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by Buranko

Me and yes
yes and no
yes and Me
me and no
Yes and Me
Me and and
and and No
No and Yes
Yesn't and Noes
no's and yes's
and a star's death

yes it was a star's death
no it wasn't a death's star
death was starring
in the death of a star
stars starring
staring at the death
of a star
one single star
Yes, it was only one star

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Tue Apr 13, 2021 8:18 pm
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Weird wrote a review...

Stars are born and die in the course of life. A 'star' is what defines the world and makes the world take unusual courses. Yet who is a star or who isn't is a mere conflict of opinions. The 'star' is perhaps either a person or a component. A star is what defines and enhances the 'in progress' world.

The stars are the assets of world in its course of upgradation. The world is but an infinite room within which are the assets to stay and double.The poem narrates about the star. Yet it is not clear about which star is spoken about. The interpretation may take a variety of turns. Stars may be the gift of nature to mankind, or perhaps the assets which define and enhance life itself. The poem starts in a unique format, with a series of yes and no and it's varieties.

The most intriguing aspect of the poetry is the lyric format. The poetry gets a touch of confused minds by the racing varieties of yes and no, which refer to various opinions of various minds and their ways of expression. 'Stars', a part of the existing world is a matter in the vastness of existence, and, like most of the parts of the existing world, is subject to human opinions. And many minds, though they may have limited choices, disperse their opinion in ways that are not bound by rules of choice. They reflect inner selves. The first stanza is a reflection of the various minds which narrates their opinion of a star and it's death. Yet the confused state can also be a star of a single confused mind. A person can have numerous interpretation of a single thing. A mind may also be unable to decipher a single conclusion out of confusion to differentiate the 'truth' from 'illusion'. The singular mind may be of a single person or any divine entity who is unable to decipher it's own creation.

The second stanza is a continuation of the confused state which point to the nature of the death of the star or if the death was really death. The opinions of many minds either help decipher the truth or trails to an abyss of confusion, depending on the the mind which deciphers. The second stanza may also stand as the confusion in a single mind which is unable to decipher the nature or outline of an action or situation.

Buranko says...

Ayyyyyy thank you for reading my poem and giving your own interpretation on it. Didn't actually expect anyone to read it rather than understand it. What you said is mostly true but I meant it to be more personal rather than universal

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Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:17 pm
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quitecontrary wrote a review...

Yesn't and Noes

With all sincerity, this is my absolute favorite line^

I actually really liked the transition between the first and second stanza, and "stars starring / staring at the death / of a star" was a tongue twister I wasn't ready for xD

Also the ending to the last stanza and the way you went from jumbled words to the clarity of the last line is a really sharp mood changer. At first I thought this was just a random poem, but that made me second-guess my initial view. This may not have been the review you were looking for, but I hope it helps! Great job and happy writing!

Buranko says...

Awww thanks for the praise, tbh that is my favorite line as well. It was random at first and without the last stanza but I thought it was too simple and basic so I added something more. Glad to hear it worked

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Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:17 pm
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ticktock123 wrote a review...

Hey Buranko

I love love this poem. It's weird and nonsensical in a very good way. As soon as I read the first couple of lines I wanted to carry on. Honestly I just want to describe it as cool.

One tiny thing is the capitalisation of letters which is inconsistent. Is this on purpose?

Only thing I would have loved is if you'd written a couple of paragraphs more haha. And maybe cut the top one a tiny bit shorter? Could limit it to like 3 or 4 lines per paragraph, but do 4/5 paragraphs like this on different aspects of a star (I'm guessing you wanted to keep it all with regards to this star's death).

I have one question - how did you write this? Like was it a logical "oh i haven't written "no and yes" yet", or like was it random?

That's all :) - again, I really really like it. xx

Buranko says...

The capitalisation is intentional. I listened to a song, yes or yes by twice and said hmmmm let me write yes or no and from there on it came by itself

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ticktock123 says...

Ah okay nice :)

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