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The Day Steve Warred With Apples

by AutoPilot

One day, a lady named Mrs. Lopez, was walking through the park. She tripped over some grass and broker her neck, but oddly, was still living. On her way to the hospital, the ambulance crashed. Amidst the flames, she arose. Like a really strange dead burnt zombie, she started on a path of destruction towards the nearest pub.She entered the bar and asked for a gin and tonic... Of course, as always when confronted by a zombie, the bar tender turned toward the lady, and screamed like a little girl. The small child sleeping in the corner woke up and found herelf in a strange situation, holding a razor-sharp shovel, so she attacked the zombie chick. The razor-sharp shovel cut the zobies arm off. The zombie didn't feel any pain, so she went with the flow and grabbed her own arm, and started mauling the little child with it. The child hefted her shovel and ran screaming into the storage room located at the back of the pub, she dead-bolted the door and passed out. The zombie then went to the locked door and banged her own arm onto the door, punching a hole right through it. The zombie's fist broke and fell off, as it was decayed and rotten. One of the random people in the bar decided to take action, he pulled a convienently placed machete out of thin air and proceeded to chop the zombie into bits. The now chopped zombie parts started moving towards the exit, wanting to reattach together in peace but like a starfish the parts started to grow seperate bodies. Therefore there is not one zombie, there are 6. The zombie's all ran away and lived happily ever after? Except that the barkeep was horrified at this new amount of zombies, he pulled out a five gallon jug of light fluid and a box of matches; he doused the zombies then made the world go kaboom.

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Mon Jun 13, 2016 6:53 pm
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Holiday30 wrote a review...

Lol, this story is a bunch of randoms put together. There is no plot no point no anything, and I have to say.......LOVED IT! I couldn't stop from laughing. I laughed so hard the librarian here where I live came over and tried to shush me, but when she read it she began to laugh. This story is one of those stories when you have a bad day you need to read. Because lets be real no matter how bad day is no will ever have a day like Mrs. Lopez.

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Wed Apr 20, 2016 7:35 pm
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TahaT11n wrote a review...

Oi, if you wrote it with Ace and Radi, why didn't you write their names in the co-writer option, huh?

I did expect something funny. After all, that's what FeedPad is for! :D

Now, to the review part-

There's nothing I found to review, really. Just simple things-

Like a really strange dead burnt zombie,

This part really confused me. If she was already turned into a zombie, why would you use the word "Like"? It just gave me the impression that she was still a human being, only her actions looked like that of a zombie.

That's the only thing I wanna point out. The whole story was indeed funny. And i reminded me of a Japanese horror series- Tomie ( and lots of things) You may wanna watch it.

That's all, babes.

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Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:27 pm
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Elijah wrote a review...

Hello,here to review your work!
This may be a short review and that will be because I am on a train right now but still yes came to check this before I forget to review it!

The first thing I saw was:

"She tripped over some grass and broker her neck, but oddly, was still living."

Come on!If she falls..let her fall because of a rock or something on the floor!
What grass is that? It is so cliché.

I like that you had made the wan badass and the man a pu**y.But still it is too cliché for me at the very beginning.Good job overall.
The last line is making me laugh though.

AutoPilot says...

Yo Rain-San, thanks for the review. earlier Payds 'tripped over grass' so I had to incorporate it into the story

Elijah says...

Sure man.

AutoPilot says...


Everything has a consequence and every consequence leads to death.
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