

Ches: Very good Ryer, now you may go tire

Scene 2, Act 2:

(Euphoria and Star at the marketplace, approach Myer, who advertises for people to join the army)

Euphoria: Where do we look squire?

Star: Lets ask Mr. Myer

Star: MR. MYER!!!

Mr. Myer: Yes, what assistance do you require?

Star: We need soldiers to hire

Mr. Myer: Right this way squire


Euphoria: Is there a problem General Ches sire?

Ches: We must hide now, before they burn our legacy in a great fire

Euphoria: Who is attacking anyway sire?

Ches: The one you called your master, the one you called sire

Euphoria: You mean Evil Potato has ordered the destruction and fire?

Ches: I mean what I say, I am no liar

Euphoria: Quick let's join Alliyah with the church choir

Scene 3, Act 2:

(Soldier approaches Myer in the marketplace)

Soldier: You there, was it Myer?

Myer: Yes that is me, what assistance do you require?

Soldier: Where are the royals, answer or you will face a wrath worse than fire

Myer: I apologize, I know not sire

Soldier: Very well, don't say I didn't warn you Myer

(Soldier unsheathes weapon)

Scene 1, Act 3

Alliyah: Here I will hide, thank you church choir

Friar Blyer: Anything for our majesty, now let us perform choir

Choir: We are the ladies of the choir

We just sing and play the lyre

We like our life, as the ladies of the choir

Alliyah: that is beautiful, thank you choir

Ches: Assistance we require!

Friar Blyer: Is that General Ches Sire?

Ches: It is I! I come with Princess Euphoria and Star our squire

Star: Is the queen, our majesty, resting here where she can tire

Alliyah: Yes star I am here, resting, by the fire

Ches: Soldiers everywhere, causing damage and lighting things on fire

Friar Blyer: You three rest here, you must retire

Ches: If you insist, here we shall tire

Scene 2, Act 3

(A few soldiers reach the church)

(Choir is singing the song from earlier)

(Soldiers barge in)

Soldier: Have the royals chosen this peaceful place to retire

Friar Blyer: No sire

Soldier: Very well, we'll be on our way, let's search in the storage area for the pyre

(Soldiers leave)

Friar Blyer: You must escape royals, this situation is far too dire

Alliyah: But the citizens, who will watch over them, a queen they require

Friar Blyer: I shall organize an escape, we will meet you at Nire

Alliyah: Alright, we shall hurry on our way, the citizens need help, I have chosen you I hope it's the right hire

Friar Blyer: It is, you shall not regret, hurry now before they come back and see that fire

Alliyah: Alright, let us go, it was an honor meeting you friar

Ches: Yes goodbye now Friar Blyer

Friar Blyer: Farwell now sire!

Scene 3, Act 3

(Star, Alliyah, Euphoria and Ches are camping at Nire)

Star: It has been three weeks, I fear the citizens need our help, they require

Alliyah: Fear not, I trust Friar Bryer

Ches: The friar is a good man, he will help them no matter how dire

Euphoria: Yes, he is good a man, squire

Star: Who is that, over there, is it the friar?

Alliyah: It is! It is! He leads so many people, they don't need help, they don't require

(Friar Bryer and all the citizens approach)

Friar Bryer: We are here now sire

Alliyah: Excellent work friar!

Ches: Everyone is saved now, the enemy fears Nire

Alliyah: Yes they won't go near due to the heavy army they have under hire

Euphoria: We are victorious! Let us celebrate by the fire!

(Everyone cheers)

(Curtains close)

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Sat Feb 06, 2021 6:22 am
ForeverYoung299 wrote a review...

i can't believe my eyes! every line is in a rhythm. i struggle to make two lines rhythm, and you made whole the script rhythmic. such a talent! it's of course, humorous. generally, i don't read scripts much but this time, i was spell bound. i read it a number of times.

Alliyah: Excellent work friar!

Ches: Everyone is saved now, the enemy fears Nire

Alliyah: Yes they won't go near due to the heavy army they have under hire

Euphoria: We are victorious! Let us celebrate by the fire!

i don't know whyI(my heart is telling) but i genuinely liked these four lines. it's beutiful, well crafted, humorous, funny, rhythmic.
i don't know whether it will help you or not but i tried to do the review honestly. actually i am new in this reviewing.

ChesTacos says...

Thank you!!! The review is fine

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Fri Feb 05, 2021 1:19 pm
Haileyg21 wrote a review...

HIYO! Oml I love this. I was super surprised by how many words that yall managed to rym. This flows so well and Honestly read it like 5 times because I thought it was that good.
I love how you put it into a play type form and the wording is done so well.

"Ches: It is I! I come with Princess Euphoria and Star our squire

Star: Is the queen, our majesty, resting here where she can tire

Alliyah: Yes star I am here, resting, by the fire

Ches: Soldiers everywhere, causing damage and lighting things on fire"

This had to have been my favorite part. And Ya'll did really well. I want to say thank you for putting this piece one YWS for us to review. I loved it and Would honestly love more if ya'll do them.

ChesTacos says...

Thank you for this lovely comment!!!

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Wed Feb 03, 2021 4:06 pm
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ChesTacos says...

@Euphoria8 @alliyah and @starlitmind 'tis been published

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